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Daily Success Guide, June 2010

by Terry Lamb on June 1, 2010

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Astrological Insights, June 2010

It’s a good thing we’re getting used to having more action in our lives, because June continues the trend of motivating us to get moving! There are more planetary events this month than in many months previous to this, although how much you are affected by them depends on contacts to your own chart and how you work with them. As the planets fan out from their conjunctions with the slow movers (Jupiter, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) earlier in the year, we see the “fates” that we humans have created with the opening of their yearly solar cycle.

There’s something for everyone, although the bulk of the contacts affect late mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) and early cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) signs. Mars finally leaves Leo, after six months in this sign; Mercury also leaves the sign of its retrograde, Taurus. As Mercury and Mars enter their new signs, we get more clues to how we can use Saturn-Jupiter-Uranus to further our path and understanding of life, and we feel moved to act. Meanwhile we get a break in our finances and relationships as Venus harmonizes with these bodies.

The Sun conjoins each of the planets beyond Mars once a year, then speeds past them until it eventually opposes them, producing a Full-Moon-like culmination with each in its turn at the halfway point in the cycle. As the Sun trines each, the planet begins or ends its retrograde period. This process results in a yearly rhythm that we acclimate to and come to expect unconsciously. In recent years, the culminations have come in the summer months, but they have inched their way into the Fall-Winter.

Pluto continues to brings its culmination to us in the summer, and we experience that on June 25–27, when both the Sun and Mercury oppose Pluto. This is also the time of a Lunar Eclipse (June 26), with all these events affecting 5 degrees cardinal. This is sure to bring out situations that threaten to overwhelm us, whether it is news about the Gulf oil spill, events in Central Asia, or the Icelandic volcanic eruption. All these situations are likely to continue to make headlines.

Chiron makes its station retrograde on June 4 from its new position in Pisces. We are getting a glimpse of what’s ahead as Chiron makes its way through this sign of Unity Consciousness over the next eight years. Chiron cleanses us of blockages wherever it passes, and if we add support by doing what we can to cleanse body, mind, and spirit, we will find our experiences smoother and the effects deeper. Pay attention now, as we get the full picture of what we’re healing and clearing over the coming eight months as Chiron proceeds through its yearly cycle.

Chiron’s process in our lives is highlighted when Mars and Mercury join it on center stage on June 6–11. Mars first pierces the veils of illusion, then Mercury makes us consciously aware of what is revealed.

Jupiter has been flying through Pisces, reaching toward Uranus, but by the time it reached the other side of the Pisces room where Uranus was hanging out, Uranus had left to go to the Aries party next door. Finally, on June 5, Jupiter catches up to fan Uranus’s flames. It will be interesting to observe the extent to which fire (metaphorically and literally) is in the collective experience, from a way to deal with the Gulf oil spill to a symbol of passion, inspiration, and inventiveness.

Neptune is now retrograde, having its subtle, sometimes insidious, influences showcased during its station at the end of May. Its “why am I doing this?” crisis may have initially gotten lost in Saturn’s station to direct (forward) motion, which occurred simultaneously. Now that Saturn is moving ahead, we get to complete all those Virgo processes that we’ve been working on for the past 2+ years, plus the Libra processes we got stuck into in October-March. For so many, there is a vast process of organization and elimination of what is no longer needed that we feel the urge to complete by the time Saturn leaves Virgo on July 21, so that we can be prepared for the next step in life.

With so many planets making significant sign changes, we are stepping into the realm of the new and unfamiliar. If you are comfortable with a loosely constructed, fluid life, you’ll enjoy these times more than if you prefer a secure, predictable routine.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Maya’s rule of thumb was, “In making a close call, I look at the moon’s final aspect, just before it goes void of course. This shows how the situation will end up.”

Daily Astrological Forecast

Tuesday June 1

The month commences with Moon in Aquarius and a flowing trine to the Sun filling our day. Enjoy the universal glow of conviviality and social harmony!

Wednesday June 2

The Aquarius Moon encounters Mercury by square at midday, revealing a dissonance that needs to be resolved. Take care of the details; communication will flow better as the shadows grow long.

