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Come to Terms with Your Baggage, December 2009

by Boots Hart, CAP on December 1, 2009

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With Mars going retrograde in Leo followed by Mercury going retrograde in Capricorn just at the peak of the holiday season, this is truly a time for reflection. Retrogrades ask us to get what we need from within, emphasizing who we are inside and what we can make of ourselves. And with these retrogrades being underscored by a Lunar Eclipse on December 31, closing out 2009 with a emotional bang? That’s either the icing on the cake, or a hard landing which results in a big fat bruise to our concept of life. Or at least our expectations for the holidays!

Not that things don’t start out innocently enough. At least…sort of innocently. Since Mars entered the shadow of its upcoming retrograde back in October, we’ve all been half-distracted by an internal tug-of-war for several months now. Maybe you’ve begun facing up to it. Or even begun wrestling with it actively. Whatever the case, that thing which has been bugging you—that thing you know you really need to attend to in spite of the fact you’d rather not have to… all that hits a jouncing bumpy patch as Uranus goes direct as Venus enters Sagittarius on December 1. This makes the first days of the month a ballet of …. [ remainder of General Astro Influences only available as part of Daykeeper’s Premium Forecast package…. subscribe now for instant access ].

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