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Daily Success Guide Free Astrological Forecast, February 1–28

by Terry Lamb on February 22, 2010

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Waiting will be a strong feature of February. It is a transition month, so there is much activity but not many results. One of the key characteristics is a persistent series of quincunxes that create overlapping yods focused on Leo-Pisces. These energies buffet us around and challenge us to find creative ways to make it through our experiences. Leo-Pisces is about mining the hidden realms for spiritual truths and expressing them in the world as what we are passionate about. It often presents itself as creative expression, not necessarily artistic but using creativity to further a particular direction in our life path or a project that holds meaning.

The primary planets involved in the quincunxes are Venus-Jupiter (in Pisces), Mars (in Leo), Saturn (in Libra) and Pluto (in Capricorn). The theme of these contacts is relationship—of all sorts, not just intimate partnerships. It is about finding the enduring qualities of a bond with someone and working through the difficult stuff without getting scared off. Of course, not every relationship is a candidate for this type of healing process. Some simply have to end, while others will enter a hiatus that is so long as to seem as though it’s over. This set of circumstances is most likely to express through all relationships. In intimate partnerships, friendships, and family ties, it will be more about the balance of love, sex, and commitment. In business, it will be more about the balance of initiative, drive, and success.

This pattern culminates mid-month, with an ironically huge dose on Valentine’s Day (February 14). Although there are some marvelous energies afoot, it’s not a universally good day to propose marriage. (It can work for some.)

We are not without a healthy measure of other planetary events to divert us, though. We have new yearly cycles beginning that have to do with healing (Chiron) and spiritual growth (Neptune). These two aspects of our lives are so inextricably intertwined that all healing must involve spirituality and hidden or multi-dimensional energy forces to be maximally effective. Add to this the fact that Chiron and Neptune make their first official conjunction on the 16th, and we have a month that carries a heavy focus on healing our wounds. This I have referred to as the Healing of the Great Wound. That is, we have the opportunity to really clear out the darkest corners of our consciousness, in perfect timing to take our place in fulfilling the global awakening that is currently in progress.

Once the Sun enters Pisces, its light illuminates Jupiter and starts a yearly cycle of expansion. With Uranus also in this sign, we will have greater access to multi-dimensional space, resulting in a strong dose of innovation and miraculous events (that nonetheless are natural consequences of cosmic law).

The month ends spectacularly with a Full Moon while the Sun conjoins Jupiter, and Venus reaches toward Uranus. Wild flights of fancy, lofty visions, and romance will be grounded into our lives through the Moon in Virgo (or fall flat if they lack earthly viability).

We do clear one quincunx from the decks. Jupiter and Saturn have been in a waxing (opening) quincunx that came together on March 22 and August 19 last year. Their final awkward meeting occurs on February 5 before rushing into their thrice-occurring opposition over the coming year. This is the traditional bottom of the 20-year economic and real-estate cycle, but we have much bigger players than these two planets holding the markets down right now and in the near future.

Mars is still retrograde (since December 21), generating an underlying theme of diverting our aggressive-assertive-sexual energies into unaccustomed channels. With Mars in Leo, we begin to recognize and remove the unhealthy role that pride plays in our life. We’ll be richer for the effort, which will break old bad habits and open new avenues of expression and development.

We are still in the learning curve related to the tasks we took on related to Saturn’s relatively new retrograde. Initiatives we took on in mid-January will require sustained nurturance for five months. They will mature at the end of May, when these processes and projects will demand less effort on our part. The nature of these activities depends on where Saturn is found in your birth chart, but you can detect what’s involved by tracking what was happening in your life in mid-January.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Maya’s rule of thumb was, “In making a close call, I look at the moon’s final aspect, just before it goes void of course. This shows how the situation will end up.”

Monday February 1

The month starts with Moon in analytic Virgo, bringing us a day of ingenuity as it trines Mercury and opposes Uranus. The opposition ends our day with a little jolt, the final contact before the moon goes void of course until tomorrow morning.

Tuesday February 2

At 5:42 am, the Moon enters Libra and immediately snags on the Saturn-Pluto square. If we open ourselves to it, this can bring out another layer of emotion that we can work through—or we can leave it semi-submerged as a low-level discomfort that blocks our way. It will be most available to us at midday, after which our way is clear to enjoy a boost in energy with a Moon-sextile-Mars. The day is still productive.