Thursday June 3

Discord rumbling under the surface leaps into view when the Moon reaches Mars as it is about to oppose Neptune. This brings up a situation (today and tomorrow) that we thought was going to arise in November, but it never did—and a whole lot of complications came up to nearly erase it from our minds. Now it’s time to resolve the matter, and we have a whole new perspective on what to do. We are being guided. The Moon enters its void-of-course period at 7:56 am, giving us some time to be lazy or get caught up, until 10:33 am when it enters imaginative Pisces. Its first encounter is with healer Chiron, cluing us into what most needs healing in order to experience unity consciousness. An evening sextile with Pluto opens the door to new understanding of what’s really happening in the invisible realms affecting our lives.

Friday June 4

As Mars opposes Neptune, we remember where we were last fall in consciousness and direction, and we see how far we’ve come. What a transformation! We could never have imagined in our wildest dreams that we would be where we are now. The things we thought we wanted then are no longer in the frame, or they are significantly changed. Today we have the chance to further commit ourselves to fulfilling our inner truth, as Mars pierces the veil of appearances and we get a glimpse of the divine matrix (Neptune). In world affairs, the oil spill in the Gulf is foremost in collective awareness. This tragedy is teaching us the power of human action on the Earth, through a situation that could be far worse than it is. Chiron comes to a standstill at 0:04 am/0°59′ today, ready to begin its five-month retrograde period. By observing our experiences now, we can discern what we will be learning during this time.

The Moon makes a solo contact today, the Last Quarter square to the Sun at 3:13 pm/14°11′ Pisces. This contact opens a problem-solving period for all of us as it pertains to the “unsolvable” problems in our lives. By turning them over to the creative force of the universe (then remaining alert to guidance), we will find our way through our dilemmas.

In the Last Quarter chart cast for Washington DC, the Mars-Neptune opposition falls on the MC-IC axis of the chart, with Mars at the top. President Obama is taking direct, aggressive action in response to the oil spill (Neptune). It is also being felt as an influence on Congress, particularly timely as new energy legislation is being shaped. Although humanity faces challenges never before encountered with this oil spill, a solution will emerge soon, perhaps this week. While it will take time to fulfill the solution, relief is at hand.

The Last Quarter Moon at 15 Pisces presents us with the Sabian symbol, “An officer in unkempt uniform is preparing to drill men dressed in military tops quite worn for wear.” [ME Jones version] This suggests the hard-working individuals of all skills and paths who are working on the oil spill, from the military to the employees of BP to corporate leaders to government officials. The spirit of cooperation that is developing is creating a sincere coalition to shift human consciousness about the destructive power of our energy habits.

Saturday June 5

Today is chock full of lunar events, as the Moon reaches the late degrees of Pisces, where it contacts the planets arrayed in this zone. We start with a wee-hour trine to Venus to sweeten our dreams with harmonious social encounters. Our consciousness is sharp as the Moon sextiles Mercury at breakfast time, preparing us for a day of deep awareness emerging into our lives when Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus are contacted. The Moon goes void of course at 10:49 pm, to tease us before it enters Aries at 10:50 pm. At 11:29 pm, Jupiter enters Aries to give the cardinal signs a boost, energize the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), and charge up our entrepreneurship and pioneering spirit.

Sunday June 6

We feel restless with new insight as the Moon in Aries squares Pluto early in the day, her only contact until tomorrow. Mars (finally!) enters Virgo to bring a steadier energy of industriousness into our lives. We want to work, work, work—not for its own sake—but because we have a goal in mind. It’s all part of what we must do to fulfill the bigger purpose we feel pulled toward, and we feel a sense of urgency in clearing our path as Mars makes its way through Virgo in the next seven weeks.

Monday June 7

Our Aries Moon brings confidence and social connection to our morning as it sextiles the Sun, but an evening square to Venus suggests that others may need some quiet time for “mood-adjustment” when we get home. Give them some space.

