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Turn on the Starlight of Love at the New Moon in Leo

by Crystal Pomeroy on August 1, 2010

Leo New Moon guided meditation

With a close T-square involving most of the planets and almost no easy aspects, the chart for this lunation is dominated by tension. Saturn the taskmaster and Capricorn, the sign it rules, are both in this configuration, suggesting a portal of more work than play.

From a prayerful perspective, what may that work be? The keyword for the Sabian symbol is nothing less than ALCHEMY. Leo’s attitudes range from beast to master. When left to its lazier instincts, our lion self indulges the lower ego. On the other hand, its ruler, the Sun, imparts the willpower, determination and focus necessary to complete even the most ambitious endeavors. Alchemy is known as the Great Work—referring to that arduous project in consciousness that Oken describes this sign’s potential: the passage from self-centeredness to Centering in the Self.

Alchemy is not merely psychological. The Sabian symbol describes “chemistry” in relation to “the hidden processes of nature”. Terry Lamb connects this aspect with the Gulf spill. Earth’s oceans are a symbol of the collective unconscious as well as planetary emotions, and currently seem to be a repository of humanity’s spiritual crisis, with its corresponding ecologic and economic symptoms. (Terry’s interpretation is confirmed by the recent beginning of the Mayan New Year, ruled by Red Intoned Moon, a vibration connected to water and the sacralization of emotions.)

The current portal invites us to discover the power of the lion within and apply it as we awaken the divine heart of the Self, releasing what Patricia Cota calls the fear-based lower ego. Just as alchemy brings forth treasures from toxic substance, circumstances can magically heal in the process of transmuting our awareness. Such initiatives at this New Moon can tap the power of its only flowing aspect: Pluto—Lord of Change—in sextile to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, who reveals whatever side of his paradoxical nature we get on depending on whether or not we are working on ourselves.

The following prayers help us receive the healing and surpass woundedness, as individuals and world community, by awakening our lion’s heart of gold.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • An image of a lion, lioness or bee (the latter species is said to be originally from Venus, and taps the heart power of Leo by representing the Queen of Love and her workers)
  • Symbols of hearts, stars, suns and/or angels
  • Natural honey
  • A gold or beeswax candle
  • Stick of incense, especially honeysuckle or jasmine
  • Natural summer flowers, especially sunflowers or poppies

The Ceremony

  1. Light your incense, knowing it is an offering for Chamuel (Archangel of love), Zadquiel (Archangel of forgiveness, prayer and transmutation) and for the Angels of the Sun,

Whose help I now request to release the traps of lower ego and any similar energy, as I center in my Self of Love.

2. Light a candle, saying,

Higher Love uses this flame to remind me of Its ever-present guidance and of its brightness burning in my heart.

3. Visualize the rays of the Sun streaming towards you, around you and into your heart.

4. Imagine there are angels within those rays, so that they surround and merge with you, charging your heart with brightness.

5. Continue to visualize the angel rays and how they make your heart brighter and brighter, until it becomes a star at the center of your chest, sending out rays that you voluntarily shine to all, as you repeat words like those that follow during ten minutes:

Solar angels are with me, strengthening my will, focus and ability to transmute my feelings for myself and others in love. My heart burns with Divine Love for all beings. Its rays shine around me, touching my present… behind me, filling my past… and before me, opening a clear path into the future that leads me to the circumstances and connections most propitious to a consciousness of universal kindness. My awareness of this seals my way in all-powerful goodness and divine assistance to shine ever more brightly with love.

6. Repeat the following affirmation during five minutes:

The starlight of love in my heart connects me to the starlight of love in the hearts of all beings, and we surround the entire planet in victorious, starlit love now.

7. Choose and write a way in which you can practice heartfelt kindness during the current lunar cycle (from now until the New Moon of). Focus your will power on a single habit or situation to facilitate follow through. Some examples from our prayer circle include: stop criticizing others, especially (name of person this happens with), renew journaling to heal my inner child, pray for (name of people or cause) daily, pay off an outstanding debt, stop eating meat, listen with absolute attention, earnestly enjoy others’ success, use forgiveness affirmations.

8. Ask for the angels of will power and love to assist you in forming this new habit.

9. Give thanks for the celestial assistance to achieve this vibration and behavior.

Repeat steps two through six each day from now until the next New Moon, as you refer to and work daily to implement your chosen new habit of kindness.

An anonymous author says that all people secretly long to start anew. Every month the Moon invites us to do just that. To consider the energies of the present portal is to remember that, at this time on earth, a new start has ceased to be a vague longing and has become a necessity that we cannot afford to postpone. We don’t need more information or greater technology to take the first, most powerful step of all. Agents of good are with us right now, awaiting an invitation to strengthen our will and help us access the Source of all miracles, Whose doorstep lies at the heart of our True Selves.


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