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As Above, So Below: Giffords, Emanuel, Berlusconi

by Alex Miller on January 27, 2011

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We’re excited to announce that Alex Miller will periodically be exploring in abbreviated graphic form the heavenly configurations that accompany noteworthy events here on earth. Here, he looks at Representative Gabrielle Giffords’ transfer from Arizona to rehab in Texas, the court decision that may deny Rahm Emanuel the right to run for the position of mayor of Chicago, and a sex-for-hire scandal involving Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

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Gabrielle Giffords’ Transfer to Texas

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A note on Giffords’ progress: likely related to the ‘coincidence’ of having transit asteroids Gabriella and Gifford both conjunct her natal Jupiter (the Greater benefic) at the time of the shooting, Representative Gabrielle Giffords’ recovery has been nothing short of miraculous. Times to watch in the future? If there is to be any major setback in her rehab, this might occur in early March, when first asteroid Gabriella (3/3/11) and then asteroid Gifford (3/7/11) turn retrograde, implying a possible reversal in her status. The stations occur at 6 and 5 Scorpio, at the degree of a Black Hole (dramatic, sudden change) in her natal chart and a Quasar (publicity, notoriety) in the transit sky. Look for a major improvement in circumstance, possibly a return to Congress, when the two conjoin, once again in direct motion, on July 8, 2011 at 25 Libra, just one degree shy of her natal Jupiter.

Rahm Emanuel’s Election Setback

Rahm Emanuel's election setback

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UPDATE: on 27 January 2011 the Illinois Supreme Court unanimously overturned the appellate court’s decision and directed that Emanuel be reinstated on the mayoral ballot. Judicial support for Emanuel is shown by transit TNO Rhadamanthus (named for a mythic judge noted for his scrupulous honesty) at 20 Libra trine transit asteroid Themis (Greek goddess of justice) at 20 Aquarius, with Rhadamanthus exactly on Emanuel’s natal Venus (cooperation, the Lesser Benefic) and Themis opposed transit asteroid Emanuela at 18 Leo retrograde; transit Jupiter (ruling judiciary generally and Supreme Courts specifically) at 0 Aries conjunct transit asteroid Emanuelli at 28 Pisces, inconjunct Emanuel’s natal Emanuelli at 1 Virgo, and trine his natal Sun at 6 Sagittarius; and transit asteroid Justitia (Roman goddess of justice) at 28 Aries, exactly semisextile transit Emanuelli and inconjunct Emanuel’s natal Mercury (elections, ballots, decisions)/Mars (challenges, fights)/asteroid Chicago conjunction at 25/26 Scorpio.

Silvio Berlusconi’s Latest Scandal

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