Tuesday June 8

It isn’t just about the Moon today! Three significant planetary events have been building and are now fully activated in our lives: Jupiter finally reaches Uranus to makes their conjunction at 4:25 am/0°18′ Aries. This conjunction occurs every 13 years, the last in 1997, in Aquarius. This initiates a cycle of innovation and invention, especially focused in dealing with crises and emergency situations on this cycle. Mars opposes Chiron today increasing our awareness of what needs healing in our lives, which we should approach by working with both spiritual and physical techniques. A trine from Mercury to Saturn makes our mind coherent and suggests practical solutions to issues that are on our minds now. The Moon sextiles Neptune at 6:13 am before going void of course in Aries. This lasts until it enters Taurus at 8:41 am, when the Moon immediately creates an opportunity sextile with Chiron. Use this energy to get in further touch with your sense of wholeness. This leads into an Earth grand trine with Mars and Pluto that is perfected over the day. What changes do you need to make? Start them now!

Wednesday June 9

It’s all about Mercury today, as our planet of communication and intellect squares Neptune before entering Gemini at 10:41 pm. The Neptune square makes us aware of a confusing situation that we need to clarify—and wait until we reach clarity before taking action. The Moon continues its sojourn through Taurus.

Thursday June 10

With Mercury now in Gemini, it sets up a T-square with Mars-opposite-Chiron to bring a more acute awareness of what we need to do in order to heal our lives. Be careful if you have placements in early mutable signs—accidents and injuries can result from overly vigorous actions now and through the 11th. Easy does it! This is eased as Mercury sextiles both Uranus and Jupiter. The Moon takes us on a roller coaster journey today as it sextiles Venus and trines Saturn before noon, then squares Neptune to bring out conflicting motivations in the way we approach upcoming challenges, just in time for the Moon’s void period at 12:51 pm. This lasts until 3:11 pm (although we can still use this time actively), when she enters lively Gemini. Immediately we get inspiration from sextiles to Uranus and Jupiter, and a conjunction to Mercury repeats Mercury’s earlier contacts. An evening Moon square to Mars reminds us that caution is still needed where we want to exercise force and haste.

Friday June 11

Tensions ease as Mercury completes its T-square to Mars and Chiron and moves beyond their positions, after a big morning release of energy. The Moon encounters nothing but empty sky as it travels the mid-degrees of Gemini.

Saturday June 12

If yesterday’s events list was short, today makes up for it. We start with the New Moon at 4:15 am/21°24′ Gemini. Venus opens up the possibility of smoothing out relationship issues based on a realistic assessment of our own limits. A Moon square to Saturn soon after suggests that this is not welcomed by others, but it is necessary. At 4:35 pm, the Moon finishes its productive period in Gemini when it trines Neptune and goes void of course. This lasts until 6:50 pm with its entry into nurturing Cancer. We are reminded of our emotional needs, perhaps feeling fear of the future as Moon squares Uranus-Jupiter in the evening, although a harmonious trine to Chiron introduces soothing emotional energies, perhaps the support of a loved one. Remembering that we have support of others in our “tribe” will help us balance emotion against reality. The New Moon brings insights from the creative side of our nature, which we will be able to use to take the next big step on path, as will be revealed to us on the Lunar Eclipse of the 26th. Inconvenient truths will emerge in the coming two weeks, but they will lead us to harmony.

In Washington DC, the chart of the New Moon focalizes around the energy of the Lunar Eclipse to come, placing the Nodes and Pluto on the Ascendant-Descendant. This chart suggests that there are solutions to our current crises, such as the oil spill in the Gulf, which are effective if not perfect. While there will be long-term effects that must be reckoned with, the greatest challenge is behind us. With the New Moon forms in the US’s 12th house, hidden factors in several situations will be revealed as the month unfolds.

At 22 Gemini, the Sabian symbol of the New Moon is, “An old-fashioned harvest home festival is at its height with dancing couples flashing [by] crowding the barn floor.” [ME Jones version] There is cause to celebrate; we have come through a passage of consciousness and have begun to see inner reality manifest as real-world events in a favorable way. Regardless of our circumstances, we know that all is well on a core level, that we are being guided, and that we are meant to enjoy life and camaraderie of others.

