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by Terry Lamb on March 1, 2010

Daykeeper's Daily Success Guide, March 2010

Astrological Insights, March 2010

The big news in March is Mars’s long (it seems) awaited return to forward motion. It is the in the nature of Mars that we become impatient with a holding pattern in our lives, and in some ways this has been true. The subdued activity has, however, afforded us progress in other areas that are ordinarily masked—spirituality, inner house-cleaning, ego dynamics, relationship balance, or maybe just some time to enjoy life.

Mars will move forward starting March 10 from 0 Leo, permitting us to resolve (and become wiser about) issues that arose for us starting in mid-October last year. We will have absorbed them successfully into our lives by mid-May—still a while to go, but progress will be more straightforward, and we will be able to our related situations more clearly. It is of particular interest that this Mars retrograde passed over President Obama’s Sun (in Leo) square to Neptune (in Scorpio). During this time, it seems as though he may have begun to find his heart and spine (both Leo-ruled) in the stratosphere of the presidency.

Some of the other planetary interactions of March involve Mars, from an early Mercury-Saturn-Mars yod to a Venus-and Sun-trine-Mars. While the first will bring perhaps unsettling awarenesses, the others smooth our way to reaching peace (inner and outer) and putting relationship issues to rest.

The planets remain in a tight cluster again this month, with the exception of Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. These bodies tend to shed a harsh light on our experiences, but their perspectives are not the only ones. Go easy on yourself as well as others when difficult feelings rise up out of the stew of consciousness. We start the month in the opening phase of three yearly planetary cycles—those of expansive Jupiter, wounded-healer Chiron, and spiritual Neptune. Saturn, the planet of structure, will reach the halfway point in its cycle on March 21.

The new Uranus cycle begins on March 16, on the New Moon. Our experiences on and around that day (and over the coming month) will show us the door of awakening for the coming year. Uranus’s cycle is one of particular interest, because it interacts with Jupiter this year as they both move into Aries then back into Pisces. We will experience an “expansiveness of awakening”—an opportunity to tune in to our true self and begin fulfilling our purpose in a new way in the world around us.

Saturn and Pluto are separating now, but the faster moving planets will keep our finger on the pulse of their energy in our lives—the Moon for one day every week. These planets bring us “deep days”: They take us deep in our unconscious mind, where many images and emotions are hidden. Initially, what tends to come up is fears, but as these clear we discover joy, compassion, love, and the other emotions of light. Deep days can uplift us if we do our inner work.

Although we’re done with Saturn-Pluto’s direct interaction with each other until August, we get a good preview of the life dynamics that will show up then as Venus, Mercury, and Sun hook into these planets in succession for a series of deep days March 8-25. Together they create a wedge of energy that invites us to dig out buried ideas and attitudes, then accept open, loving consciousness in its place. We’re establishing a fear-free zone in our collective psyche where we can congregate in growing numbers as the seed of humanity’s awareness is quickened.

Situations that arise now will return in late July–early August in sharper focus. On March 23, the First Quarter Moon forms part of a grand cross that will stretch us to be who we really are. The Full Moon unleashes considerable power through these interactions on March 29. A cradle configuration (three to five sextiles linked to each other around the chart) holds positive energy for us by which we can make the deep transformation we are experiencing productive in our lives.

After Venus and Mercury move past gatekeepers Saturn and Pluto, they rush into the nodal nexus (transiting eclipse point) to resurrect what we’ve been learning since the beginning of the year. We will find areas where we feel boxed in and from which we want to escape to fulfill our goals.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Maya’s rule of thumb was, “In making a close call, I look at the moon’s final aspect, just before it goes void of course. This shows how the situation will end up.”

Daily Astrological Forecast

Monday March 1

We feel like hitting the decks running as we start the day with Moon in Virgo making two active contacts to Venus and Uranus. The latter precedes the Moon’s void period, which starts at 9:36 am and lasts until 4:31 pm. While the bulk of the day is better spent in organizing your office or going to the gym, you can launch your new initiatives of the week in the early morning or late afternoon-evening. When the Moon enters balancing Libra at 4:31 pm, we feel into the depths of our consciousness again as she conjoins Saturn and reaches toward the square to Pluto. We’re assisted by a sextile to Mars: An action plan is our antidote to fear. Mercury enters visionary Pisces at 5:28 am—not the best place for logical thought but excellent for creative endeavors or tuning in to your dreams.