Wednesday February 3

The going is smoother now as the Libra Moon glides through a trine to the Sun, then Venus, and finishes the day with a square to Mercury. Optimism, social interaction, and problem-solving are all ours today as we find some missing pieces to our life’s puzzle.

Thursday February 4

The Moon’s final contacts in Libra are nearly simultaneous trines to Chiron and Neptune, bringing its void period at 1:25 am. We’ll mostly sleep this one off, as our silvery satellite goes into sultry Scorpio at 8:55 am. It’s a day of enterprise as we get the benefits of a long-lasting trine to Jupiter and a sextile to Pluto. Today is a great day for making important contacts and launching bold plans as these planets form a minor grand trine that strengthens any activities we engage in. Frustration could temporarily trump patience near bedtime as Moon squares the retrograde Mars.

Friday February 5

Although it will slip by unnoticed except as a background influence, Jupiter makes its final of three quincunxes to Saturn today. This can contribute to a feeling of living on the edge between two fates, waiting for something to happen. However, with the Moon in Scorpio, there is no trigger to set them off. The Moon does reach its closing square to the Sun, however, marking the Last Quarter lunation at 17°04′ Scorpio/3:48 pm. This chart contains a “fan” configuration, with Mars as the handle, emphasized. This puts a high premium on wise action, but we are assisted by a sextile to Saturn. So, we know what to do—we just have to do it.

In the chart cast for the US at Washington DC, 3 Virgo rises, placing most of the planets in the sixth house. This emphasizes jobs and manufacturing, as well as health/care. There is likely to be good news in these areas, and the economy looks a little better. The mood of the nation is sober, but there is less to complain about. The emphasized Mars suggests that hidden conflicts are creating difficulties with foreign relations, resulting in a strange foreign policy decision around this date.

The Sabian Symbol for 18 Scorpio depicts “a quiet path through woods brilliant in autumn coloring.” This is the path toward gentle change, as effortless as the seasons blend on into the next. There is splendor and beauty along the way to finishing a project or mission. With this degree of the Moon in the third house, an artistic masterpiece of breath-taking beauty may be in the news. The fruits of past efforts will be celebrated.

Saturday February 6

Before our Scorpio Moon goes void of course at 8:12 am, a peck of planetary contacts crowd our early morning: The Moon squares Venus yet trines Uranus and sextiles Mercury to bring dreams that help us resolve a financial or relationship difficulty. A Moon square to Neptune finishes Moon’s active period in Scorpio, and we get until 4:03 pm to putter around the home and finish up old tasks or enjoy some time at play. At this time, the Moon enters sassy Sagittarius, when we’ll feel more industrious as we feel a supportive sextile to Saturn. The biggest events of the day do not however involve the Moon. We’ll feel full of ingenuity and sparkling wit all day as Mercury sextiles Uranus; but most significant is Jupiter’s opening (waxing) sextile to Pluto, pointing us toward a big opportunity if we’re not too distracted to see it. We’ve got about a year to get the story right, but it never hurts to pay attention today and for the next month to see what doors are available for us to open.

Sunday February 7

Moon in Sagittarius squares Jupiter in the wee hours to boost our late night revelries or activate our dreams. A trine to Mars may wake us early to renewed vigor for the tasks of the day. Wounded love is healed and universalized as Venus conjoins Chiron and Neptune today. Although these contacts are exact today, they signify a process of gradual development over a series of experiences rather than a single event.

Monday February 8

It’s all about the Moon today, which is still in Sagittarius. Don’t expect to accomplish everything on your list, especially in the afternoon when it squares Uranus—there’ll be some minor disruptions to our routine, so leave some space for unexpected events. The day finishes well for our relationships, as sextiles to Chiron, Neptune, and Venus reinforce yesterday’s spiritual mood. The Moon goes void of course at 8:58 pm until tomorrow.

Tuesday February 9

The Moon enters crafty Capricorn at 2:43 am, to tango with Saturn and Pluto from a different perspective. We get another tour of our unconscious mind, and another chance to clear old psychological baggage if we will take it. However, the universe always offers us a beacon to find out way out, this time as a Moon sextile to Jupiter brings optimism to the latter half of our day.

