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Solstice Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini: Transmute Your Relationship with Words

by Crystal Pomeroy on December 21, 2010

solstice full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini

We are at a great portal for release. Luna’s force is empowered by both an eclipse and the Winter Solstice. The darkest night meets the return of the light-force ascending, energizing the process of endings and beginnings. Endings are related to release, a theme of the present Moon phase and even more so of the South Node eclipse. The last degrees of any sign indicate completion, so the chord of finality is made even richer at Gemini 29.

The following spiritual magic will connect us with the cosmic forces now at work to sweep away obsolete habits and situations, especially related to Gemini’s reign of communication.

Prayerful Altarations

∞     Red sheet of paper and pen or pencil for each participant

∞     Red and green candles

∞     Incense, particularly myrrh or cinnamon

∞     Red and green decorations

∞     Images or decorations of the Sun and Moon

1.  Light your red candle saying,

“This flame represents the laser of release that burns away obsolete attitudes and situations, opening the way for a new cycle of good in the year now beginning.”

2. Light your incense, saying,

“This is an offering for the angels and other sublime forces (if you have a preferred guide or helper name it) that help close cycles and remove situations within and without that no longer form part of the highest and the best for me and for the planet.”

3. Think of some situations and patterns of communication you would like to eliminate, and write them down at the top of the red sheet of paper. Some examples might include:

Blocks to attentive listening

Procrastination about writing

Repression of true thoughts and feelings

Lack of discretion

Casual negative labeling of others

Fear of silence

Compulsion to talk

4. Add other things you want to release from your list, especially situations that you have allowed to fester or stagnate.

5. Write something down you would like to see disappear from the planet, such as: a petroleum-centered economy, war, violence and aggression between people and towards animals, lack of respect for the environment, hatred, fear, and so on.

6. Roll your page up and burn it as you say:

Now, at the doorway of the Solstice Eclipse, I say to each one of these appearances: You were not made from the One True Power, so you never really existed. As this smoke rises and disappears from sight, I now command that you also disappear into the nothingness from which in truth you never emerged.

Words are more than vehicles for communication. Our prayers, our silences, our casual remarks… every time we speak or choose not to, a spell is cast or broken through the filter of our creative perception. By using this portal to free ourselves to a new cycle of more conscious communication, we can use the blessing of this Solstice Eclipse, whose spiritual magic will take away whatever we are really willing to release. The magic of conscious perception allows us to interact with each power portal, collaborating with earth and sky on behalf of Grace.

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Rob Tillett December 31, 2010 at 10:46 pm

Thanks Crystal! A lovely article. And thanks for leaving a note on our comments. It’s heartening to know that you found the material useful. I am actually honoured that you do, because as well as being a notable figure in your own right, you are the daughter of Maya del Mar! I love the Daykeeper site and will place a linkl to it on our links page. You might also enjoy this article on Astrology and Destiny

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