Tuesday March 2

Moon continues in Libra, making one contact—the square to Pluto—just after midnight. If you can recall your dreams, you get clues to how you need to transform your life over the rest of the year. A yod also forms today as Mercury quincunxes both Mars and Saturn. This poses a dilemma about how to accomplish our goals with maximum productivity and minimum distraction or wasted energy.

Wednesday March 3

Our experience of Moon in Libra ends on a note of uplift, as she trines Neptune and Chiron. Her void-of-course period commences at 1:32 pm and lasts until 6:11 pm with her entry into healing Scorpio. Evening activities could induce injury through distraction or over-exertion as Moon squares Mars. Relationships will reach a peak in excitement and volatility as Venus conjoins Uranus. Be aware that whatever feelings are expressed this evening may be fleeting.

Thursday March 4

We’ll be connecting all the dots today, seeing how impulses from our unconscious feed our waking daily experience. Scorpio Moon harmonizes with Mercury-sextile-Pluto to form a minor grand trine at the perfect time. Communications are deep and meaningful, insights profound, and perceptions accurate. The afternoon hours are bracketed by lunar trines to Jupiter and Sun, lifting us in mood and allowing us to turn insight into successful action.

Friday March 5

Scorpio Moon traverses an empty sky until late afternoon, when trines to Uranus and Venus bookend squares to Neptune and Chiron. We’re in a healing experience, but we can shift the energies so we make real progress in making our life work better. The Moon goes void of course at 8:31 pm, giving us down time until 11:36 pm with her entry into Sagittarius. We’re more justified than usual in relaxing this evening.

Saturday March 6

There’s nothing particularly profound about today! In fact, we’re more likely to want to avoid conflicts and obstacles as Moon squares Mercury and Jupiter late. That’s not a bad thing; sometimes it takes a shift in perception to make a problem go away. You’ll know by midday tomorrow if this is the case in your situation.

Sunday March 7

At 4:33 am, Venus enters daring Aries, bringing out the impulsiveness in our desire nature. She immediately makes contact with Mars via trine for a new look at an old, seemingly dead relationship situation. Is it really over? Is our current situation what it appeared to be? We are turning our perception of our bonds with others on their head, because we are shifting our perception of ourselves. Mercury reaching Jupiter sharpens our insights, which will not be based on logic but on knowledge of the hidden world.

The Moon reaches the Last Quarter square to the Sun at 7:42 am/16°57 Sagittarius. This opens the final week of the current lunar cycle, bringing a period of integrating what we’ve learned since February 13. On this lunar event a situation will arise that we will be dealing with in some form during the summer months, especially late July–early August. Although we can avoid it now (and it might be best if we do), we can see it quite clearly. This clarity of vision will allow us to prepare for and perhaps defuse the potential for conflict.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, the area of conflict comes from foreign nations—those with few cultural similarities and where there is frequent misunderstanding (Iran, China). Their form of truth punctures the balloon of the American dream as it is currently conceptualized but does give a chance to adjust before the situation becomes more strident in midsummer. President Obama may appear weak as he looks more at the end game than at current exigencies, but it is a time more for patience than action.

The Last Quarter Moon at 17 Sagittarius carries the Sabian Symbol of “an Easter sunrise service is about to begin at the suggestion of dawn; darkness surrenders to the worshipers”. (ME Jones version) This image mirrors the process of pushing back the darkness in our own consciousness through inner work. As we enter the last week before the dark (New) Moon, reflection allows us to integrate our experiences of the past three weeks and is the pathway to wisdom.

Monday March 8

After a restless Moon square Uranus, sextiles to Neptune and Chiron calm our sleep, after which the Moon enters its void period at 4:26 am. This ends when Moon enters Capricorn at 9:13 am—but this brief period which can still be used actively. Tomorrow’s Venus-opposition-Saturn is brought home early with Moon makes contacts to each, for a “deep day” focused especially on self-esteem, relationships, and finances. Self-examination could lead us to regret recent behavior and make adjustments. An evening square to Pluto completes the pattern and takes us deeper still. Use these to make changes that improve your situation.