Wednesday February 10

Mars is still retrograde, a fact we should keep in mind as it makes a quincunx to Jupiter today. We’ll feel that a familiar action is not the best solution to a dilemma we face, but we’re not sure what to do instead. Wait until you’re clear about it. At 1:06 am, Mercury enters Aquarius, a comfortable sign for our planet of mind and communication. We’ll be thinking more quickly and with greater objectivity in the coming three weeks. It also opens the door to understanding more about the great healing process we are experiencing as Mercury connects with Chiron and Neptune.

Thursday February 11

At 4:10 am, Venus enters visionary Pisces, her sign of exaltation. Love is especially blessed when it is based on a spiritual connection. We will become aware of the spiritual component of our bonds with others, especially since Venus interacts with Jupiter while in this sign. The Moon finishes its useful period in Capricorn at 4:39 am, when it sextiles Uranus to add sparks to our dream consciousness, then goes void of course until 3:24 pm when it goes into Aquarius. Evening lunar contacts are pleasant and productive—a conjunction to Mercury and trine to Saturn.

Friday February 12

With Moon in Aquarius, it makes a solo contact in the wee hours, an opposition to Mars. This will infuse our night consciousness with insights into how we can work through our current and ongoing dilemma in relationship. This situation reaches a peak of unbearability because of its ambiguity, and we feel as if we can’t stand it anymore. However, action taken now would be based on too little information. Small actions work out, but grand gestures will not. Mercury reaches a harmonizing and mentally productive trine to Saturn today. It’s a good time to initiate communications, make plans, take tests, and get organized.

Saturday February 13

Our actions are illuminated with fuller understanding today as Mercury opposes Mars. We may rescue ourselves from doing something truly unintelligent. As the Moon continues through Aquarius, it reaches the Sun to bring the New Moon at 25°18′ Aquarius/6:51 pm. At 8:33 pm, a conjunction to Neptune is its final before going void of course for the rest of the evening. The planets at the time of the New Moon suggest a split between dreams and reality, and our job is reconcile them. Over the coming week, there will be rude awakenings as well as confirmations of our carefully constructed personal reality. The emphasis here is on human interactions and bonds, and the yods and quincunxes of the moment suggest a higher than usual level of angst about our relationships.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, Libra rising places the New Moon in the 5th house of the Senate, ceremonies, and recreational activities. The coming week will see the nation’s attention move to these domestic areas. Most importantly, the country will be reinventing itself. New initiatives and changes in the balance of power in the Senate receive focus. Growth continues more rapidly than expected in employment and manufacturing.

At 26 Aquarius, the Sabian Symbol is “a garage man testing a car’s battery with a hydrometer.” The use of logic, machines, tests, and technology is important in the coming month. Facts and figures may be used to prove a point, but you need to look deeper to make sure they are reliable. Some aspects of reality can’t be measured with facts, including what we value and find meaningful. A constant verification process between what’s hidden/spiritual and what’s evident/earthly is especially useful now. As climate change legislation becomes a focal point, the conflict over what the evidence says about global warming will receive more focus.

Sunday February 14

Yods and quincunxes—the aspects of feeling in-between, non-committal, and obligated —  abound today, but there are plenty of other planetary harmonies to work with if you have big plans for your love relationship on this Valentine’s Day. Venus sextiles Pluto, giving us an opportunity to share with each other deeply and meaningfully. The Sun conjoins Chiron and Neptune, starting their yearly cycles and emphasizing the healing process we’ve been engaged in for the last two years. Observe what you experience today, because you’ll get hints about what the coming year holds for making yourself and your life whole. At 4:23 am, the Moon goes into other-worldly Pisces, augmenting the dreamy feel of the day, with Venus and Jupiter already there. If the Moon can fix all in our lives, we’ll have perfect harmony today, with its conjunction to Venus, sextile to Pluto, and conjunction to Jupiter. Our troubles will be small compared to the aura of love that we’ll feel.

Monday February 15

Moon continues through Pisces, with no contacts to change our mood. Mars sextiles Saturn, allowing us to ground our energy into constructive projects.