Sunday June 13

The Moon transits early Cancer, making contacts with Mars and Pluto as we dream, infusing our consciousness with powerful insights that will emerge from our unconscious as compulsions to act in unaccustomed ways.

Monday June 14

At 1:50 am, Venus enters generous Leo and immediately finds harmony with Uranus and Jupiter, lighting the fires of passion in our relationships and inspiring us with warmth and optimism. The Moon gives us a day of maximum productivity as it moves into a trine with Saturn before its (still useful) void period starts at 5:38 pm. It reiterates the joy of Venus’s connections to Uranus and Jupiter when it enters Leo at 8:54 pm, bringing integration of this fiery energy into all parts of our consciousness and infusing our actions with confidence.

Tuesday June 15

As the Moon continues in Leo, it brings mental understanding and clear communications through a sextile to Mercury. This is a good day for making connections and agreements. This is augmented by Venus’s fire trine to Jupiter and Mars’s earth trine to Pluto. Fire and earth combine to create productivity and accomplishment. This can be expressed in all areas of life, but will be especially fruitful in relationships and business activities.

Wednesday June 16

Today’s contacts are limited to two late-day lunar contacts. A sextile to the Sun allows us to build on what we seeded on the New Moon four days ago. Look for openings and invitations. At 8:24 pm the Moon goes into its void period as it opposes Neptune. This opens the door to imagination and spiritual insight. Let your consciousness roam unfettered by judgment to take best advantage of this energy. The Moon re-engages with life when it enters service-oriented Virgo at 10:41 pm.

Thursday June 17

Just after midnight, the Moon reaches an opposition to Chiron, bringing up residual effects of our Mercury-Mars-Chiron experiences of last week. This could involve healing physical injuries or wounded emotions (more likely to be felt Wednesday evening)—be gentle with yourself. Overnight, our dreams carry symbols from our deepest unconscious realms as Moon trines Pluto and conjoins Mars. Pay attention to gain powerful insights. Throughout the day, the Moon moves into a square to Mercury: We may feel scattered if we try to push the river. If you are disorganized, take some time to clear things out mentally, emotionally, and physically. Plan for interruptions and for your activities to take longer than you think—it will be easier to feel the flow.

Friday June 18

The waxing Moon reaches its First Quarter square to the Sun at 27°49′ Virgo/9:29 pm, the first contact of the day. This is very close to the time of a Sun-Saturn square, so this is the most powerful imprint on the coming week, with the Moon conjunct Saturn. We’ll be playing out the urge (and need) to work hard to accomplish long-term goals. We get a little relief from the dominant pattern of the past few months since Jupiter and Uranus have moved on to Aries, the cardinal “room” of the Zodiac, so there’s a separation of energies and consciousness to help us work on one thing at a time. We’ll be productive now but stressed out if we allow ourselves to feel driven by the prevailing sense of urgency. The Moon enters its void period at 10:04 pm, which lasts until 1:13 am tomorrow.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, Mars and Mercury are angular and highlighted, suggesting the logistical support of foreign nations and organizations in dealing with the Gulf oil spill. There is good news in that it is a unifying event, but bad news in the environmental damage that is being done. President Obama is taking a firm leadership role in the process, changing course as he learns more about what is going on and what can/must be done to heal this wound to the planet.

The Sabian Symbol for the First Quarter Moon at 28 Virgo is, “A bald-headed man in uniform completely dominates an assembly of men: diplomats, scientists, and industrialists.” [ME Jones version] This brings to mind the gathering of people that is required to resolve and heal the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and the unification that is occurring because of it. The single most important thing we must do as a species now is to be of one mind regarding the best way to heal Planet Earth of the wounds we have inflicted on her. In our personal lives, meetings with others will be of benefit.

