Alex Miller, Asteroid Files

Eclipse Woes

Trump's February Eclipse Problem

The recent solar eclipse augurs more difficulties for the U.S. president.

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Alex Miller, Asteroid Files

My Bloody Valentine: Astrology of the Parkland School Shooting

e dead from Stoneman Douglas

Alex explores the astrological indicators of the deadly tragedy.

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Crystal Pomeroy's Astrological Influences

Astrological Influences, March 2018: Born Again in the Month of Chastity and Lust

Astrological Influences, March 2018

During this month of polarities we are offered a powerful doorway for purification and rebirth.

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Crystal Pomeroy's Daily Success Guide

Daykeeper Daily Success Guide, March 1–26, 2018

Daily Success Guide with Affirmations for March, 2018

The best daily astrology forecast on the web! March, in detail.

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Maya's Sun Sign of the Month

Pisces, Aligning Ourselves with Spirit

astrological sign of Pisces

The essence of Pisces is to align with Spirit, in tune with all of life.

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Goddess of the Month


goddess artemis, protector of wild things

Artemis, huntress and protectress of women, youth, and wild things, reminds us of the many powers of independent women.

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