Tuesday March 9

Venus’s opposition Saturn is exact in the wee hours, releasing us temporarily from emotional tension. With a Venus-square-Pluto still building, this reprieve is fleeting; we’ll plunge into the depths of the unconscious over the next two days but come out with the treasures of wisdom and compassion toward others as we discover our own role in creating our relationship dilemmas. We are supported throughout the day by mental acuity as Moon sextiles Jupiter and Mercury—at least our thoughts are clear and our focus good.

Wednesday March 10

Finally! At 9:09 am, Mars returns to forward motion at 0°18′ Leo, ending a 3-month period where we benefited from higher levels of introspection and self-discipline. This is good time to take stock of what we’ve accomplished and to move into gratitude for all that we’ve learned and accomplished. While it was not a time for great forward progress or momentum, it intensified and deepened our self-understanding and cleared issues of pride and humiliation. Moon completes its active period in Capricorn with sextiles to Sun and Uranus, heightening our ingenuity as we finalize situations we’ve been transforming over the past month. The Moon enters its void period at 1:59 pm, giving us room to relax and go inside until it enters Aquarius at 9:42 pm. We finish the day with a Moon opposition to Mars to give us more insight into the past three months’ experiences.

Thursday March 11

We get the drop of the other cardinal shoe when Venus squares Pluto today, completing the relationship-oriented T-square that began three days ago. We’ll understand more about the truth of things we’ve only suspected before now. This will come as a relief, because we’ll understand better what to do to resolve the situation rather than fearing what might occur. The Moon continues through Aquarius, harmonizing with Saturn and Venus. Our mood of Aquarian detachment and objectivity will go far to ease recent emotional discomfort as our deeper motivations have come to light.

Friday March 12

The Moon finds the gap between the planets as it traverses the mid-degree range of Aquarius, and there are no planetary interactions today. Enjoy a breather!

Saturday March 13

At 6:31 am, the Moon enters its void period after it conjoins Neptune and Chiron. She enters Pisces at 10:43 am to emphasize the expansive and imaginative directions in our lives. A late-evening sextile to Pluto spices up our romantic lives or attracts us to a suspenseful movie.

Sunday March 14

Mercury is at full speed and finally catches the Sun today, emphasizing mental activity. However, their position in Pisces suggests that logic will be at a low ebb—just the right sort of energy for dreaming our near-term future. The Moon is also in Pisces, heading toward tomorrow’s New Moon but encountering Jupiter today. We’ll want to get out of the house, enjoy the arts in some way, or find a way to experience spiritual upliftment.

Monday March 15

Today’s New Moon at 2:01 pm crackles as it lights up 25°10′ Pisces, near Mercury and Uranus. Mercury conjoins Uranus to underscore the power of intuition in our process over the coming month. This will be combined with the insights gained over the past month to build our future of Jupiterian success and expansion, so take time to check inside and plant the seeds that will ripen later this year. The Moon’s final connections in Pisces occur as it conjoins Uranus and Mercury, entering its void-of-course as 5:01 pm. This still-useful period lasts until 11:32 pm, when Moon goes into Aries.

The chart cast for the US is set in Washington DC, with 29°08′ Leo rising, close to fixed star Regulus. This places emphasis on leadership and the perils of pride. The overall configuration suggests that the legislature may change its pattern and pass important legislation, such as the jobs bill and health care reform. Meanwhile, we’re reaching an economic turning point, where the US will either swim (if the right bills and policies are activated) or sink (if gridlock continues). The fall of the dollar is possible—all that has to happen is for the Chinese to pull the plug. While this is not likely in the coming month, actions taken now will have an impact later in the year.

The Sabian Symbol for Aries 26 is “a man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.” Sometimes it is easy to overlook the wealth we have “here” and fix our gaze on what we don’t have “there”. When we look at the here, we see what can be developed. We live in the consciousness of gratitude instead of the consciousness of lack. We are possessed of more gifts than we can hold because we have attained the cosmic viewpoint, which opens the doors to abundance. This is the challenge before the US as well—to put its efforts into developing the potential that lies on its own soil—its people and the resources they can create.

Tuesday March 16

We experience another “deep day” as our Moon in Aries reaches Saturn and Pluto. With bookend aspects to Mars and Venus, relationship considerations are still in our mind. We’re still reinforcing new, healthier habits in our bonds with others as Mars makes its final charge over its retrograde zone. It’s also important to take note of the Sun-Uranus conjunction, which starts a new yearly cycle of innovation and development of our connection with our true self. Noting what occurs today will provide insight into how the coming year will unfold.