Saturday June 19

At 1:13 am, the Moon enters balancing Libra and engages Uranus and Jupiter to bring us startling insights, whether through dreaming or waking state. When the Moon reaches Pluto in mid-morning, we connect the dots on a large and inspirational task that stretches out into our future. Use your insights to inspire not frighten you. The Sun’s square to Saturn finally signals a culmination in our work efforts as we complete tasks with a deadline of late July. A Moon sextile to Venus sweetens the day with the support and camaraderie of friends; the evening finishes on an peaceful and idealistic note as the Sun trines Neptune.

Sunday June 20

The Moon finds nothing but harmony all day as it makes a harmonious hook-up with Mercury at midday. Your mind will be clear and focused, your head and heart in synchrony, with a desire to share a spirit of joy and playfulness with others.

Monday June 21

The Moon makes its final contact in Libra when it trines Neptune at 2:45 am to vivify our dreams. The resulting void-of-course lasts until 5:14 am when the Moon enters mysterious Scorpio. At 4:30 am, the Sun enters Cancer, marking the Summer Solstice (“sun station”), the longest day, and the ceremony of Litha (among others). This is the time to bring our winter’s dreams into fruition. The Sun lights up all the other planets in cardinal signs—Uranus and Jupiter in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn, with the electrifying square to Uranus occurring today. Our awakenings start now! The Scorpio Moon finds harmony with Chiron, the Sun, Pluto, and Mars to bring healing, effectiveness, and efficiency to our efforts. An evening square to Venus suggests that an evening alone is more appealing than social contact; it gives us time to integrate what we’re learning after a very active day.

Tuesday June 22

The Moon continues in Scorpio, as a lack of planetary contacts gives us more space and time to integrate the powerful energies we’re experiencing now.

Wednesday June 23

The Sun’s square to Jupiter fills the day with awareness of the adventures that lie before us, the unexplored realms that lie ahead on our chosen path. Your insights now will inform your experiences during Jupiter’s 4-month retrograde period, which starts July 23. Before it goes void of course at 8:33 am, the Moon’s sextile to Saturn starts our day with a plan, but a square to Neptune may remind us that strategies are less effective than going with the flow. We get a good break from activity until 11:10 am, when the Moon enters expansive Sagittarius. A square to Chiron induces a healing insight that comes from gaining an independent perspective; it’s time to free ourselves. Its afternoon trines to Uranus and Jupiter ease these energies of innovation and electrifying change into our lives. The more we can detached from our expectations, the easier these energies are for us to absorb and incorporate into our lives.

Thursday June 24

As it squares Saturn and trines Neptune, Mercury brings to consciousness the things that won’t work in our plan for the future. Maybe it’s time to let go of something that you thought was important but turns out to be a source of ego attachment. The Moon in Sagittarius gives us clues to relationship matters through dreams and feelings when it squares Mars and trines Venus early in the day. We need to let go of our uptightness and go with the flow.

Friday June 25

There are plenty of planetary connections to assimilate into our consciousness today: At 3:32 am, our mental energy becomes more instinctual when Mercury goes into Cancer, squares Uranus and trines Chiron. This opens the doorway to mind flashes and images from the inner world that help us know what’s in our heart so we can set our course for the next six months, triggered by tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse. The Sun’s opposition to Pluto today brings illumination about the inner transformative process that we have been enacting in our lives—we will begin to see this unfold dramatically into the visible world through a dynamic process made even more powerful by the eclipse. Our current Sun-Pluto process began in late December and will continue through the end of this year. The Moon has many encounters today, suggesting interruptions that could lead us to busy-ness that distracts us from what’s really going on. Let go of expectations about what today holds, and you will find it easier to flow with what comes up. At 4:34 pm, the Moon enters a void period that lasts until it enters Capricorn at 7:21 pm.

Saturday June 26

Most of the action occurs before we wake, as the Sun, Moon, Pluto, Mercury, and Jupiter interact in early cardinal signs, including the These planets are critically involved in a process that we will be working with for the next six months as these eclipse energies unfold in our lives. Early cardinal degrees often lead to hasty action, but it is often beneficial to wait, even though we feel like it’s the last thing we want to do. We want change, even if we have to force it; it feels painful to stay in one place. Yet, patience will help us, and with the Moon trine to Mars tempered by its position in Virgo, we are more able to withstand our sense of urgency.

