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Astrological Influences for May, 2010

by Boots Hart, CAP on May 1, 2010

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May prompts situations which get us to asking “what’s right?” We do this as part of whatever groups we belong to, as a world, and most of all as individuals. Is standing for what we believe in, unpopular though that may be, right? Is joining a group (or agreeing with the thoughts of a group) the right way to go?

Individualism and individuality are vital—they’re the engine of discovery, and make personal creativity possible. But sometimes the right thing means isolation—personally or in some noble cause, like leadership.

Knowing the difference splits innovation from anarchy, discriminating from discrimination—and in the end, the satisfaction which comes through acceptance by others as against that alienation which is so much the sorry hallmark of the overwhelming (and ultimately overwhelmed) ego.

Chiron’s recent entry into Pisces tells us that for the next few years, our sense of “plights” is going to be elevated. This may mean there’s simply more need—at home, in your soul, or out there in the world. Or it could mean that you (or some group) is merely more aware of what the needs are, lest things long thought stable go awry. Some of us will become more sensitive…to others, or ourselves. Some of us will get in touch with things in our own character—or elsewhere—which bring out our weakness. We’ll need to be brave about facing feelings. We’ll need compassion in dealing with injuries. We’ll need to find courage enough to forgive.

Forgive others? Maybe. Maybe even more than that, ourselves.

Pisces is all about how we feel about feeling. Chiron symbolizes “that which needs doing even if you don’t want to, or don’t know how to do it.” Typically, Chiron challenges involve learning as we go, or from results. So not knowing “how” or “whether” can’t be our excuse.

There are two symbols in every chart which nobody wants to touch—no, not with a 20-foot pole! One is the North Node. The North Node promises to fulfill our desires if we will just do the “should” instead of the “want.” (And yet everybody rebels!)

Chiron differs in that Chiron messages are imbued with this disturbing sense of not knowing “how.” And with Chiron in Pisces, that not knowing is now combined with being faced with how we feel—you know, a “crisis of confidence.” We feel like foreigners either in our world, in our skin, in our work or in this life.

So what do we do? Most important is the not giving in to feelings of helplessness. When you feel overwhelmed, tell yourself you don’t have to have all the answers—you only have to try to learn better. You don’t need to build Rome in a day. All you need is to do something. Every day, another brick on the wall. Another lesson learned. Another baby step taken.

And remember, not only are you human…so is everybody else.

With that now in mind, May begins with Sun and Mercury (retrograde) in Taurus. From this we glean that the month begins on questions of…. Read the remainder of Boots’ Monthly Astrological Overview—plus the rest of the Prediction Package that’s unavailable on the free site—with a Premium Subscription, just $5.95 per month.

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