Crystal's Moon Meditations

Walk Your Dreams into Reality, by the Dark of the New Moon in Virgo

by Crystal Pomeroy on September 8, 2010

The Chaste Mother, La Virgen de Guadalupe

This lunation intertwines backward with forward, old with new. It begins a lunar cycle of 28 days, a nascence underscored by the passage of two planets from cardinal signs into water signs on the same day: Venus to Scorpio and Jupiter to Pisces.

Countering the impetus of these changes, Mercury (ruler of the Virgo New Moon) is still retrograde, as are all the outer planets and Jupiter, which backed into Pisces from Aries. It’s a time of beginnings, but the retrograde energies focus them inwards, and favor projects previously begun or planned.

How can we optimize these influences? Virgo, though roasted as persnickety, has some attributes we could all use more of. Pisces, Virgo’s point of balance, is great at imagining creative projects and daydreaming about a kinder world. Indeed, most of us are fairly skilled at fantasy. However, when it’s time to take the tedious little steps that are needed to ground our vision, we tend to procrastinate.

As Stephen Covey points out: an important quality of highly effective people is their willingness to do the things that most people don’t want to. This lunation, with its peculiar mix of newness and review, is a great portal to dust off our dreams, revamp our plans, and begin to work that plan one step at a time. The following spiritual magic is designed to empower this process, lifting it to the highest vibration offered by the present New Moon.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • A candle or candles in shades of brown, ochre or green
  • A stick of incense, especially sage or another herb
  • Dry grass with seeds, or dried kernels or stalks of grain
  • A picture of Jofiel and of the Chaste Mother (the Virgin Mary, Guadalupe or your favorite representation of Virgo’s ruler)
  • Each participant needs a journal or page and writing implement and a calendar or date book with sufficient space to write a daily commitment.

The Ceremony

1. Light your candle, decreeing:

The light of Spirit is with me, in me, and around me, guiding my through any conscious or unconscious resistance to take whatever steps are necessary to ground my dream(s), one day at a time.

2. Light your incense, decreeing:

This is an offering for Jofiel, Archangel of Concentration and Focus, and for the Chaste Mother, whose presence and virtues I request in re-directing my daily efforts in a selective, focused manner, to ground my divinely inspired dream, one day at a time.

3. At the top of a blank journal page or piece of paper, write the caption, Dream Work List, and under it the following affirmation:

I am the perfect vehicle for divine will power to concentrate and move in productive ways, small and large, to ground my divinely inspired vision. I cannot waste my time or effort because each initiative I take clarifies my intent, connecting me with paths and resources for my certain success now.

4. Take a moment to consider the dreams you have left lying in the basement of good intentions. They might be creative contributions, plans for self healing or improvement, spiritual goals or initiatives to serve others and make the world a better place…

5. Choose one or at the very most two of these lines of endeavor to get to work on, starting now, and write it below the affirmation.

6. In your datebook or calendar, write in daily appointments with the dream-grounder within for the next four weeks, starting today (or tonight, if done then): two-hour (or or two one-hour) time slots which you will spend doing whatever is within your reach to cultivate your vision. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry, read on. (If your current schedule seems prohibitive, find a way to skip or delegate less important activities, or plan on rising earlier.)

7. List some very concrete steps you can begin to take in these appointments, which may include:

Planning, organizing papers, delegating, finding and training an assistant, acquiring and reading books or another line of research or study, writing, consulting a healer, coach or counselor, making a treasure map or related tools, beginning a new cycle of prayer work… and anything else specific that you can move on now.

8. Thank the Chaste Mother, the angels and Infinite Light that have gathered for your ceremony and that remain with you, helping fortify your will, concentration, humility and patience to ground your dreams.

9. Each day at the appointed time, repeat the affirmation above your dream work list during five minutes, and, with it as reference, use the two hours to do whatever you can. To insure your efficacy, try not to go over your two-hour time slot, so that any resulting imbalance doesn’t knock you back into procrastination.

A New Moon in a web of retrogrades… At times star messages seem contradictory and interpreting them complicated even for those who know their tongue. As a classic folk song intones, “For every thing, there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.” When we pause to decipher the current lunar riddle we confirm that some purposes are not quite so lineal or exterior, but—when joined with our persistent, humble efforts— they offer holistic growth and a gift of autumnal renewal.

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Carol Taylor September 13, 2010 at 5:44 pm

I’ve had discussions recently about whether it’s better to let Bible quotes be attributed to other sources than to identify them as from the Bible and prevent their being used – esp. with public monuments. Many memorials to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. use the phrase “Let justice roll like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream” as if Dr. King wrote it. It’s Amos 5:24 but with the politics of today it’s better not to tell people that. This is a long way of saying that folk song quoted above used the direct words of Ecclesiates 3 – one of the Bible’s best sections. But there are people who would be uncomfortable with those words if they knew they were from the Bible so… Is it better to not say?

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