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Revive the Joy of Relationship

by Crystal Pomeroy on October 1, 2010

Libra New Moon, Venus Retrograde

The New Moon in Libra takes place just as its ruler, Venus, goes retrograde. Venus is about values and love; Libra, relationships. The backward motion of retrograde gives us a chance to redo patterns of interaction. The fun doesn’t stop there: the planet of love is in Scorpio, sign of transformation that goes deep and brings to light that which has been tucked under the rug of our relationships: abuse, sex issues, power struggles and all things toxic.

For the Mayans, Venus was considered the planet of illumination, the most important member of the solar system next to the Sun. During its retrograde periods, special meditations were used to reprogram and rejuvenate the mind, dissolving discordant connections. As for the first New Moon after Fall Equinox, the Mexica wise ones use this portal to begin a cycle of autumnal regeneration: as the earth does away with dead vegetation, we can eliminate obsolete habits and behaviors.

The image of habits emerges with the Sabian symbol for 15 Libra, which describes “circular pathways”. The hour of this lunation, 11:44 Pacific time, suggests numerological significance. Number 11 and its multiples are sacred in both western and Mayan numerology. For the former, they are considered Master Numbers, connecting with mystical realms and allowing individuals to affect the masses. For the Mayans, 11 is a number of high vibration, helping us free and dissolve what’s necessary for positive change. A special blessing seems to be conferred by the date of October 7, which is St. Victoria’s Day, originally devoted to Pallas Athena, the goddess of success. The meditation below integrates Mayan and western traditions to optimize the alchemy of this portal for successful relationship.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • Pink, purple and/or white candles
  • Pumpkins, sweet potatoes, dried grain and other fruits and/or symbols of autumn
  • A picture of Zadquiel, Archangel of Transmutation and Freedom, Mary, and/or Chamuel, Archangel of Love, and /or Michael, Archangel of Banishing
  • An amethyst or rose quartz crystal
  • Rose incense
  • Roses
  • Essential rose oil
  • Journal or page and pen for each person

Relationship Renewal Ceremony

1) Light your incense saying,

The smoke that floats into invisibility represents the offering of my (our) intent that floats into the infinite plane of Spirit, as an offering to the Angels of Elimination, Regeneration and Love, to collaborate with their purpose in our own relationships and relationships throughout the cosmos.

2) Light your candle or candles, saying,

My relationship patterns now come to light, so that which obsolete can be released. I give thanks for the energy of divine regeneration that assists this process, and moves me to a higher, freer way of connecting now.

3) Repeat the following affirmation during 10 minutes:

Angels of Alchemy and of Love, I ask you to work with my guardian angel and the guardian angels of everyone in my life at this time or in the future, renewing my connections and ways of interacting so that they align with the Highest and the Best. Spirit knows who and what needs to be released from my mind and life, and who and what needs to be drawn to me to achieve regeneration; Spirit also knows how to make these movements and is doing so through Its infinite channels in response to my request for Divine Renewal now.

4) Write the following affirmation at the top of a page: Grace moves through my life and sweeps away any situations that are no longer for my best and highest good. I praise divine love that I am being freed of all these patterns: (list the behaviors and situations you know you wish to release).

5) At the bottom of the page write: Room has been made for relationships to flourish in accordance with the Divine Idea for my existence.

Follow up with this regeneration ceremony by repeating the affirmation in step 3 ten minutes daily throughout the current Moon cycle. Look at your elimination list and repeat the affirmation in step 4 three times, and then the one in step 5 during three minutes.

For followers of the Mayan and Mexica traditions, this is a powerful portal for regeneration. Western interpretation leads us to apply its force to our ways of relating. During Venus retrograde, this is best done not by pressuring others or outer circumstances, but by delving into our awareness. Intentionality vehicles like those suggested above, will open us to Grace, triggering changes within and without and leading to other, different kinds of work. Watch for synchronicities and remember: your own mind, heart and actions are the portals through which Love can renew your connections at this strangely sacred season.

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bellamarie selig October 7, 2010 at 6:07 pm

thank you as always for this wonderful article. i have long been an admirer of your mother’s and your work. this libra new moon falls directly on my ascendant, with the coming venus in scorpio retrograde directly on my natal venus, with neptune conjuct natally. this new moon hits my chart dead on with aspects on many natal planets. thank you as always for your upbeat views, your insights, and the love and compassion that always flows through your words. blessings to you! bellamarie

ts October 22, 2010 at 6:07 am

I so appreciate the description of the ritual and its intention…very lovely and often each month I appreciate the timeliness of the suggested moon ritual…

But I would add (with all due respect) that I’ve never found the need to be so rigid in the language one uses in invocation……after years of rituals but I’ve come to feel is what matters is the intention not the exact parrotting of someone else’s language…so when you suggest “say exactly this’ or ‘say exactly that’ without any room for individual thought, all my planets in Aquarius definitely balk, lol

I always like to add, “or your own version of these ideas that resonates with you….” :)

prayers and sentiments can be captured and understood by the Universe in so many different ways, there’s really no need to use someone else’s ‘exact’ words at all…perhaps you would agree…I like to think of all prayers and invocations as a jumping off point, not some spiritual recipe to be robotically duplicated…

amazing how creative and versatile the Universe is actually… it leaves so much room for each of our personal, unique expression of the Divine…

Thanks again for your thoughtful column each month…

Ana October 25, 2010 at 9:10 am

I am new to this blog and I loved it !!! Thank you sooo much !!!

Crystal Pomeroy October 25, 2010 at 3:42 pm

Dear ts,

I appreciate your viewpoint about formulas for prayers and invocations. So much so that, if you read my columns from the fairly recent past, you will see that I used to say add after the prayer, “…or something compatible that comes to mind.” In fact, I so agree that I wouldn’t have bothered to respond to your message except that you misquote me twice. I never have written “say exactly” this or that, or used the word “exactly” in reference to specific prayers and invocations.
I’ll use the occasion to clarify that a challenge of specializing in prayer and ceremony texts is that some forms become redundant easily. I imagine for that reason, a university colleague suggested I just put the affirmations up straight. What I do now is use my years of experience to share my best possible offering -after all, people read these pages to find something different than what they already know- assuming readers will be inspired to enrich their personal practice, as am I when I read the work of others.

Thanks for sharing your viewpoint.


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