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Astrological Overview, February 2011

by Boots Hart, CAP on February 1, 2011

Astrological Overview February 2011

High power, low tolerance and great polarities busily sprinkle the whole of February. This trend is typified by Sun in Aquarius conjunct Mars from February 2 through February 6. Aquarius is an airy sign of “theory” and of all areas where society interacts with the public, or we interact with society. With this conjunction happening in emotional degrees, “fervency” is probably a good word. It’s the idea which gets stressed and the idea of the thing which stresses us out.

These days start off a bit challenging. We may hear of rejections, intolerance and pronouncements which as February 2 and 3 evolve to become February 4 mellows into understanding and comprehension. By February 5, some degree of idealism has taken hold which motivates some and frustrates others come February 6, depending on how concrete your solution, plan or methodology really is. With Mars and Sun in Aquarius it’s the ability to bring others into our process (or to join theirs!) which gains real support—the going alone or the “my way or there’s the highway” sort of stance doesn’t work well. A big determiner here is the general we versus you, which is a mixture of willingness and responsibility.

Brainstorming and joining in builds momentum, especially with the New Moon on February 3 at 13 Aquarius (2:32am UT/+0). Bearing in mind that with Aquarius, the greater the network, the wider the net can possibly be cast we arrive at this, lunation Number Four (out of six) in a row at 13 degrees. This having all started back in November (2010) we are reminded that we will continue to need to be aware of our emotions and emotionalism. The more we can harness our drives or deal with them productively, the better off we will be!

That said, this month’s theme focuses on how well our group or community works and our relationship to the world around us. Income, reputation and our ability to accept how our world works determines many a gain and stoppage now, with some situations hinging specifically on how well we deal with not merely our own feelings, but the emotional needs of others. With universalist Sappho just behind and Charybdis ahead of this New Moon there’s a sense of standing alone which may indicate a dawning of awareness… or a sense of having not the shred of a clue. Whichever side you find yourself on, Charybdis tells us there’s more to do and that only those who keep at it will in the end achieve their aims. So if you were thinking this would be an “easy, over and done” month—think again!

Also on February 3, some hours after the New Moon, Mercury enters Aquarius (at 10:20pm UT/+0)—a sign that alternatives may come to light. With so much energy now in Aquarius, it’s to expect some goofy moment—and that humor is a good way to relieve stress, and promote good will. Granting that some may go over a line into what seems insensitive now, there are those who will really make important points using the fabled Aquarian a sharpness of wit. With this Mercury/Aquarius transit lasting a couple of weeks it’s a great time to….

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Donna Thomas February 2, 2011 at 10:28 pm

Wow. Reading even just the first four paragraphs of this overview right now, in the midst of everything happening in Egypt, is stunning, You could not have described the situation better if you’d tried. Thank you!

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