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Astrological Influences for March 2010

by Boots Hart, CAP on March 1, 2010

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As if to prove yet again how time/space (aka Existence) is so intricately confounding a thing, of far greater wit than we individuals will ever have, March hits us in the face, heart, gut and consciousness with clarifications of many kinds. Just don’t expect them to pop up where you would suspect.

And that’s part of the message as a whole—life isn’t all about what we want or expect, it’s about growth and change and challenge. So are you willing to tackle what may be an old task with a new outlook? Are you willing to be challenged not by others but by yourself with a few hard questions which pit the “what-you-like” of life against what may be real, realistic or a better way to go?

The big picture concept here is all about learning (or even re-learning!) that often our most cherished goals are limited. By what? By uniformed or perhaps short-sighted desires. So often what we think we want is so much less fulfilling than the mysteries life asks us to step up and take on. We humans are, after all, a funny bunch…always wanting the bigger, better and more idyllic even though we so cling to the known, the status quo and various forms of selfishness—petty and otherwise.

We all do it. And because we all cling and self-protect and indulge, life occasionally has to either force us to grow or simply change the nature of the game so that like a herd of caterpillars we become compelled to go through some sort of transformation which in time will allow us to become butterflies.

Thus comes March—a month which starts out focused on cream rising to the top but which evolves to reveal… [ You can get the complete General Astro Influences as part of Daykeeper’s Premium Forecast package…. Premium subscribers click here to log in, or subscribe now for instant access! ].

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Jeanne Devey March 4, 2010 at 2:52 pm

It appears to me that this energy started right before earthquake in Chile’..It seems like everything is moving right a long in the order of what you have described. It certainly has created self reflection with in my own gut. (gut wrenching with some of the wordly and national events) I could go on and on, but thank you so much Boots!!!

Jeanne Devey

Jeanne Devey March 4, 2010 at 3:03 pm

Just one more main comment: I’m so shocked and horrified by the way “these special interest” groups are responding to our President such as “hate” racism”, and all of the related incidents that are occurring in our country. Everyday it gets worse. I know that there have revolutions in the past, but this is “one” (that I as a “boomer”) have never saw. A lot of people are frightened, and I guess the time has come that “we must find a different” way to cope with our own fears…

Boots March 9, 2010 at 11:16 pm

Jeanne –

You’re right about the Mars energy vis-a-vis Chile; Mars moved into zero Leo (the degree it will station at on 3/10) just after the Chile earthquake, which is a pretty good commentary on all which is going on and what will continue at least through March 21st when Mars will (now in direct motion) finally leave zero Leo and move on.

And a further note on the earthquake…as Susan (fearless leader of Daykeeper Journal) will attest to, I was sitting watching CNN with my ‘astro-clock’ (real time motion) set for Hilo, Hawaii as everyone waited for a possible tsunami. The original forecast was that the wave would reach Hawaii at about 5 minutes past the hour – in watching the march of asteroids I saw nothing significant which would hit the IC (landfall) until about 28 past the hour and that indicator was Kleopatra – not exactly what we’d think of as a tsunami indicator.

Sure enough, the wave was “late” (not uncommon, according to scientists) and a swell was noted moving in and out at about 28 past the hour. Fortunately that was all, but it was an interesting example of how astrology can be put to practical use….AND how fears must be dealt with practically. People in Hawaii heeded government warnings and got out of the way and this interface of governmental/”societal” warning and action by individuals is one absolutely perfect picture of how we need to be part of/heed the social system yet be willing to act individually in our own regard.

The truth is that this type of interaction is something we all get, we all know, we all understand. But many of us have become alienated from social contribution. Or mistrustful of a system we can’t bother to participate in. Or just plain not interested, preferring to do ‘our own thing’ with ‘our own people.’

The point is there’s room for both. The incoming Aquarian Age, which this Leo Mars retrograde is a reminder of (as is all the Neptune/Chiron and until recently, Uranus activity in Aquarius)…. it’s all a reminder that times are a’changing.

And yet, some things never change. Mankind has acquired a whole lot of technology through the centuries, but have people really changed? Not much. The lesson is ultimately variable but some themes are eternal: we are individuals. We therefore have responsibilities to be the best people we can be and as trite as it sounds, to contribute to the world, not just take from it. The ‘world’ – the society – is made up of however many individuals as participate, so if we don’t, when we don’t, we have only ourselves to blame when things don’t work.

At the same time that such an idea lobbies strongly for individualism however, Aquarius is the sign of the System. That’s why anarchy doesn’t work. That’s why freedom of expression must have, and honor boundaries. After all, your freedom can’t be worth more than mine or one of us isn’t really free.

In the end, our commonalties will bring us together – our differences won’t. But it’s our differences which bring illumination through being offered and tested out by ourselves and others. Not everything works, but without trying, nothing gets done or works at all.

In the end, being a human being is vitally Leo – it’s excitingly creative, but requires taking a risk – most of all, or maybe first of all with regards to our ego. If I say to you ‘how much easier would it be to take that risk if everyone was friendlier and more accepting,’ does that ring a bell?

We’re all in for a little shaking. The people in Chile, like those in Haiti – they remind us how human we are and what opportunities exist BECAUSE we are human. And between that thought and the one about ego perhaps lies the key to where some of us need to turn our thoughts.

Take heart, Jeanne. Courage is what we display, not what we necessarily feel. So you do your part and I’ll do mine, and a hundred or thousand or ten thousand other people reading our words will do their parts too – all because you took the time to write. Because you had the courage to voice your thoughts.

That’s action. That’s what it takes. You’ve made a great start.


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