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Astrological Influences for March 2010

by Boots Hart, CAP on March 1, 2010

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As if to prove yet again how time/space (aka Existence) is so intricately confounding a thing, of far greater wit than we individuals will ever have, March hits us in the face, heart, gut and consciousness with clarifications of many kinds. Just don’t expect them to pop up where you would suspect.

And that’s part of the message as a whole—life isn’t all about what we want or expect, it’s about growth and change and challenge. So are you willing to tackle what may be an old task with a new outlook? Are you willing to be challenged not by others but by yourself with a few hard questions which pit the “what-you-like” of life against what may be real, realistic or a better way to go?

The big picture concept here is all about learning (or even re-learning!) that often our most cherished goals are limited. By what? By uniformed or perhaps short-sighted desires. So often what we think we want is so much less fulfilling than the mysteries life asks us to step up and take on. We humans are, after all, a funny bunch…always wanting the bigger, better and more idyllic even though we so cling to the known, the status quo and various forms of selfishness—petty and otherwise.

We all do it. And because we all cling and self-protect and indulge, life occasionally has to either force us to grow or simply change the nature of the game so that like a herd of caterpillars we become compelled to go through some sort of transformation which in time will allow us to become butterflies.

Thus comes March—a month which starts out focused on cream rising to the top but which evolves to reveal… [ You can get the complete General Astro Influences as part of Daykeeper’s Premium Forecast package…. Premium subscribers click here to log in, or subscribe now for instant access! ].

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