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Spiritual Magic to Release the Ties that Bind and Limit, by the Light of the Full Moon in Cancer

by Crystal Pomeroy on January 19, 2011

Cancer Full Moon, release family karma, Crystal Pomeroy

We are before a gateway to freedom from undesirable ties to ancestors. To walk through it prayerfully can awaken your divine DNA and strengthen your connection with true, spiritual community.

The last degree of any sign signifies closure or completion of the cycle, and Cancer is about family. The Sabian symbol reminds us of the pros and cons of ancestry, describing,

A DAUGHTER OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION… The tradition that was once born of revolution now extols “law and order,” attempting to suppress any new forms of the same revolutionary spirit.

The Revolution symbolizes a legacy of positive values, while the outcome reminds us that legacies are not sufficient and can become a burden if we allow them to replace—rather that inspiring—our true selves.

Luna becomes full in trine to the liberators of the solar system: Uranus and Jupiter, who also sextile the Sun, facilitating release from ancestral ties that bind. This is not a call to put down those who preceded us. On the contrary, release requires freedom from condemnation and resentment. In its highest form, it works for the greater good of all. When we identify ourselves with a divine heritage, our entire lineage: past, present and future, opens to the energy of Grace. We are also freed to fortify our true connections, some of which will be with family members and others with those who form part of our best and highest network: friends, colleagues, even people we may not have met…

Our ancestors paved the way for many of the good things we enjoy today, including our presence on the planet, but we have also inherited and absorbed limiting behaviors, thoughts and habits, some of which are recorded in our physical DNA and others cast upon us from the minds of our forebears. The experience of Myrtle Filmore, whose search for healing eventually led to the founding of the Unity movement, is one example of these contradictions:

My mother was a very spiritual woman… I have often marveled that my mother, who loved so devotedly, could have worshiped a God who punished, or took the lives of His children… Some of the members of my family had been weak, and some had succumbed to the belief in disease… some of them no doubt began expecting me to show signs of weakness.

Eventually, Myrtle did become ill with what was then considered an incurable and hereditary disease; doctors gave her 3 months to live. During that time, she learned that her first heritage was divine, so she could not inherit illness. Holding to this thought persistently, she was completely cured. She followed in the footsteps of her mother’s spirituality, taking it to another level as she freed herself from weakness.

Another example is the growing healing modality of biogenealogy, which is based on the premise that a major cause of illness, both mental and physical, is the past emotional crisis or intense stress of our predecessors that has been programmed into our DNA. We carry the best and worst of humanity in our genes, racial memory and early conditioning. This lunar portal invites us to honor the former as we give the slip to the latter.

It takes place on the cusp of the Celtic sign Luis, related to Uranus, to personal expression and freedom, as well as on St. Agnes Day, a pagan celebration of fire, whose cleansing power can open new ground on which to revive the living lattice of our divine identity and connections.

Prayerful altarations

  • Candles: Pink for love, purple for transmutation
  • An object of great value to you, it may be a piece of jewelry, photograph, created work or any symbol of what you deem your highest and best
  • Sage smudge or incense
  • A glass of water
  • Fire
  • For each participant: A sheet of writing paper, cut into 1 inch slips
  • Branches of your Christmas tree (this is optional, but it makes a great way to say good-bye to the tree if your haven’t already)

1) Light the incense as you affirm:

This is an offering for all ancestors who have given their  time, resources and intent on my behalf.

2) Light the pink candle as you affirm:

The light of love shines from my heart in gratitude for all the blessings received from my predecessors, including (name those central blessings that come to mind).

3) Light the purple candle as you affirm:

This light represents the power of divine transmutation that burns away any limiting ties received or absorbed from my worldly lineage, and opening my lines of connection with the right contacts for joyous expression of my mission now.

4) Write whatever limitations you feel you have absorbed or inherited, one each on the strips of paper.

5) Participants take turns burning their strips of paper, with or without a branch from the Christmas tree as they say:

(Name limiting pattern) is dissolved.

6) Repeat the following affirmation during five minutes or more.

I am a child of the Divine, made in the image and likeness of freedom, and there can be no imperfection or limitation in me. I declare myself free to fulfill my mission in this life with success and joy. I declare myself free to (name the most important progress or blessing you are unblocking with this ceremony). As I release the ties that bind, I am free to reaffirm my connection with those of my spiritual family that I know and those I have yet to meet, and this is done now.

Follow up by repeating ideas like this during six minutes daily from now until the next New Moon—or longer if you resonate with the need. Mentally prepare for the pleasant surprise of new and confirmed connections as those that are no longer part of your cosmic calling drift away in response to your persistent intentionality. Your true partners do and will help you in ways both tangible and invisible, just as you help them.

As the concept of relationship evolves, a non-local network of like souls is emerging and re-working the idea of family. May this lunation help you honor the best of your own, and resurrect your true inheritance, which is divine and which is even now working to free you from limitation as you contemplate these truths through the lense of Power that you are.


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