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Resurrect Your Divine Connections by the Dark of the New Moon in Scorpio

by Crystal Pomeroy on November 1, 2010

Scorpio New Moon - ritual to resurrect connection

Fall unleashes the forces of transformation. Despite the outcome of this week’s elections, not all changes going on are so bad, nor are all elections political. (For that matter, nor can we be sure what actually happened: what about Diebold and similar automated counting systems? What’s really behind the discrepancy between Democrat victories at the state level and federal Tea Party wins?) As individuals, we can’t control collective choices but we can elect our attitudinal focus—and often circumstances—by applying the power of intent.

The last New Moon happened as Venus, Lady of Love, stationed to go retrograde in Scorpio, opening a window to purge undesirable patterns of relationship. Scorpio can eliminate, but it can also deepen connection, as we are reminded by the Sabian symbol for the current lunation, whose keywords are, THE WILL TO ASSOCIATION. Chiron stations and goes direct, signaling a chance to apply this portal’s force to heal one of the greatest wounds of existence as we know it: the illusion of disconnection.

From a metaphysical perspective, space and time are not absolute. Appearances make us feel otherwise: when a dear one leaves, disappears, or moves on from the physical… when we ourselves are threatened with isolation or transition… when true love seems lost in the past, or even in the future, for those who sense that the right partner, friends and contacts are out there somewhere and may never show up… when we watch ecosystems and democracy fade before our eyes, unable to connect with others and together contain the damage. Our earthly wounds reflect a previous and more painful separation: from the joyous unity with divine love for which were created. But are we really cut off? If we approach these gaps from a Higher Perspective, we can tap a Force that will heal the illusion and revive that is waiting in our everlasting, sacred relationships, in whatever space-time they may happen to be.

Ceremony to resurrect connectedness

Candles: white and purple
Incense, particularly cinnamon

On your altar or sacred space:
Apples, potatoes, pumpkins and/or other seasonal fruits
Sparkling apple wine or juice

For each participant: A journal or page and writing implement

1. Light the incense, saying,

This is an offering for the Angels of Transmutation and of Unity, whose help I (we) request to heal the belief in separation and resurrect my (our) divine connections.

2. Light the purple candle, saying,

This flame symbolizes the transmuting light of divine perspective that awakens my (our) awareness of inseparable connection with all who form part of the divine plan of my (our) existence.

3. Light the white candle, saying,

The unity of the One Mind stirs my (our) awareness to its presence.

4. Write the following affirmation on a blank page in your journal:

There is only One Mind and we can’t move anywhere except within it. There can be no separation from those I love because there is nowhere to go except into Unity so every movement has brought us closer together. I can choose to disassociate myself from someone (name someone in particular if you wish), but nothing and no one can separate me from my divine connections. As I contemplate this truth, my divine connections now appear from whatever dimension of the past, present or potential they are in, in ways that are appropriate and right at this time. My awareness of invincible connection strengthens unity around the planet and myriad contacts are established for its path of wellness now.

5. Under the affirmation, make two lists: one of the situations in your mind, life and relationships, where the sense of separation seems painful, and another, of areas in which you sense your true connections and contacts are there in the field of infinite potential but haven’t yet emerged.
6. Read the affirmation as you look at your lists and allow the healing of your illusory separateness to take place. Do this now and for at least 15 minutes daily until the next New Moon.

As you persist with this method, you will receive signs and unexpected blessings while the new mental hologram allows true connections to materialize and resurface. Watch for, praise and act on synchronicities to optimize their invitation.

“Divide and conquer” said Napoleon. Our joy, healing, and victory as a planet are in connectedness. We can begin to recover it by erasing the separation hologram from our belief system. The present cosmic portal accentuates the miracle of affirmative intent and comes at a crossroads, when the most important elections are not about this or that party, but rather in the choice to of whether or not to align with all that is beautiful, all that is good in sentient beings everywhere, beyond dimensions of time and space, throughout the One Mind that can see us through times of confusion to a new and golden day.

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nancy brickman November 8, 2010 at 5:28 pm

Your article is aligned with what has kept me afloat these collectively buzzing days. Unity. How easy it is to slip into the swarming hive, instead of being a flower offering pollen, the Earth offering solace, the cosmos offering mystic connection. Thank-you for the article. Well said. Nancy b.

Crystal November 9, 2010 at 4:07 pm


Thank-you for the inspiring gift of your art.


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