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January 2010—Are You Ready to Commit to Your Own Evolution?

by Boots Hart, CAP on January 1, 2010

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While Sun in Capricorn is always a self-directed time (even for those headed in the wrong direction!), with Mars retrograde now promoting much finger-pointing energy (which might better be invested in self-examination), the Solar Eclipse of January 15 tells us that January is a month of evolutionary trial on every level. And not just for some, but for everyone: for every entity personal, professional, organizational, national, religious, theoretical, factual—you name it.

Much involved here took root and sprouted as Mars went retrograde on December 20, leading into the Cancer Lunar Eclipse of December 31. But those were basically impetus markers, a dose of reality inserted into the works so as to motivate us to begin looking within (not without) for many, if not most, of our answers.

Once New Year’s Eve has played out, with Saturn in Libra opposing Juno (both square Pluto in Capricorn) on New Year’s Day, the year begins with a question: can  we can get past our own desires—to have what we want and only what we want without having to be responsible for any of the things we don’t want?

The Juno at 4 Aries part of this paradigm is the “I” (Aries) my-ness of it all: my situation, my understanding, my preferences, position, abilities…along with what am I up for making of myself? Is my priority purely me—or am I all about others? Or am I all about others because that pleases me? Or maybe even whether I am about me or others, am I doing that in order not to have to face who I am and the state of my life? Or my world?

At one level this is truly simple stuff. At another, it’s hideously complex, asking whether our satisfaction is about who we choose to associate with. Do we consistently associate with people who disappoint us? Or just agree with us? Or just give in to us? If so, what do any of these really (I mean really) say about you? With Saturn opposing Juno from Libra, our relationships and who we choose to pull close, push away, ally ourselves with and critique, help or ostracize are now poised as poignant commentaries on us. On how we are or aren’t our better Selves.

But this isn’t all. Pluto’s position in early Capricorn creates a formation known as a t-square—one of the most dynamic figures in all astrology. It’s a bear to get past but is also the signature of great and lasting achievement. The question posed here is how to get [ Sorry! complete General Astro Influences only available as part of Daykeeper’s Premium Forecast package…. Premium subscribers click here to log in, or subscribe now for instant access ].

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Nancy January 1, 2010 at 2:48 pm

Boots, I found this part of your piece (in the premium section) especially profound:

“When in its full radiant rulership (in Leo—opposite Aquarius), the Sun can be simply “blinding.” Now in a somewhat less “direct” Aquarian attitude, light illuminates situations (or personalities) maybe less brilliantly, but more usefully—”

I never thought that way before about the sun and its power(s).

Maria Manuela Machado leite January 1, 2010 at 4:46 pm

Boots, good evening. Your Article is tremendous powerful, deep
and demanded… Start right now.
I am feeling intimidated. With four planets in Cancer, Moon always working, always destroying what we had built… I feel now that this powerful Sun, also means, first me, and me, and I have all chances to go ahead. Thanks Boots.
A peaceful 2010

Boots January 1, 2010 at 5:02 pm

Quite honestly, Nancy, it took me a long time as an astrologer to get to where I understood some of the more famously infamous qualities attributed to Leo – including the Leo tendency to be almost ‘offended’ by reality not living up to expectations, though by nature the sign is compassionate, altruistic and creatively resourceful to the max. The answer would seem to be that the quality of the Sun is so bright and brilliant in Leo, where it’s fully liberated, that the “shadows” we rely upon to few distinguish the “thee” from the “me” don’t seem to exist.

And it’s not just the Leo native who experiences this – we all have Leo somewhere in our charts, and many of us have Leo planets – the whole Baby Boomer generation (for instance) has Pluto in Leo, thus the oft-used nickname, the “Me Generation.”

Wherever Leo is in the chart, it’s up to us to use that energy and power to ‘light up’ the lives of others. This being the sign of children and ‘what we do for enjoyment’ it brings with it the responsibility to parent the child too – that being what sometimes seems lacking. Some may argue with this, but if we look at a list of other things Leo represents (dating, athletic competition, stocks, thrill rides/entertainment parks, creative endeavors – to name a few) there’s always a risk which comes with every adventure or effort. And it’s the accepting of, the coping with and the mastering of taking a risk AS a risk which in time allows us to really have the greatest amount of fun.

Thus being ‘blinded’ by the Sun can cut both ways – it can be disappointing when we find out things aren’t as we envision them or imagine they could or should be (Leo is a fire sign and all fire signs start with the imagined ideal)… and yet it is that same inability to see the threat which so often allows the Leo to draw on inner strength and thus do the great and noble and courageous deed.

Curious? Yes. Interesting? Absolutely. Sometimes a pain in the low back? That too. And yet…an indispensable part of life.

Thanks for posting.

Maria Manuela Machado leite January 1, 2010 at 5:32 pm

Thank you Boots for your comment. I agree with you,
More tenacity, know how to develop my seeds, and rebilt new life, new things step by step. more endurance…
Sometimes Geminis are lost in his work.
Thank you

Maria Manuela Machado leite January 1, 2010 at 5:43 pm

Thank you Boots for your comment. I agree with you,
More tenacity, know how to develop my seeds, and rebuilt new life, new things step by step. More endurance…
Sometimes Geminis are lost as the Aquarian, it´s dark, sun in
is shining, but moody.

Boots January 2, 2010 at 11:31 pm

Thanks for commenting, Maria. With a stellium of planets in Cancer the Capricorn thrust to keep the eye on the goal is ever being tested. Many is the time I’ve suggested to Cancer clients that keeping a journal based on Moon signs/phases may be useful in figuring out how they tend to ‘feel’ the tides of time, as that can help differentiate between their personal rhythms and strictly external events . It can be tricky!

As for your comments on signs, I’d choose ‘trustworthiness’ rather than ‘trust’ for Capricorn (as it’s earth, not water) and ‘hesitant’ rather than ‘moody’ for Aquarius (which is air).

But that you come up with such words? That’s so very apt! Four planets in Cancer (even without any other water influences in the chart) is a lot of water. So of course you’d lean towards emotional/feeling words first. One of the great challenges in astrology is just this thing – the getting of the ‘self’ out of the equation so you can read the horoscope without bringing bias to the information contained in the chart. That takes practice, practice, practice….but in the end, it’s entirely worth it.

Thanks for commenting.

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