Tuesday February 16

The big event of the day will go unnoticed by most: the Chiron-Neptune conjunction. Because these planets are so subtly felt in our experience, their energy is like a loud but persistent whisper. It culminates periodically in experiences that crack open a deep and tender place in our psyche, which can be healed by released misunderstandings and old fixed attitudes. At 6:32 am, our Pisces Moon conjoins Uranus, then goes void of course. It gives us a day to reflect, collect, and compose ourselves, or if we want to use the lunar energy we can in this Jupiter-ruled sign. When the Moon goes into Aries at 4:30 pm, it activates yesterday’s Mars-Saturn productivity, although with Venus also conjoining Jupiter this evening we throw over work and business pursuits in favor of a romantic evening.

Wednesday February 17

Pay attention to your dreams as a wee-hour square of the Moon to Pluto gives us access to the deeper recesses of our unconscious mind. We will be able to bring our insights (whether they remain hidden from us or not) to bear in the day’s activities as head and heart find harmony when Moon sextiles Mercury in mid-afternoon. By observing what you do, not what you say, you can learn more about what really motivates you—what you really want.

Thursday February 18

At 10:36 am, the Sun enters Pisces. We begin to feel the coming warmth of spring, chafing if winter still hugs the landscape. The days are longer, and although growth remains hidden, we can feel the benefits to come in all areas of our lives. Pisces brings us the hush right before the orchestra begins playing the rite of spring. The Moon continues its transit of Aries today, finally deactivated after it sextiles Neptune and Chiron. These sextiles give us insight into what we need to do next to heal ourselves, but we have to take the time to listen—a sextile does not demand our attention. Moon goes void of course at 8:00 pm for the remainder of the day.

Friday February 19

At 2:55 am, Moon crosses into dependable Taurus and connects with five planets today, since most of the planets are now in early degrees. A waxing sextile to the Sun gives us a glimpse of what potential lies ahead in this lunar cycle; develop it and we have much to gain on the crest of this Full Moon. A square to retrograde Mars gives a drive-time jolt, especially if we’re not vigilant, but the rest of the day is like gliding downhill, with a trine to Pluto and sextiles to Venus and Jupiter. This again creates a minor grand trine in Earth and Water, giving us the opportunity to bring our emotional reality into our daily existence—the way we give life meaning by doing and being with what/who we love.

Saturday February 20

Our Taurus Moon catches up to Mercury in Aquarius, making a square that challenges us to bring our abstract ideas into form: “Put your money where your mouth is.” Sun quincunxes Mars today, signaling that the Mars retrograde transit is near its end. Hang in there! Patience is the tool we have to use now, as we wait for conditions to ripen. This is the first contact in a Sun-Mars-Saturn yod that urges responsible action in critical areas of our lives.

Sunday February 21

The Sun drops the other shoe, quincunxing Saturn today, to bring a better understanding of what’s at stake and what our outcome will be in the dilemma we’ve been working through since early December. Our dreams bring gifts from beyond as the Taurus Moon sextiles Uranus and squares Neptune and Chiron in the dead of night. After the Chiron square at 4:31 am, the Moon is void of course until her 10:47 am entry into sociable Gemini. It greets an empty sky until tea time, when a sextile to Mars and trine to Saturn sandwich the First Quarter Sun-Moon square. This occurs at 4:42 pm, setting the tone for the coming week. Many of the planets are clustered, with Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun painting a rosy picture in Pisces, while facts challenge what we think is the hidden truth. Chiron-Neptune strongly suggest that we focus on our long-term healing process. The Moon’s trine to Saturn adds pragmatism to our perspective and productivity to our efforts.

In Washington DC, the First Quarter chart has late Virgo rising and places the planetary cluster in the 6th house of employment, public health, public works projects, and manufacturing in this mostly harmonious chart. For the second time this month, this area receives focus. Domestic well-being trumps concerns about foreign events. The effects of the economic recession are sinking deeper into the culture, but people are also adapting in healthy ways to their new realities, coming out the other side of their personal crises. Retrained workers are reaching the market, while new projects are fueling economic growth in some areas.

At 4 Gemini, the Sabian Symbol pictures “Holly and mistletoe bring Christmas spirit to a home.” We rediscover the joy of simple pleasures—those with the spirit of warmth and the hospitality of those we love. Although the holidays are long past, there is much to appreciate in life as the planets move into gentler connections for a time.

