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Streamline for Effective Action at the Hare Moon in Scorpio

by Crystal Pomeroy on April 27, 2010

Scorpio Full Moon, April Hare Moon Portal

Is there a project that is true to your heart, but you haven’t had the courage and focus to move on it? This lunation opens a great window to channel Spring’s vitality and Scorpio’s nerve into purposeful endeavors. Scorpio also helps us focus on essentials, while we get a window of double insight through Luna’s opposition—an aspect of perspective—to Mercury, the thinker, who also happens to be retrograde, increasing his powers of review. How can we tap this opportunity for awareness? Ancient cultures considered the April Full Moon a portal whose vibrant fertility fills us with energy and, like Spring plants bursting through topsoil, breaks away obstacles to achieving our goals. Furthermore, Day keeper’s Terry Lamb has written that the days following this lunation are especially apt for action. The following suggestions are designed to connect with the powers of courage and focus, channeling the virtues of this Hare Moon and the days that follow into what can become a more powerful and effective life.

Altar-ations for the Hare Moon in Scorpio

  • Light green or yellow candles
  • Fruity incense (coconut, strawberry, peach)
  • Seasonal flowers, especially wild flowers (this element complements the pagan celebration of flowers, Florestia, which happens to converge with Luna)
  • Water (you can put a few drops of flower essence in them)
  • A symbol of a goal requiring special courage and focus

Hare Moon Ceremony

1. Dip the flowers in water and then sprinkle in a circle around your prayer space, as you say:

My (our) choice to focus on Spirit Within seals the circle of sacred power that surrounds me (us) removing me (us) from patterns of limitation, distraction or self doubt. I am (we are) surrounded by Divine Love, that authorizes me (us) to recover my (our) path(s) of power.

2. Light your incense, as you visualize angels filling your space and repeat:

This is an offering the Angels of Courage, Focus and fertility, on whom I call to fill this sacred circle, my (our) life (lives) and mind(s) , empowering me (us) to reach a new level of efficacy from this lunation onward.

3. Light your candle/s, saying:

The light of Divine Fertility fills this space and our minds, and from it many blessings will come for all present. This circle is sealed in our awareness of the Divine Presence.

4. Identify in writing the project or endeavor closest to your heart that you haven’t had the gumption or focus to make progress on (as mentioned in the altar-ations section above.

5. Much as our closets, drawers and computers get cluttered, the space of our days can get filled with tasks and distractions that whittle away golden hours. At this step, make a list of things that you habitually do, that on closer examination are really not necessary, activities—or what I call passivities—that you are willing to suspend or drastically reduce over the next two weeks. Some examples might include:

Answering the phone during potentially productive or sacred times

Frequent checking for or reading emails

Talking with someone who enters the room you’re working in

Incessant house cleaning

Reading trivial news

Gossiping with the neighbor or co-worker when you run into her

6. Write a schedule for the next two weeks that includes at least two hours a day dedicated to action for your goal of courage.

7. Repeat the following affirmation, visualization the concepts as you do so, during five minutes or more.

Archangel Michael is with me, cutting away distractions, habits and thoughts that would keep me from expressing the force of Spring now bursting through my mind, actions and affairs, empowering me to make of each day an act of power from this day forth.

8. Thank the sacred powers that have assisted you and will remain close, helping you to maintain the fortitude to integrate them into a cycle of renewed satisfaction.

My late friend, author Tom Johnson, used an affirmation that synchronizes with the present lunation: “This is only the beginning!”. It can be a meaningful one, especially if we remember to make steps towards our goals daily from now until the next New Moon. Just as distractions can appear everywhere, we can write our renewed priority on little signs and tape them in view: in our journal, on the computer, phone, dashboard, mirror, wherever our gaze most tends to fall. During this same window, repeat the affirmation from Step 7—to Archangel Michael—during 5 minutes before you start the day’s activities, and another 3 minutes before going to sleep, and follow Hare’s invitation to a deeper level of living.


Lamb, Terry,

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john April 28, 2010 at 11:44 am

I’m experiencing an incarnation as a scorpio (11-17), and the mention of strugling against unwanted distractions has been a theme in my life for years, if not decades. So few realize that one of the greatest gifts given is the freedom to place one’s atention where one chooses. This gift is not just overlooked, but ignored, rejected, and feared by most. Also manipulated to extreme by those of dishonorable intent. Thank You for your valuable insight. I find transcendental classical music helps, especially mature Mozart.

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