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Heal Emotions and Oceans with Water Magic at the Soul-ar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer

by Crystal Pomeroy on July 12, 2010

new moon solar eclipse in Cancer

The total Soul-ar Eclipse of July 11 triggers a vital portal for beginnings, that will remain open for a week. It empowers us to make a soul connection to water and the emotional nature it symbolizes.

Number 11 reappears for this event in the degree of the lunar nodes, whose role is highlighted at eclipses. As we have previously written for Daykeeper, 11 is “a master number that is not reduced to its lowest product, but stands as an indication of potential transcendence during the period in question. One of its keys is the intensification of the quantum power of conscious choice….”

The New Moon, named Victory Over Obstacles by eclipse specialist Celeste Teal, comes on the heels of the Grand Cross which graced the Summer Solstice, which Maya predicted would trigger a period of major change from now through 2015. What exactly is the role of this lunar occurrence in planetary transitions? If broad-scale events reveal trends in the collective unconscious, the Gulf Oil spill can be taken as a call to heal our relationship with the oceans and with water in general, both ruled by Cancer and the Moon. The Sabian symbol for the eclipse confirms the aquatic theme, describing a gondolier in the channels of Venice.

True to Cancerian form, water, the element of Her primordial substance from which creation emerged, has been related to the Divine Mother since antiquity. For medieval pagans, the waters of the sea were the womb that gave birth to the earth and all that lived on it. Barbara Walker quotes Zosirus as saying, “Without divine water, nothing exists.” The liquid element makes up about 60% of our body weight and covers 70% of our planet’s surface. Astrologically, it relates to emotions. Esoterically, both the sign Cancer and the element of water connect to the greatest of all treasures: the soul. Cosmically, Earth is the planet of emotions, incarnation here is an opportunity to grow through transmuting our feeling nature.

The Gulf spill culminates public issues around water that have been coming to the fore. For several years, scientists have warned that pollution levels are threatening ocean pH balance. This destroys plankton, the first link in the food chain of all sea animals, and the land creatures that eat them. Increasingly, governments and corporations fight over water rights, stressing the real or invented concern for growing scarcity. To what degree do humanity’s wounds to and around water reflect our relationship with the soul? Although it is by nature immaculate and cannot be muddied, it can atrophy from neglect.

This Soul-ar Eclipse is a cosmic opportunity to apply the power within to charge emotions and world waters with blessing. Holy water is based on the ancient knowledge of the liquid element as a vehicle for sacred intent. The books of Masaru Emoto graphically confirm this property, displaying hundreds of photographs of crystals formed in water that has been frozen in containers labeled with different kinds of words. Labels like Hitler and hate produce asymmetric, unattractive crystals, while water programmed with love and gratitude freezes into beautiful patterns. Samples taken from a polluted lake in Japan produced ugly forms, until a group of people prayed at the lake’s edge, leading to new, lovely crystals.

We have adapted such teachings and traditions in the following water magic.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • White candle, preferably floating
  • White flowers
  • Jasmine incense
  • An image of Cancer’s Archangel, Gabriel
  • Pearls, moonstone, piece of silver
  • Two glasses or glass bottles of water per person

The Process

1. Light the incense, saying,

This is an offering for Archangel Gabriel, whose assistance I (we) request in blessing the waters of the world and my (our) own emotional nature(s), so that they manifest the integrity and victory of Soul.

2. Light the candle, saying:

The white light of Soul fills this space, all the water in our physical and planetary bodies, and my (our) emotional nature(s), blessing us with a new era of connection between emotions and soul.

3. Hold one glass of water with both hands, while saying,

I ask that Spirit fill this water with emotional attributes that empower me for the next phase of the divine plan for my happiness and success.

4. Write words that describe emotional strengths you would like to develop, such as confidence, harmony, decision, and tape or paste them on that same glass.

5. Cap the bottle or cover the glass.

6. Hold the other glass in your hands, and request that,

I ask that any toxic emotional patterns be drawn from me into this water as I sleep.

7. Blow out your candle.

8. The next morning, bless each glass by putting your hands first on one and then the other, repeating for each the following Water Blessing:

I connect with the Divine Presence that fills this water. My attention to that Presence strengthens its manifestation. The Omnipresent Good that is in this water becomes increasingly palpable as I behold it, and I now pause in contemplation to multiply this effect.  This water has become a vessel for the One Power, which uses its liquid molecular structure to bless and cleanse whatever it touches, neutralizing and removing any influence unlike divine good.

9. Drink half the glass with the emotional blessings, save the other half.

10. Pour the other glass down the drain.

11. Find a place to pour the remaining half glass into a waterway (sea, lake, stream), or, if there is none in your location, pour it into the ground at a park or your yard.

12. As you do this, repeat words like these:

Much as all water responds together to the Moon’s magnetism, all waters on the planet, including the Gulf Coast, now respond to my perception of the omnipresent Good that fills them, blessing and sealing them against any negative influence or intent in the Name of Archangel Michael, only good can enter into and come from the world’s waters, including the Gulf coast now.

Repeat steps 3 through 12 daily for a week. The 7 days following the eclipse (July 11th through 18th), are especially favorable for assertive action (thanks to a close sextile to Mars, The Mover), and the above blessings will optimize the window.

One of the biggest wounds of the Gulf leak is the sense of impotence it brings in the face of suffering flora and fauna and the damage to delicate ecosystems.  We have no intention of trivializing these concerns. However, stellar events bring to light the opportunities hidden in challenge. The Soul-ar Eclipse portal awakens us to the power of water, not only in the seas, but in our own beings, calling us to a soul connection whose miracles can be shared as we assist the Mother in her ongoing work of grace.

Many thanks to my dear friend Lucy Aspra and sister Susan Pomeroy for the valuable material and suggestions shared.


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martha isabel July 13, 2010 at 10:00 pm

God bless you for all what you do for us and for the world.

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