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Astrological Overview, August 2010

by Boots Hart, CAP on August 3, 2010

Astrological Influences for August 2010

In the wake of July’s solar eclipse, August continues a trend of reflection and internal change which in time leads to better ways of living and doing…even if there’s some kicking, screaming and escape attempts which occur along the way.

Like every August, this one starts with the Sun moving into Leo’s emotional 2nd decan (degrees 10-19), which is saying rather a lot. Leo is a pretty self-directed (some would say self-concerned) sign under any circumstances, but when the Sun is in Leo’s second decan, desire soars and there’s a definite emphasis on wanting things our own way. Against this, there’s also a lot of useful optimism and creative spirit—if we can just harness them to good use—or good times, depending!

With Mercury and Venus both starting the month in Virgo, there’s much thinking, conversing and sorting things out—not that conclusions and necessities revealed will always tickle our fancy. Yet be aware—some of the ideas aren’t the actual issue. Under some other circumstance or in another moment you might be all for it. It’s just at the moment…having to care about things rubs us the wrong way early on in August. If it’s our idea, great. If it’s something someone else is saying needs doing, not so great.

And yet there are those really pesky facts to contend with.

In the end we’re going to have to think about and deal with at least a few items we hadn’t planned on dealing with, and since Mercury entered the shadow of its upcoming retrograde on July 31, this is merely the start of a process. The good news is that what is (or goes) on the table now is pretty much the priority. The bad news is that the priority may annoy the tar out of you even if you know it’s useful and in your own long-term interest.

Let’s just put it this way: there’s a bit of the “terrible two’s” in all of us as the month starts out. Give us fun and we’ll run with it! Give us homework and we’ll sulk.

With Mars and Saturn now both in Libra, we’re aware of consequences, repercussions and impressions we make/have made on others. How inconvenient it sometimes is not to be in charge of our world! Fortunately, Mars in Libra lowers the ego drive just enough that you well may be able to fix and better things—especially if you use the Leo Sun to be creatively magnanimous. Yes, it’ll take a little (Virgo Mercury/Venus ) effort, but most of us are going to see that making a bit of an inventive effort is a far better choice than risking a giant fracas made theoretically possible by Jupiter/Uranus sitting right there across the zodiac in Aries. Oppositions (such as Aries/Libra) can strengthen alliances and allow us to “get hold of both ends of the problem”…or they can produce confrontation, rejection and alienation—which is most likely to happen if you hunker down and insist on having things your own way.

And yet…all we want can be ours this month IF we use our ideas as a base of operations into which we integrate the most potent needs and aims of others!

As if to inspire us to lighten up, the months starts with Jupiter (retrograde in Aries) squaring Pluto (retrograde in Capricorn) on August 3 (August 2 if you live in the Pacific region). Jupiter retrograde is about internal growth, which in people-parlance is all about realizations. And since Jupiter is in Aries, those realizations are about…Read the remainder of Boots’ Monthly Astrological Overview—plus the rest of the Prediction Package that’s ONLY available to Premium subscribers—with a Premium Subscription, just $5.95 per month.

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