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Astrological Overview, February 2010

by Boots Hart, CAP on February 1, 2010

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February starts out as a month when we reflect on the recent past as we move on, rebuilding and changing our methods in the eternal commitment to variations on me-versus-them. During February, recollections begin to give us glimpses of self-understanding. How have we come to be who we are? How have we come to where we are in life? During the Sun in Aquarius period we ponder the ideas which have led to recent events and to the developing of current goals. Question: will these goals serve you as a person in the long run?

Once the Sun moves into Pisces, events arouse greater reactions and emotive reactivity. We feel our feelings. We react to our own reactions—or the lack thereof. It’s all a basis for understanding the ongoing Mars retrograde, which like so many threads once knotted now begins miraculously, sometimes painfully, to unravel in life and mind.

This starts with a series of realizations on how you have/haven’t focused on your “stuff,” and how that has either delivered or denied important perspective. Reflecting the Aquarian Sun and Venus currently in tandem, we either see our shortcomings or remain entirely blind, apparently  by choice! And this is likely to be especially and painfully true when the thing avoided is closest to things we hold dear. It’s as if we can’t bear to see the truth.

Any time the Sun is conjunct a “personal planet” (Moon, Mercury, Venus or  Mars) we tend to suffer from… [ Complete General Astro Influences only available as part of Daykeeper’s Premium Forecast package…. Premium subscribers click here to log in, or subscribe now for instant access ].

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Jeanne Devey February 13, 2010 at 2:44 pm

This month, so far, has been a “wake up call” at it’s best!!

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