In the chart cast for the US in Washington DC, the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse falls in the 6th and 12th houses, with a T-square to Uranus-Jupiter in the 9th house of foreign relations, higher law, and higher education. This suggests a logistical crisis that is augmented by sudden events overseas, or a startling decision from the Supreme Court. If Elena Kagan has not yet been confirmed to the Supreme Court, this may pertain to her confirmation process as well. Whatever occurs will bring illumination that will be expressed in the national psyche over the coming six months.

The Lunar Eclipse’s Sabian Symbol, at 5 Capricorn, is: “An American Indian encampment rests by the side of a canoe-filled stream, and on shore the war dance commences.” [ME Jones version] As segments of the population around the world become fearful about earth changes and human catastrophes, one way they cope is by building up their defenses. Various groups may show aggressive behavior in response to perceived threats, but as their fears dissipate they will relax.

Sunday June 27

While the Moon moves through Capricorn, Mercury brings us deep insight when it opposes Pluto just after midnight. This will be felt late Saturday and in our dreams overnight. Journaling and recording our dreams will support our ability to use the rich experiences that come now.

Monday June 28

A harmonious Moon trine to Saturn embeds a productive energy into our psyche for use in the coming day, the final lunar aspect before its void period starts at 2:56 am. This lasts until 5:52 am with its entry into airy Aquarius. Sextiles to Uranus and Jupiter support our ability to assimilate the rapid flow of energies and experiences of the past week. Mercury conjoins the Sun to mark the halfway point in their 122-day cycle of interaction. This brings acute awareness of the most profound factors affecting our life and direction, the capstone to the eclipse experience that began last week.

Tuesday June 29

The Aquarius Moon brings perspective to how our new circumstances will affect our relationships, finances, and self-value.

Wednesday June 30

At 3:04 pm, the Moon in Aquarius brings a spiritual perspective when it opposes Neptune, then enters a three-hour void-of-course period. This gives us some downtime to rest and integrate, lasting until 6:09 pm when the Moon enters empathic Pisces.

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Vincent Mazzola June 11, 2010 at 7:24 am

The New Moon in Gemini at 21 deg, 24 min is exactly conjunct Mars (21 deg, 23 min) in the Sibley chart of the US (5:10 PM LMT, July 4th 1776). With Mars in the 7th house, one wonders about a more aggressive foreign policy in the coming months.


Terry Lamb June 11, 2010 at 2:33 pm


Thanks for your observation. I would only offer one (relieving) adjustment: Since the New Moon does not “have legs” (that is, make contact with things that cause it to have effects beyond the lunar cycle it starts), I would not expect the aggressive energy to last beyond this lunar cycle. Other ways it may come out would be in communicating with foreign powers. It could be to seek information or ask for help with the Gulf oil disaster.

Foreign policy/international diplomacy are also found in the 9th house.

Vincent Mazzola June 16, 2010 at 9:31 am

I appreciate your reply about the Gemini New Moon and its “legs.”
It might be worthwhile to watch events around the Gemini First Quarter 9 months from now (22 deg, 03 min; March 12, 2011), as these Moon “families” can be revealing (see “Lunar Shadows” by Dietrech Pessin).

The 9th house of the US chart has Neptune in Virgo (22 deg, 25 min) in a close square to natal Mars. We might be bemused and muddle through, although a workable energy policy has eluded the US for decades.


Sally F. June 25, 2010 at 7:58 pm

I am more concerned with the spirtual rather than the technical aspects of astrology. As a Capricorn, this month has proven to be a roller coaster ride, full of ups, downs, and odd surprises. I’m finding myself all too aware of character defects, rather than virtues, in people around me. This can make interactions at the work place daunting, and family situations cause for alarm, at least. Seeing the world from a 21st century perspective, it seems humanity, in its all too prolific hatching state, is becoming more robotic every day. There’s very little room left for the spiritual element of things, which is why places like DayKeeper have such meaning. Thanks so much for keeping this gift alive.

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