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Astrological Overview for October 2010

by Boots Hart, CAP on October 1, 2010

Astrological Overview, October 2010

If we were looking for words with which to typify October, they might well be caution, contention, care, internal questioning, reconsidering/consideration, and all those many “feeling terms” we connect with when instinct makes us want to hedge our bets.

None of this is necessarily negative, mind you…though if you’re one of those people who likes to think life is about dancing on rainbows you may feel a bit underwhelmed.

Put another way, October is about getting down to realities. It’s about ending whatever splurges of fanciful overindulgence remain on our plates. Some will find this harder than others to deal with—and generationally speaking, this is going to cramp the style of Yuppies (Pluto in Virgo), Gen X’ers (Pluto in Libra) and Gen Y (Pluto in Sagittarius) folks, all of whom have grown up during the particularly rambunctious “sky’s the limit” 1980’s-early 2000’s period. Such folks have less experience with living life with the brakes on; those born prior have sense memory on the subject.

Yes, it’s all a cycle. Some generations are born into years of privation or times when scarcities and economy are still fresh in parent minds. Other generations get their life “interrupted” by world events. It’s not about “right or wrong”—it’s just that we all learn the same lessons, if at different times and through different means.

In any case, the month begins with Sun at 8 Libra—a degree all about recognizing our personal individuality. Will you interpret this as “aloneness”? Or the freedom to be who you are? With Saturn on one side at 7 Libra and Diadem’s crowning glory at 9 Libra, we seem to be posed to make a choice. Will we hold ourselves back? Will we “shrink”? Or will we move on with something which takes an effort (yes), awareness of ourselves (and others) in some sort of situation which is Libran by nature?

What does that mean? “Libran by nature” merely means it’s not all about us. Or just about what we “get” from something. Things Libra are all cause/effect: who we are what we do earns a reaction, response… and either acceptance and applause or rejection and criticism.

More than that, we’re all feeling a wee bit sensitive at this moment. With constructive, creative, fertile, generative Venus and Mars at 12 and 11 Scorpio with Huya “rainmaker” and needy Scylla alongside? If nothing else, we’re all on notice to expect quandaries. It’s a push-pull. Are they prompting us or should we expect from them? Who goes first? Can we please just agree on the goal and stop debating (read: arguing) the process?

Just remember: whoever you are looking at thinking this…they’re looking at you, thinking the same thing…which metaphysically says it’s time to look in the mirror. In particular, the internal one—the one which shoes your feelings as manifestations of your values.

Huya is a very new astrological point. But from looking at its placement in charts and the myth which lies behind Huya, it would appear that we get by giving. We achieve success by contributing to the lives of others. With needy Scylla here, this could indicate a moment in which you really, really don’t give a peanut about anyone else. Or it could be them not giving a fig about you. The venue may be global or local—that’s not the issue. What is? Motivation. The why of it all. There’s nothing wrong with earning a bundle or getting more adoration than you can handle so long as it’s a result of using your resources to deal with a need. Their perception of your worth is what produces the “fertility,” the rain, the warmth, the glow, the sense of wellbeing in their lives which causes them to think you so darn wonderful!

Also: with the Nodes rolling backward (as is their way) through early Capricorn/Cancer, basic needs and values are emphasized. “Basics” count all month. In fact they count all the way from here to March 2011, when the nodes change signs! So don’t get stuck in frills and doo-dads—concentrate on essentials!

This Venus/Mars conjunction perfects on October 2 at 12 Scorpio, a degree known for…. We invite you to read the Boots’ entire Monthly Astrological Overview—plus the rest of the Prediction Package that’s ONLY available to Premium subscribers—with a Premium Subscription, only pennies per day, check it out now!.

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Sharon October 1, 2010 at 6:22 am

Thanks for the great column – but am curious about the reference to “Diadem’s crowning glory” — Is this an asteroid?

Boots October 1, 2010 at 2:13 pm

Hi, Sharon –

Great question! Diadem is not an asteroid – it’s a fixed star. The term (fixed stars) is a little bit of a misnomer as the relative position of such stars to Earth do move – though slowly. Most of the fixed stars have been known and studied since ancient times, some dating back to pre-biblical times in Babylon. Diadem is a lovely point representative of the crown, the crowning glory, the coronation, the achievement, even the ‘light of the mind’ as a ‘crowning glory of consciousness.’ When we see it in a configuration we sense a ‘special’ moment, though like a related symbol we are generally (if subtly) warned not to rest on our ‘laurels.’

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