Retrograde Watch

Bucking the Current

Uranus retrograde

We must actively pursue our own independence.

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Alex Miller's Black Hole Astrology

Election Astrology 2016: Calling It

Astrology of the Election, 2016: Calling It

Astrological indicators predict struggles on both sides, with the ultimate prize going to….

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Maya's Sun Sign of the Month

Libra: the Intelligent Comprehension of Life

Libra sun sign

Libra, the humanist of the zodiac, reconciles ideals with reality while insisting on fair play.

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Goddess of the Month

Ishtar, Giver of Light and Queen of Heaven

Goddess Ishtar

Babylonian goddess Ishtar, “Giver of Light,” descends fearlessly into the depths, and ascends into the chaos of this world to restore fecundity and bring life.

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Alex Miller, Asteroid Files

Astrology of Trump’s August Implosion

Astrology of Trump's Meltdown

What’s behind Trump’s extraordinary series of missteps?

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Lorna Bevan's 5-D Astrology Report

Points of Infinity

September's eclipses, astrological doorways to transformation

September’s eclipses, doorways to transformation.

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