Wednesday March 17

Mercury enters Aries today at 9:12 am, then trines Mars to give voice to our actions. We’ll be in an especially communicative and curious mood today. The Moon continues through Aries but makes no contacts for an emotionally light day.

Thursday March 18

Mercury connects with Saturn to take us into the depths of the unconscious once again, this time with an emphasis on releasing unwanted thought habits. These are likely to be deeply entrenched, and for us to be invested in changing them rather than “staying safe” with them the way they are, we have to fully see the way they debilitate our lives—and this often comes through pain. Once we are willing to let go of these old safety zones, the pain dissipates as we release ourselves into the freedom of truth. These feelings will continue through the 25th, as Mercury contacts Pluto, then the Sun echoes these contacts. The Moon completes its sojourn in Aries with sextiles to Neptune and Chiron, going void of course at 6:08 am. We enter the dreamy space “between the signs” until 9:29 am with the Moon’s entry into abundant Taurus. A square to Mars activates our need to give up old impulses for new behaviors, which gives way to a productive afternoon-evening as the Moon slides toward a harmonious trine to Pluto.

Friday March 19

It’s a day of especially pleasant experiences in spite of the deep inner work we’re doing, as the Moon exalted in Taurus sextiles Jupiter in its home sign of Pisces. Dreams can be turned into reality as we remove obstacles from our path.

Saturday March 20

Our dreams are vivid and informative as Mercury squares Pluto in the wee hours, worth writing down and using to inform our waking actions. Spring starts today and the days are longer than nights, as the Sun enters Aries at 10:32 am. The Moon makes three contacts before giving us the afternoon off: A sextile to Uranus supports our understanding of how to make change work for us, while squares to Neptune and Chiron move us a little closer to healing our core wound. The still-productive void-of-course period in Taurus starts at 12:42 pm and ends when the Moon enters Gemini at 5:28 pm. With many planets in early degrees, three harmonious lunar contacts complete the day—sextiles to Mars and Sun form a minor grand trine for optimized joy, playfulness, and energy, while a trine to Saturn locks into an even more productive cradle configuration.

Sunday March 21

The energies today are larger than usual and carry over for the next few days, as Sun trines Mars and opposes Saturn. This is the culmination of the cradle configuration which formed yesterday, in addition to marking the halfway point of the Saturn cycle which began mid-September 09. New insights, ways to tweak our plans for success, as well as the need to say “no” to things that are draining our energies away from what we want to create—these are all within grasp today. The Moon remains in Gemini, connecting head and heart with a sextile to Mercury and challenging us to go beyond our safety zone with an evening square to Jupiter.

Monday March 22

Mars makes its sextile to Saturn today, enhancing our productivity and prolonging the beneficial effects of the cradle configuration. The Moon finishes its stay in Gemini today at 8:40 pm after several contacts. An early morning sextile to Venus sweetens our dreams, but there’s an electrical tension throughout the day as Moon squares Uranus at tea time. Evening trines to Neptune and Chiron bring soothing energies to our body for healing. The Moon’s void period ends at 11:16 pm when it enters Cancer, giving us time to relax and prepare for the next wave of heavenly activity.

Tuesday March 23

While we sleep, we experience the “deep” transits of Moon to Saturn and Pluto, augmented by the Cancer moon’s First Quarter square to the Sun at 4:00am. The resulting cardinal grand cross will carry those energies forward into the next week and open us to the situations we will work through over the next five months. A square to Mercury late in the day brings understanding to enhance the fruitfulness of today’s experiences.

The chart cast for Washington DC places the cardinal cross in the angular houses, emphasizing their role in the nation’s destiny for the coming week. With Uranus rising, there will be unexpected and substantive changes that occur, but they will be softened by mutable angles. There are considerable prospects for harmonious transformations of whatever comes up, with Jupiter trining the South Node, but solutions will be evolutionary rather than instantaneous. The events that occur will have a universal impact rather than affecting the US in specific narrow areas. The identity of the nation, the image and role of President Obama, a curtailed threat from foreign powers, and the strength of the people are all highlighted.

