Crystal's Moon Meditations

Discover the Magic in Your Hidden Needs at the Dark of the New Moon in Taurus

by Crystal Pomeroy on May 13, 2010

Taurus New Moon, May 2010

This portal is excellent for getting in touch with and communicating our needs harmoniously. Often they go unmet simply because we don’t stop to listen to them. The idea of even having personal concerns contradicts the subtle culture of sacrifice whose imprint most of us carry to a greater or lesser degree: that silent barrier in the collective unconscious that makes us feel ashamed to acknowledge our vulnerability or desires, or fearful that somehow expressing them will create discomfort or discord. Taurus rules needs, and the astrology of this New Moon, emphasizing communication in relationships and intense pressure for adjustments, opens a door to let them out of the closet in a balanced, empowering fashion, as we simultaneously bless a planet thirsty for harmonious relating. A bit further on, we share metaphysical suggestions to optimize this window.

Venus rules Taurus, as well as relationships and beauty. In Gemini, sign of gab, she brings ease and artistry to the words we use. On the other hand, she’s in a highly tense aspect (grand cross) to zodiac heavies Pluto, Saturn and Uranus, all of which tend to push their own agendas. Three of these four planets are in mutable signs, which naturally seek adjustment, indicating that the tension can be negotiated. The Sabian symbol ups the ante, describing an Indian brave with shrunken heads hanging from his waist, charging forward on his steed. If we take every celestial cue as a blessing, we can admire the warrior’s courage and focus, while moving to a paradigm beyond conflict, where pursuing our interests doesn’t require violence toward others, a higher dimension where the good of one is the good of all.

The following meditation is designed to break the stranglehold of loveless programming that keeps us from considering our own needs, and binds us to the fear that somehow communicating them will bring disproval or aggression. Adapted from our workshops, they have proven surprisingly powerful despite their simplicity, even working magic before you get the message out.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • A blue or pink candle
  • Sweet, fruity or floral incense
  • Other symbols of Taurus’ natural abundance, such as a potted plant or bouquet of wild flowers
  • A page and pen for each participant

The Ceremony

1. Light the incense, saying:

This is an offering for the Angels of Clarity, of Courage and of Harmony, whose help I request in perceiving my true needs and communicating them to others in a way that is freeing and harmonious for all concerned.

2. Light the candle as you say:

The kind light of Divine Intelligence now brings forth constructive needs and wishes that I have previously ignored.

3. Write the following affirmation in your journal or at the top of a page:

My intention to recognize and communicate my needs in a way that is both courageous and harmonious opens me to receive the divine assistance that now flows to make of this a portal to a more authentic and empowered existence. My intention on behalf of harmony fortifies the collective will to communicate harmoniously, healing relations around the world now.

4. Repeat this affirmation during five minutes.

Take a moment to look within and list in writing those needs and wishes that you feel may be important but that you haven’t dared express.

Integrate the light of this ceremony into a new phase of existence with the following program from now until the next Full Moon:

Each morning, repeat the above affirmation during five minutes and look at your needs communication list, with a goal of voicing at least three of them during the aforementioned period.

For a truly freeing experience, bear in mind that the goal is to recognize and communicate your needs, and does not depend on the acquiescence of others to assist you. Just as you are free to speak, they are free to respond according to their inclination. At the same time, the act of clarifying one’s intent from that point of authenticity is quite powerful, and often spontaneously opens the way to a positive response and related blessings. Just yesterday, a participant in my prayer group received great news on her cell phone right after the ceremony.  The Higher Power acts through your healing intentions, to liberate the wonderful energy contained in your innermost urgings, opening you and the world to a new phase of love and holistic efficacy now.

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danielle May 14, 2010 at 6:57 am

i love you crystal…your moon reminders
ALWAYS make me feel so good, it is more than your
words i think…it is your energy that comes through.

thank you great soul!
danielle, nyc

ps..i have been a follower of your dear mother Maya since
the late ’80’s..Maya left her body a few months after my mother did.

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