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January Eclipse Portal: Make a Covenant with Kindness

by Crystal Pomeroy on January 14, 2010

An annular eclipse in 2005, taken near Madrid. Picture courtesy of the European Space Agency.

Almost every January we get a New Moon in Capricorn that gives a boost to our intentions and projects for the coming cycle. A solar eclipse strengthens the power of newness, facilitating quantum leaps for what we seed. Earth’s magical connection to sky becomes visible as it aligns with the two lights, Sun and Moon. Astronomers are at a loss to explain why the Sun is exactly 400 times the diameter of the Moon and 400 times the distance from the Earth, bringing forth a golden ring during these awesome occurrences. The ring is broader at the annular eclipse, when the alignment is slightly less than total.

The ring of this eclipse takes on provocative symbolism: as a wedding band between ourselves and the Power of Love. Venus, Goddess of this power, is conjunct the eclipse in Capricorn, sign of commitment. Their dispositor is Saturn—Capricorn’s ruler—in mutual reception with Venus as the former transits through Libra, sign of partnership. Saturn rules commitment and Libra, contracts, reiterating the theme of marriage. Whose wedding might this be? In her book, Eclipses, Celeste Teal names this lunation, Ceremony Fit for a King, and associates it with, “marriage… of royalty or other religious ceremonies”. The collective effects of stellar happenings can be personified in heads of state, but theirs are often not the most significant ceremonies available on the Good Vibe Channel. Saturn freshly retrograde in Libra facilitates reconsideration of love contracts. The transpersonal nature of this portal’s conjugality is indicated by an exact semi-sextile (within one minute) to the Eclipse by Neptune, planet of higher love, in Aquarius, sign of fraternal love.

Pluto, lord of change, continues its long grind across Capricorn, the face of reality as we know it, currently apparent in climate, economy and government. Where do we stand in relation to the coming transitions? Our power of co-creation calls us to do more than speculate on the probable outcomes of the tendencies in view, and seize the opportunity to align voluntarily with One Partner who can and will bring forth  good from every transition: Higher Love.

A pledge to Divinity is an archetype both ancient and powerful. We are constantly contracting with energy of one kind or another through the use we give to our inner and outer resources; those choices tie us to certain types of outcomes. However, much in the way that a marriage between people moves the relationship to a new level, a sacred covenant can ally us to Good in a deeper, more consequential way. The following ceremony and prayers are designed to inspire yours, and as they do so fortify the circle of love that surrounds the planet at this special portal.

Eclipse Altarations

Put the purity, opulence and joy of weddings on your altar with elements like those that follow:

  • White and gold candles
  • A large, colorful bouquet (if you can readily obtain them: iris, rose, lilac and/or jasmine for love)
  • A sprig of rosemary (forges strong connection)
  • Incense, especially jasmine, lilac or rose
  • A white lace or cloth cover
  • Bells or a picture of them
  • Champagne or sparkling wine or cider in goblets or glasses
  • A special ring for each participant, one they bring or make from ribbon or other material
  • Pen and page for each participant

A Ceremony Fit for the King or Queen Within

1)    Light your candle, saying something like:

This is the light of the eclipsed Sun that encircles my mind in the nearness of the Divine Companion as it rings the earth and brings the presence of Love forth in all hearts.

2)    Light your incense, knowing it is an offering for Love and for Archangel Michael, lord of covenants. Invite Michael to preside over your covenant so that you may unite with Good and break with anything unlike it in thought, word, deed and experience.

3)    Create and write your own personal agreement, including your own personal spiritual and practical preferences.  Some examples from my prayer group include:

I commit to share with others the divine love that I feel for myself and that flows uninterrupted from the Higher Source of Love and that directs my life and helps me live with happiness and harmony. So be it.

An 18 year-old woman wrote: I, Lizeth Ugalde, vow  to be kind,  loving and respectful to  myself… taking responsibility for not repressing my feelings, as I also strive to be patient, kind and loving with others, caring for my environment, respecting Mother Earth, and living fully my connection with the Unlimited Source of this great and harmonious universe… to continue praying joyfully, to grow spiritually and mentally… in exchange for protection from the beautiful archangels, powerful Michael for strength in action and decision, Rafael, for truth, health and sincerity, Jaciel and all other archangels, to complete my path successfully in the material and spiritual dimensions.

I, Manuela Rivera, commit to Love, to taking responsibility for receiving all the blessings It has for me, including many loving and free experiences in which I’m able to see the good in others, in which I can be a means for the energy of love to reach all, in exchange for faith, and consciousness of my loving nature.

I, Elsa, commit to Love, by pledging to accept and respect each and every person in my life now or that comes into it, to refrain from hurting them with destructive judgments, to listen to them with attention, and to work on good communication.

Besides stating the help or blessings you wish to give and receive personally, take a moment to include an affirmation for a more loving world, however you may envision that. I was studying the influences around this eclipse, a note in my mother’s handwriting synchronistically dropped out of the ephemeris, with the following list of ideals:

A world where we would understand the unity of everything, and cherish the diversity within that unity.

A world where relating to one another with love is the focus.

A world where we each walk freely in our own truth and love sharing the truth of each other.

4)    Share your contribution with the Anima Mundi by repeating the following affirmation  during five minutes after writing your covenant.

My commitment to Kindness increases the collective awareness of and will to ally with its Spirit now, brightening the light of Divine Love that encircles the planet and connects all its inhabitants with earth and sky in unity.

5) If you choose to use a ring as suggested at the beginning of this ceremony, put it on now, imagining that it is the circle of light that appears in some parts of the world during the eclipse. As you put it on say,

I am joined eternally to Love

Once written, your covenant will open a new chapter in your existence. Reinforce it by reading it and if you like, making modifications that occur to you, each evening before going to bed, at least from now until the next New Moon.

What is your world like in Love? What are you willing to do to increase Its vibration? Use this portal to clarify that vision and establish your commitment, putting on the eclipse ring of glory as you enter the year and all cycles ahead from a higher level.


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carla houle January 15, 2010 at 1:37 pm

crystal, that is beautiful, i love your work, and sue’s, and am so proud of you both. i have really been feeling maya around a lot lately. i am working on a second book this winter, which is a How To book, and am very busy, with many things – indeed we all are!

hi to your whole family, i love you all. i had signed up for your website a long time ago,and apparently the letter and check never went through, i should really try again. i Do read your website. i love you all! — Carla

Crystal January 18, 2010 at 10:38 am

My Dear Karla,

Your message is a gift from beyond in more than one sense: encouragement that seems like that our mother would give for our work, love from you and her, and a joyful chance to renew communication with an aunt who has been close in spirit since our family paths were first entwined in the cosmic plan. I didn’t respond before because I don’t know how to get past a password page that comes up when I try, but I look forward to staying in touch, psychic, creative, sister of my mother’s soul. I love you.

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