Monday February 22

As the Moon traverses Gemini, we wax communicative, but talk that covers over emotion won’t fly today as our lunar companion squares Jupiter and Venus in Pisces. By evening we unite the split between head and heart and realize that we weren’t fooling anyone but ourselves, thanks to a Moon-trine-Mercury.

Tuesday February 23

The Moon finishes its productive period in Gemini at 9:51 am when it trines Chiron, but not before it jolts our breakfast time with a square to Uranus and disrupts our concentration with creative musings as it forms a trine to Neptune. Do some filing between then and 3:29 pm, when Moon goes into nurturing Cancer. Once again, we get our weekly dose of Saturn-Pluto, permitting us access to fears and mental obstacles that keep us stuck in unhelpful situations—this time in the evening.

Wednesday February 24

Everything flows today as the Moon in Cancer trines Sun, Jupiter, and Venus, which are clustered together in Pisces. This will give us a very good indication of what the Full Moon in four days will bring to us. Give flight to your dreams! Relationships also benefit from this energy.

Thursday February 25

The Moon’s transit of Cancer ends on a positive note when it trines Uranus at 9:48 am. We feel inspired and delighted by life’s prospects. Even though we wait until 5:08 pm for the Moon to enter Leo, we can maximize our initiatives by acting while Moon is void in Cancer. Mars retrograde is the first planet the Leo Moon encounters, taking us back to seeds planted in October that will come to fruition in the coming month. It’s very close to Mars’s station—hang in there! A Moon sextile to Saturn assists us, whether it lends us patience or distracts us with our responsibilities.

Friday February 26

The Moon continues through Leo with no contacts, but a Venus sextile to the North Node gives us an opportunity to make progress in circumstances that became a part of our lives around December 31 and January 14 as the eclipses occurred.

Saturday February 27

It’s all about healing as Mercury conjoins Neptune and Chiron today. Take the time to pay attention to your inner reality—it could reveal keys to solving current life dilemmas. The Moon adds the energy of reflection when it opposes all three planets, entering its void period when it reaches Mercury at 12:15 pm.

SUNDAY February 28

A spectacular confluence of planetary events makes this one of the most memorable of recent Full Moons. After an early trine to Pluto, the Full Moon in Virgo at 8:38 am PST culminates, and adds dramatic illumination to an expansive Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces. We’ll be tuned in to spiritual energies more powerfully today, but our dreams get a reality check as logical Virgo gives us its perspective on their viability. The choices we make now tie in to events that occurred on the eclipses of December 31 and January 14. This configuration adds power and promise to the coming Sun-Jupiter cycle.

The Full Moon chart cast for the US capital places Gemini on the Ascendant and the Full Moon in Houses 4-10. This emphasizes the people and their leader, as well as the party in power versus the one out of power. With Jupiter in dignity and Venus in exaltation representing President Obama, he will accomplish something noteworthy and arouse the jealousy of the opposition. Reconciliations and agreements with foreign powers are possible now, even though an economic threat exists in the form of debtor nation China.

The Sabian Symbol for 10 Virgo depicts “Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows.” It will be helpful to see important issues from more than one viewpoint as this Full Moon highlights them, such as that suggested by the Virgo-Pisces opposition. It may be difficult to make a decision, even though we feel compelled to. Elements of spirituality versus physical “reality” must be reckoned with.  If you look beyond appearances, you will be rewarded with an essential insight.

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joi February 14, 2010 at 2:42 pm

I’m going thru all my things getting ready for a move, and I found some old Maya Reports from 1992. Read thru some of them and remembered how nice it was to get these, which was from a marvelous book store on Bridgeway gone long ago. So I went online to find out if it was still around. Sadly I read of Maya’s passing on. Then happy to see that it still lives on. How wonderful….

Susan Pomeroy February 15, 2010 at 6:15 pm

Joi, thanks so much for writing. We’ll be republishing material from those old Maya reports from time to time… they were wonderful.

Betty February 26, 2010 at 11:08 am

Thank you so much. This report is so applicable to my situation.
It gives me hope for how future events will play out.

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