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Bless and Seal Your Harvests at the Full Moon in Pisces

by Crystal Pomeroy on August 24, 2010

Pisces Harvest Full Moon Blessing and Ritual - Barley Moon

Autumn is a monarch’s progress
largesse lies ripe on the land
up, down the furrow, your midas touch

rains gold,
rainbows are from your glance
Fall of rain, evenfall, all all is blessing!

~ Daniel Berrigan

With the Sun just into Virgo, we are under the reign of the Chaste Mother, She who brings forth grain, and then offers this child of hers up so that others may be nourished. At this time of year, diverse ancient peoples celebrated the sacrifice of a Grain God who would be resurrected in next year’s crop. This pre-Christ archetype relates to both Pisces and the Barley Moon of August, associated with the grain harvest, a portal in which we are energetically assisted to reap our best fruits and as we do, cast aside the chaff of lower self.

At Lammas, ancestors blessed the first loaves to multiply future harvests. Yet blessing the fruits of past works not only improves the future, but reaches back in time to bring forth greater good from previous months. This possibility has been scientifically proven in quantum experiments described by Dr. Robert Lanza, whose recent article in the Huffington Post indicates that our attention modifies not only the present and the future, but also the past in the moment we observe it.

The present Pisces Full Moon forms a sextile to Pluto, Lord of Change, who also trines the Sun, facilitating the transformative promise of the season. Our Barley Moon Ceremony, inspired in a ritual by Timothy Roderick in his monumental work, Wikka, A Year and a Day, is designed to optimize the resurrecting power of this portal.

Elements required

∞ 4 stalks per participant: wheat, oats or mature grain
∞ Old newspaper or kindling
∞ A candle or candles, preferably in shades of gold, natural beeswax, brown or wheat
∞ Eight to 12 smaller candles or tea lights to mark the perimeters of your circle
∞ 4 flowers, crystals or stones to mark the cardinal points
∞ A fireplace or fireproof vessel for burning
∞ A small table, preferably round, or a cloth to use as your ceremonial center

Pisces Full Moon reaping and releasing ceremony

1. On the floor or ground, use tea lights or small candles to make a circle 3 feet or larger.

2. Use your compass to check and mark the cardinal points with the flower, crystal or stone.

3. Set a small table or floor cloth in the center of your circle, and on it the other tools and candles described above.

4. Light the candles, starting with the outer circle and going clockwise, and finishing with the candles on your center table or cloth as you repeat:

The rays of the Sun and the solar angels now reach the Moon fully and reflect back upon the earth, mingling with the light of these candles and illuminating my (our) capacity to reap bountiful harvests now and through the year’s end.

5. Starting at the east, each participant walks the circle and lays a stalk of grain at each at each of the 4 cardinal points, then making reaping and releasing decrees in the following manner:

At the eastern marker, after laying down the stalk of grain:

In the name of Michael and all the angels and Cosmic Forces of the East… (pause to hear the heavenly hosts rushing in), I reap my knowledge. I bless the fruits of all the application I have made of spiritual knowledge so far this year, contemplating Omnipresent Good that fills these occasions. As I hold to this awareness, my applied knowledge and spiritual developmentare sealedand only complete blessings are coming from them. I sacrifice _________ (choose something you would give up in order to reap the complete fruits of your knowledge, e.g., I sacrifice indiscipline, distraction, resentment, and so on).

After laying down the second stalk at the southern point of the circle:

In the name of Raphael and all the angels and Cosmic Forces of the South… (pause to hear the heavenly hosts rushing in), I reap my actions. I bless the fruits of all my actions so far this year, contemplating Omnipresent Good that fills each one of them, insuring that complete blessings be produced in relation to them as I hold to the awareness of Its presence. I sacrifice ________ (choose something you would give up in order to further bless your actions, such as lack of focus, indecision, perfectionism, procrastination, addiction to the screen, and so on).

After laying down the third stalk at the western marker:

In the name of Gabriel and all the angels and Cosmic Forces of the West… (pause to hear the heavenly hosts rushing in), I reap my silence. I sacrifice ________ (choose something you would give up in order to better practice silence, such as the need to be listened to, to have an ongoing electrical source of noise, to answer the phone at all hours, to receive the approval of others by reporting on your activities, plans and opinions, and so on).

Lay down the fourth and final stalk in the north and then say:

In the name of Uriel and all the angels and Cosmic Forces of the West… (pause to hear the heavenly hosts), I reap my divine experience of the material plane, including my finances and surroundings. I bless the fruits of the divine consciousness of supply I’ve developed and demonstrated so far this year, and I contemplate Omnipresent Good that has filled and does fill each of these moments, hours and days. As I contemplate these fruits they are multiplied and sealed to continue prospering me. I sacrifice my ________ (choose something you would give up in order to reap the complete fruits of your divine consciousness of abundance, e.g., I sacrifice any sense of unworthiness, doubts, lack of organization, fear of and resistance to sharing).

6. After depositing your stalks at the 4 cardinal points, you pick them up (if done in group, one person can go to each of the points and pick up everybody’s stalks).

7. Light the kindling or old newspaper and burn the stalks, saying something like,

As I (we) release any limitations on (our) my harvest, new good rushes in. (We) I fear not the demise of that which has been, because Omnipresent Love touches everything related to me (us), insuring continued and multiplied blessings through the remainder of year and our existence.

8. After the ceremony, the participants may take a few minutes to write their reflections to remember the blessing and sacrifice points.

Each day, we harvest the fruits of our accumulated mindset and actions. And yet these results are not set in stone. Through the power of blessing, we can reach into the future and even the past, multiplying our bounty and releasing our lacks. As we lift our minds up to the light of the Barley Moon in Pisces, it will activate seasonal archetypes lying dormant in our racial memory, opening a portal that the Cosmic and Angelic hosts will use—if invited—to intensify our experience of this power and reap its magical results.

Additional References

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Special thanks to my dear friend, author Lucy Aspra, for her generous personal counseling on angelic correspondences with the cardinal points.

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Maria Manuela Machado leite August 29, 2010 at 7:31 am

It seems very powerful, and I can feel it.
I would love to share with someone, all the deepest of this full
moon. This full moon in pisces follow in my seven house, In my
Natal Chart I have pisces in 7 house, where Jupiter is located.
I am Gemini (11 house), asc.Leo and moon in Vi house in Aquarius.
But I really enjoy all the Article, ….
As always

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