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Virgo Full Moon Ritual: Renew Your Path of Joyous Work

by Crystal Pomeroy on February 27, 2010

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As Luna becomes full this February, she opens a path to joyous work, sweeping away inner and outer conditions that keep us caught up in drudge. By pagan tradition, the Chaste Moon is a time to simplify our lives as we rediscover innocence and joy.  The energy of pure happiness relates to the entire year of 2010 through its number 3, a theme further reiterated in lunations since the Eclipse of December 31 (a portal that Terry Lamb associates with the current one).

Astrologically, joy is ruled by the Sun, and expansive Jupiter conjuncts our local star exactly in the Full Moon chart, amplifying the spectrum of its mirthful rays, blessing us with confidence and strengthening our solar will power.  How can we tap this portal’s gifts? Virgo rules work, building a bridge between the Pisces Sun’s dream of joy and our daily efforts in the real world. The focus on work is reiterated by Saturn—its lord—who is now receiving a close sextile from Mars, ruler of action, in one of the best configurations possible for productive endeavors.

Saturn is also about limits, both true and false, and many limited ideas about work lurk in the collective unconscious. Two of the most common are: that we must suffer our productive activities and that somehow the cross of unpleasantness is a necessary part of earning one’s keep.  This lunation can help us break through related atavisms and situations, reconnecting with the Higher Design for our vocation, which is not meant to be complicated or stressful , but rather a path of joy.

Jupiter and Pisces both connect to angels, powerful allies at this Chaste Moon  to intensify the effects of prayers and suggestions like those shared further on, which integrate pagan, astrological and metaphysical principles to receive Higher Assistance as we ground our will for joy.

Chaste Moon altar-ations

  • White candles and flowers in honor of innocence and joy.
  • Sage smudge or incense.
  • White onyx, white quartz or pearls.
  • A pen and page or notebook
  • An object or image that evokes joyful work. Examples from my prayer group include: materials from a job you like or liked, a special pen if you enjoy writing, a picture–of your work space if it is joyful, of people greeting each other with mutual appreciation to represent your joy at assisting others … any personal detail will do.

The work blessing list described a bit further on.

The Ceremony

1. Light your sage or incense and cleanse your circles or prayer space with it, as you say:

I invite the angels of purity: Gabriel and his Divine Complement, Hope, to purify the space of my life and mind so that I can live my joy in work.

2. Light your candle, saying,

I invite the chaste light of the Mother to help clear away beliefs and conditions that would limit my joy in work.

3. At the top of a sheet of paper or page in your notebook, write the following affirmation:

I connect with the joy I have found and do find in my productive endeavors. I release the idea that my work need be anything less than joyful. The substance of the Universe responds to my freedom by rushing in to manifest an ever more joyous and sublime work experience now.

4. Below the affirmation, write the caption: Work Blessing List.

5. Under this title, list all the things you consider joyful or are grateful for in your current work, whether remunerated or not.  Use your imagination to consider all good elements and make it as extensive as possible. A tiny excerpt of the examples in my prayer group last night include:

From a child psychologist, “The laughter of the kids and the mental agility that dealing with them promotes.”

A business woman said, “I enjoy my office space, as well as knowing that I am producing sources of work and supply for my employees and their families.”

A librarian said she enjoys knowing exactly where a book is and finding it for her clients. Another psychologist said she likes seeing how visitors (to a center she works at) respond when she listens to them attentively and enthusiastically shares the information she has prepared beforehand. An engineer said that he loves analyzing systems, creating strategies and presenting them to the directors of his company.

If you’re currently looking for a job, you might give thanks for blessings in past jobs or simply that you now have the freedom to visualize just the kind of work you want.

6. Review your Work Blessing List for a few minutes.

7. Repeat the affirmation in step 3 during five minutes or more.

Each day, from now at least until the next New Moon, go over the Work Blessing List for several minutes, expanding it with whatever improvements come to your attention. Then repeat your affirmation during at least five minutes.

Each of us was born with a special mission of giving and receiving in which our work plays a central role. The Mind that designed this path for each of us, and continues to lead us on it,  loving one Who wills our happiness rather than our stress or karmic debt. Why then, does work so often seem difficult? Perhaps it is up to each of us to question our programming, and lay hold of happiness as we discover what Charles Fillmore called, the “true and lasting joy” that only “rises from within”. The law of attraction can then multiply and prosper the blissful work that is now knocking at the door of our experience.

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Pomeroy, Crystal, and

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Judith March 5, 2010 at 4:28 pm

Wouldn’t this be a Virgo full moon that was on February 27th?

Susan Pomeroy March 6, 2010 at 4:28 pm

You’re sharp! Libra Full Moon, March 29.

Crystal March 6, 2010 at 11:18 pm

There appears to be a design error. I’ll contact the editor, who’s very diligent about correction this kind of details.
If you read the article, you’ll see that it was for and about the Virgo Full Moon.

Susan Pomeroy March 8, 2010 at 1:43 pm

Yes, this was an error and has been corrected now. Thanks for noticing!

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