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A Truth-Out Candle to Contact the Real You, by the Dark of the Scorpio New Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy on November 17, 2009

November 2009 New Moon in Scorpio

Do you sometimes feel out of touch with yourself? Tight schedules, professional image, family roles and social modes are just a few of the more evident pressures that can lead us to feel like our identity is somehow on automatic pilot. This lunation helps us break through those frozen surface layers, and get back in touch with what we really think, need, feel: how we individually are. This freeing promise is underscored by the Sabian symbol for 25 Scorpio that speaks to an x-ray image of bones, the hidden structure of our biological being.

Luna also becomes new in a special place in the sky: the first degrees of sidereal Scorpio. The energies of this particular slice of heaven, located in the constellation Centauro, reiterate the opportunity. As Nick Anthony Fiorenza points out on his beautiful and informative webpage, this position helps “us claim our freedom from entrapment in our antiquated patterns and life scenarios.”

Pre-Prayer the Truth-Out Candle

This is a very powerful instrument for personal freedom.

1) First, get your candle or candles, as well as an indigo (or black if you can’t find it) felt-tip pen for writing on non-paper surfaces. The one indispensable candle for this invocation is white; its very best shape, square. If cylindrical, try to find one on the fat side, though any smooth surface will do. If you can, also obtain a pale blue candle for physical protection, and a silver one for psychic protection. Also obtain a picture of the planet to keep near the candles where you light them.

2) On your candle, write in black or indigo the words, “My Own True Self is coming through now”.

3) I know that obtaining the materials and preparing this candle goes directly against the inertia of our daily modern rush, as well as the passivity brain-washing we are receiving, but it is truly powerful magic, especially during or around this lunation. If you absolutely can’t get it together to prepare your candle, try writing the sentence on a strip of paper, and putting it around a table lamp.

Ceremony to Call Your True Self Forth

Light the candle or candles described above and watch it burn (or gaze at the lamp) during seven minutes, as you repeat:

The light of the Higher Power is now revealing my unique being and persona, and helps me release whatever is not in tune with it now. I am willing to look at whatever I need to in order to free my real essence, which I welcome back into my life now.

Apparently simple motions and prayers like those above are sure to precipitate a new level of authenticity for those who use them at this special portal, when stars, Earth and Luna confer to quicken the presence of our own true voice. Follow up from now until the Full Moon of December 1, by turning to your angels and guides each night before sleeping and asking them from the heart to help you identify and strengthen your own true self. Be sure to keep a journal by your bed to write down your dreams. Don’t be surprised to discover how good it feels to know yourself anew and share the experience with High Company indeed.

References (great star map of this Moon’s location and extensive description of its stellar context by Nick Anthony Fiorenza)

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Janice Kalec November 21, 2009 at 12:06 pm

Dear Crystal,
I was a subscriber to the Journal when it was “hard copy” sent through the USPS and have really missed it. Thank you for keeping it going online.
Thank you,
Janice Kalec

Crystal November 24, 2009 at 1:02 pm


Thanks so much for taking the time to share your enthusiastic feedback. Daykeeper in print was one of the previous incarnations of our mother’s persistent broadcasting, that evolved into this website and continues thanks to the efforts of various collaborators and friends, led by my sister Susan as the diligent editor.
Maya was a renaissance woman, and continues on the other side as a renaissance spirit with amazing ways of partipating in our lives and work. The blend of esoteric, social, environmental and political concerns that distinguishes Daykeeper reflects one spectrum of her ample knowledge and generous heart. Our love for her is a potent force behind the service we enjoy giving through what is for us a sacred space.
Thank you for appreciating and supporting our efforts, and for staying in touch.

love & blessings for a powerful Solstice season,

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