The Moon at 3 Cancer renders the Sabian Symbol, “An arctic explorer leads a reindeer through icy canyons.” It is a symbol of perseverance and hard work, such as suggested by the cardinal cross that forms at this time. In spite of the fact that we want an instant resolution, this is not to be the case. We will have to draw upon our patience and resilience to make it to the next plateau of consciousness and the reality that results.

Wednesday March 24

The Moon wings through the last half of Cancer today, making connections with Jupiter, Venus, and Uranus. We’re in for our share of surprises, one of which could be a mild putdown or social shun. Agreements will be hard to reach around midday, but if we wait out the tension, a harmonious outcome will result. The Moon goes void of course at 9:39 pm (although in Cancer we can still be productive if we want) until early tomorrow.

Thursday March 25

At 2:39 am, the Moon enters Leo, recharging the energizing Saturn-Mars sextile to enhance our day’s productivity. A trine to the Sun sustains that lift and buoys us through the Sun-square-Pluto of the day. This fulfills the “energy wedge” that opens us to new consciousness; after today we will have less consistent access or motivation to do our internal house-cleaning, although we can still use our focus and intent to open those doors.

Friday March 26

Today is the perfect day for harmonious communication, as the Moon moves between trines to Mercury and Venus from it position in Leo. A wonderful day will be had by all!

Saturday March 27

At 1:58 am, the Moon goes void-of-course and makes its last contacts in Leo, oppositions to Neptune and Chiron. Through these hook-ups we can invite healing energies into our being through our dream state. Before we wake, the Moon engages the real world again by entering Virgo at 3:57 am. It trines Pluto near midday to add power to our efforts, whatever they are.

Sunday March 28

Our Virgo Moon soars through the sign, with oppositions to Jupiter and Uranus bracketing the day. The energies of these two planets of possibility are grounded into reality, and we go from inspiration to action. The Moon goes void of course at 11:55 pm until tomorrow morning.

Monday March 29

Today brings the Full Moon supported by a Venus sextile to Neptune. The Moon enters Libra at 4:21 am and brings us into another “deep day” as it conjoins Saturn and squares Pluto over the first half of the day. A sextile to Mars softens the effect and assists us in moving energies. The Full Moon culminates at 7:25 pm/9°17′ Libra, taking us through a passage with respect to situations associated with the eclipses of December 31 and January 14. We have a decision to make—are the decisions we made then still relevant to the conditions we face now? We are at a new decision point, and our choices will be with us for the next few months, perhaps longer.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, 16 Scorpio rises, placing Neptune-Chiron on the IC. This places focus on the needs of the people, especially those who cannot provide for themselves. The most wounded in society come to the forefront now. As new issues arose over the past week, solutions are emerging but they require change in areas that have been intractable, such as in the legislative bodies and the creation of law. Such changes are now possible because the shortcomings are more glaring under these circumstances. Unusual challenges arise because of such obstacles and become the means to remove them. President Obama will show wisdom in leadership during this time.

The Full Moon at 10 Libra is symbolized by “At the bottom of a narrow rapid, a canoe is approaching the safety of placid water.” (ME Jones/Rudhyar) This indicates a situation that, while difficult, can be overcome. The pool of safe waters is in sight, but we must be vigilant to the end until we know our security is assured. This process comes to mind in the matters of healthcare and economic reforms.

Tuesday March 30

We get maximum perspective as the Moon opposes Mercury, and an important decision may be required. Healing is in the air, especially in relationships, as Venus sextiles Chiron.

Wednesday March 31

The Moon finishes its stay in Libra before we rise, sweetening our dreams with trines to Neptune and Chiron and revealing a challenge with an opposition to Venus. At 5:13 am, the Moon goes void of course in Libra until 5:41 am, when it enters intensifying Scorpio. The Moon opens the day by squaring Mars for added volatility when we’re in motion—remain in your peaceful center to avoid incident. A sextile to Pluto adds oomph to our productivity. Venus enters her rulership when she goes into Taurus at 10:35 am. Relationships and emotions are more stable now, although there is a passage as she quincunxes Saturn. We are stimulated to ask., “where is this relationship going?”, even though it might not be wise to seek an answer at this juncture. Mercury sextiling Neptune aids creative expression and mental healing.

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