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Open Your Heart to a Golden Era and Prepare for the Solstice Grand Cross, at the Dyad Full Moon in Sagittarius

by Crystal Pomeroy on May 27, 2010

Sagittarius Full Moon, Dyad Moon, May 2010

The May Full Moon is known as Dyad, when masculine and feminine celebrate their fusion, a portal so intense that major breakthroughs can be expected, even in situations that seem impossible.

Just as Luna becomes full on May 27, Uranus moves into Aries, activating the critical degree of zero, so called because it accentuates the dynamic energy of this and all cardinal signs, often on a scale that impacts the entire world. The excitement continues to build in the already tense T-square that has marked 2010 so far, between Uranus, lord of revolution, Saturn, guardian of tradition and Pluto, ruler of change. Jupiter—king of expansion—has moved to conjunct Uranus, completing the showdown between the big honchos of the zodiac, all of them except the Sun, who will in fact join the show at Summer Solstice, in the critical degree of zero Cancer, where he will oppose Uranus exactly and fill out a grand cross.

Many astrologers view this imminent configuration as ominous, considering the heavy nature of the planets involved. The grand cardinal cross is a doorway for manifestation involving sacrifice, either in the form of involuntary loss or as a willing act of love, depending on the direction we are headed.

The Dyad Moon chart shows an opportunity to prepare for this Solstice event by cultivating the latter. In trine to Jupiter and Uranus, Luna eases the tension of the T-square, allowing for clarity and freedom in the emotional life she rules by combining with the progressive qualities of the former two. Venus, Queen of love, is in close quincunx to Luna, as Alan Oken says “releasing those forms of expression that will be of benefit to humanity.” Venus’ current position in early Cancer presages that of the Solstice Sun in T-square to Uranus and Jupiter. These are both idealistic planets that can, with the work that tense aspects require, elevate our love nature to a universal frequency.

The Sabian symbol for the Dyad Moon confirms the opportunity, describing, “Cupid knocking at the door of a human heart…opening to true love, which can only come from the true self, not the ego… Cupid’s arrow pierces the ego-casing we sometimes carry to protect the heart and reveals this magical gift from the Cosmos called love.” Terry Lamb says, “this will also be felt in the political arena and bodes well for resolution of long-term differences.” Will the Solstice cross bring terrible scenarios, as some have predicted? If we synchronize with the promise of the current lunation we can choose the blessing contained in that upcoming cosmic event, and harmonize the planet with this blessing now. The following suggestions help capture the magic.

Prayerful Altar-ations

♥ Gold and silver candles

♥ Floral incense (jasmine, rose, carnation, orange blossom)

♥ A homemade wedding bouquet: local flowers tied with a ribbon

♥ Champagne or sparkling water

♥ White cake

Dyad Moon Ceremony

1. Light your candles, saying,

The irresistible light of True Love fills this space and my heart (our hearts), joining opposites within and without, and reuniting me (us) with the Higher Power, with myself (ourselves) and with all of creation in joyous embrace.

2. Light your incense, saying,

This is offering for Chamuel, Archangel of Love and Zadquiel, Archangel of Alchemy, whom I call upon to touch and open my (our) heart(s) and those of all willing, to quicken the power of True Love and free us to its harmonizing, prospering vibrations now.

3. Repeat the following meditation at least 5 times, slowly and with full attention.

I visualize the angels that are here with me, opening the love center in my heart: a warm and glowing ruby whose rays connect with the omnipresent vibration of divine love, reaching all: bathing my divine self… caressing my dear ones… assisting those who may be facing challenges anywhere… blessing all I have criticized or resented with the will for their happiness and freedom… surrounding the planet. I rejoice in the love vibration. Only for today, I consecrate my thoughts and actions to allowing the love in my heart to shine.

4. Extend the joy to the world by repeating the following words during five minutes or more.

The love, good will and peace in my heart, connect me to the love, good will and peace in the hearts of all others, and we encircle the entire planet with victorious good will, precipitating the golden age of harmony that would manifest in our lives and world now.

Close your ceremony by blessing and sharing your cake.

Follow up by repeating steps 3 and 4 each day from now until Solstice, and making a point of thinking, speaking and acting on behalf of generous love only for the joy of it.

We can count on the angels to respond to our calls and optimize our will to loving kindness, paving a path of light that leads to the golden land for those who choose to live our prerogative: aligning heart and actions with the stars to co-create a planet in goodness.

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sonia guadalpe martinez ortiz May 29, 2010 at 5:48 pm

Gracias Padre Nuestro

Gracias Crystal

Recibe mis bendiciones y voy a traducir tus hermosas frases que están en idioma inglés.

Yo Soy Luz y Vengo de Dios

Gulliver May 31, 2010 at 7:59 am

This is a wonderful meditation. I love it. Thank you.

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