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Dream Magic to Recover Your Path of Joy, at the Storm Moon in Leo

by Crystal Pomeroy on January 29, 2010

January Full Moon in Leo, Storm Moon

Numerologically, 2010 is a number 3 year, related to joy. The New Year’s Full Moon Eclipse on December 31 opened a doorway to connect with this magical vibration, moving us into a cycle of greater inner and outer abundance.

The sacred power of joy emerges once again at the current portal, this time blessed by deep intuition. The Sabian symbol for 11 Leo says, “children play on a swing hanging on… a large oak tree.” The joyful nature of the inner child appears in connection with one of the most hallowed of ancient trees.  That brings us to another recurrence at this portal: the number 11. The wonderful New Moon eclipse that started this cycle was at 11:11 PST, 11 minutes in all time zones. As the longest eclipse for the next 1000 years, it lasted just over 11 minutes.  Because it is a master number, 11 is not reduced to its sum of 2, and wherever it occurs facilitates illumination, psychic and spiritual vision and mysticism in ways that can affect the masses. One author goes so far as to say that when 11 appears in dates, hours or symbols, we can make an evolutionary leap in consciousness.  At this lunation, the theme of joy combines with the mystical vibration of the 11th Sabian degree. These lunar strands for the New Year are woven together in the pagan Storm Moon, which was traditionally a portal to access inner guidance and intuition as Mother Earth slept in dream.

The angelic invocations and inner work below are designed to capture these patterns in dream work for recovering your path of joy.

Prayerful Altar-ations

  • An indigo blue candle for inner guidance
  • Incense, preferably sandalwood
  • A dream catcher and/or other small objects and pictures that evoke joy for you
  • A pen and notebook especially for joy-dreams

Dreamtime Ceremony

1) About a half an hour before going to bed at night, light your candle and say,

This is the light of sensitive perception that I turn on to rediscover my path of joy.

2) Light the incense as you say,

This is an offering for the angels of joy and intuition. I invite them to accompany me (us, if done with others) now and throughout the night to guide me to perceive and develop the path of joy for which I (we) was (were) made.

3) Spend several minutes considering ways to increase joy in your mind and life, and writing down the ideas that come up. Some examples from our prayer group included:

Go out to exercise at dawnAvoid certain types of people and comments…  Stargaze, count money, dance, pray, help the needy, change lines of work, repeat joyous affirmations, spend time in nature, joke and relate to humorous people, live in congruence with my highest beliefs…

Do not do step 3 in an offhand manner; look deep within to ponder inner and outer changes.  This will trigger a search for answers that your mind will continue as you sleep.

4) Sitting up in bed (so as not to doze off in the process), repeat a prayer for dream guidance and remembering ten times, slowly, such as:

The Same Mind that knows how I can recover my path of joy also knows how to reveal this to me and does so in clear, positive dreams that I remember on waking.

5) Make sure you have your notebook by your bed, and write your dreams in it immediately upon waking.

6) Read your dreams and follow the signs received in them and while awake during this process, whose magic will surprise those who apply it.

7) Repeat these steps for 3 or more nights during and after the Storm Moon.

The New Year and its first lunar portal have brought us the gift of reviving the happiness within, that spiritual frequency that we can cultivate, independent of outer circumstance, and that, when tapped, is high enough to often bring a healing to these.  To seal the gift, the Mother has arranged an appointment at this Storm Moon with the Guide Within, who can and will empower our path of joy. When the world outside seems full of storms, Its still, small voice will reveal a higher order. Turn to It and find the treasure in your dreams and life of joy.

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Vincent Mazzola February 11, 2010 at 8:01 pm

I always enjoy your thoughtful column.

I was wondering which New Moon Eclipse (ie, Solar Eclipse) you are referring to–occurring at 11:11 PST–that started this cycle.

There was a Solar Eclipse on July 1, 2000 in the very same degree (10 Cancer 14 min) as the Lunar Eclipse that ended 2009. But I’m not sure this is the one.


Crystal February 13, 2010 at 11:56 pm


Thanks for the encouraging feedback. As for the lunation that began this cycle, I’m refering to the Solar Eclipse of January 14, that was at 11:11 PST, that evolved into this Full Moon.

many blessings,

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