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Build Your Awareness of Higher Justice by the Light of the New Moon in Libra

by Crystal Pomeroy on October 15, 2009

The world is crying for a new cycle of justice, and that possibility can be seeded at the New Moon in Libra, sign of equilibrium. The most powerful place to seek the change we long for is in our own minds, where Omnipresent Spirit is tapping at the door of perception, waiting for an opening in consciousness that will allow It to act. On a post 9/11 planet, where human rights are increasingly eroded and changes in the financial system widen the ranks of the underprivileged, the need for Higher Assistance to offset these and many other imbalances is more evident than ever.

Currently, the broadest reaching example of potential injustice may be compulsory treatment with the purportedly toxic swine flu vaccine. From a prayerful standpoint, this lunation can help us direct our concerns to the One who can defend us from threats of any kind, and who does so whenever we allow It to. A bit further on, you will find suggestions designed to optimize that intent and bring more justice into our personal and collective spheres.

I first read about the contrast between human and divine justice in a beautiful book by Catherine Ponder, The Dynamic Laws of Healing. She describes a psychological type that’s always thinking about and fighting for rights of one kind or another; that hit close to home. I liked an affirmation she suggested for divine justice and used it occasionally just to feel good. As a foreign woman in business for myself in a Latin country, I had more than one opportunity to enjoy the results of this prayer therapy. Two separate collaborators (both of who happened to be Aries men), tried to get the best of me in several instances and to the serious detriment of my image with clients and suppliers. The agreements with each had been strictly verbal, and following the closure of major deals in which they were involved, their intentions turned out to be ruthless. Only grace could have saved me, and sure enough, just as I was doing my prayers, utterly serendipitous circumstances arose, obliging these prospective rascals to come through.

Since then I became a spiritual counselor, and in my courses have attended dozens of people in even more pressing circumstances. Among them: Irving Yeroham, the owner of a major line of clothing, had been sued by a competitor who was trying to take away his brand. A gentle alcoholic had been sent to federal prison for a misdemeanor. Several people were about to have their homes usurped by foreclosure… Just a few weeks ago, an unemployed man was being prosecuted for major fraud after having casually lent his name to a “friend”: his ex-boss, who turned out to be a millionaire delinquent, for supposedly bureaucratic reasons. In these and other dramatically unfair cases, those who sought my help were given affirmative prayers and angel invocations which they fervently applied. All have enjoyed surprising outcomes.

After just a few days the case of the industrialist took a decisive turn against the competitor who was trying to steal his brand. The young man who had been unjustly imprisoned was released against all visible odds two weeks later. All the people about to lose their homes have been able to keep them. As for the employee who had been deceived by his boss into signing delicate documents, the judge actually invited his lawyer to testify for him, a legal anomaly that turned the case around.

In my prayer ministry, we have affirmed just outcomes for macro-affairs, like a television monopoly law and specific cases of political prisoners, and events have unfolded in miraculous accordance. Instead of approaching world or personal affairs with fear, we invite you to make the most of the current portal and begin a new era of justice.  

New Moon Altar-ations

You can put your prayer corner or altar up to date with autumnal symbols of the elements, such as:

Earth element—foliage including purple daisies, rose moss, petunias or a branch with colorful leaves, or stones such as lapis lazuli, rose quartz, emerald, opal or aquamarine (you may also enjoy wearing these as part of your New Moon ceremony)

Fire—lit in your fireplace, or candles in cool Libra shades of blue,green and violet

Water—Mint tea

Air—incense, especially lilac, rose or sandalwood

Angelic Justice Ceremony

1. Light your incense saying something like,

I (we) call on Michael, and Zadquiel, Archangels of Justice, to work in our minds, space and world in whatever ways are necessary to make justice prevail, and specifically to stop compulsory vaccination and any other plots against humanity or our beloved planet.

2. Light your candle or candles, as you repeat,

This radiance symbolizes the bright awareness of Spirit’s love and power that are with us, insuring our spiritual and physical protection and that of the entire planet and its satellite.

3. With absolute concentration, repeat words like those that follow during seven minutes or more.

We are not alone or without effective protection from any intention or action against us. The Divine Defender is with us, providing and mobilizing whatever elements are necessary to insure our physical and spiritual wellness now. The Divine Defender is at work in all people, places and circumstances related to our protection and justice, including popular perception, the armed forces, the courts and all other pertinent situations, large or small. We give thanks for the perfect work of divine justice in everything that concerns us, including the application of public health policy now.

Follow up.

Each day from now until the next New Moon cycle, invoke the angels of justice and repeat your affirmations during at least seven minutes.

Injustice can only prevail in the degree to which we allow it to control our beliefs. Affirmative prayer is apparently passive resistance gone magical. May the light of Spirit join Luna’s soft glow, guiding us to a higher, more empowered experience of justice, as individuals and as a planet.

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