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Ignite Your Star Heart and Be Healed, Under the Leo Full Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy on February 19, 2011

full moon in Leo

Much more than a nice feeling, love is a vibrational field that can heal our minds, bodies and lives. Deep down, most of us are intuitively drawn to this energy and with it to the condition of being absolutely kind. We allow this intent to come through spontaneously in generous acts and attitudes. For some, kindness is an ideal to be cultivated. However, real life situations arise, and our big little egos make us trip and falter when noble intentions are misinterpreted, unacknowledged, thwarted or even used against us. This struggle is played out collectively in a world in desperate need of the healing effects of a higher vibration: billions of times each day, across the planet, the healing energy of kindness surges, only to be blocked when an equal number of egos jumps on board to deviate it.

This lunation brings support from cosmic spheres to ignite and maintain the flame of healing love. It exactly conjuncts Regulus, one of the four fixed stars associated since antiquity with archangels. Considered very fortunate, it is known as The Lion’s Heart, and shines with the will to love that characterizes Leo.  Also related to Archangel Raphael, the Divine Doctor, it reminds us that love is the force behind healing, a potential that is strengthened by the presence of Neptune and Chiron, both healers, in conjunction with this portal’s Sun. The corresponding Sabian symbol describes a letter that is open for all to read, reminding us that Leo’s greatest magic lies in the ability to generate and then release our creations from the claim of ego as we donate them to the Spirit of love in which they were born.

These significators hold a fascinating correspondence with the native Mexica calendar: As the last Full Moon before the Mexica New Year (March 12), it is associated with the Sun, and also with the “The Heart of the Mountain” (connected to this year’s ruler, 12 Reed), symbolizing the light of awareness that shines deep within, much as Regulus shines in the night sky, at the heart of the lion.

Some options to synchronize your sacred space

  • Pink quartz and/or granite
  • Candles: gold and/or pink
  • Incense: jasmine
  • A drawing or talisman with the symbol of Regulus
  • An picture of Archangel Raphael
  • Mugwort


1) Light your incense, saying,

This is an offering for Raphael and Chamuel, archangels of Healing and Love, and for the Solar and Stellar angels, especially those related to Regulus. I (we) invite you to fill this area and work with my (our) guardian angel/s so that my heart shine like a star of healing love.

2) Light your candle/s as you say,

I willingly light the candle of unconditional kindness so that it may burn with the one true fire, which is the fire of divine love.

3) Take a moment to visualize the flame and know that it is like the brightness at the center of your chest.

4) Bring to mind a situation in which you gave unconditionally and felt frustrated or resentful because of the response.

5) Repeat the following affirmations during fifteen minutes or more, slowly and with your attention at the center of your chest:

My heart is a star portal which the light of love pours through, into the deep sky of my existence. I embrace myself with this light of kindness, and allow it to shine through my energy and physical bodies, and to touch all who come to mind (pause and send this energy, especially to people related to the situations remembered in the previous step).

As I do, I am one with the luminous paths of those who have loved unconditionally or are doing so now (pause to visualize and feel their energy); this accumulated power of kindness radiates through me.

My world is the manifestation of the love that I am. The love in me connects easily with the love in others (pause to extend this awareness to them), and my relationships are joyous and true.

I love because it is joyful, and the joy of love heals me and combines with the light-ribbons of love that embrace the entire planet, healing it now.

At this Full Moon we are before an angelic star portal that will optimize the effects of our will to love. One way to accept the divine invitation is to affirm thoughts like those above and similar ones that come to mind, during at least 15 minutes daily from now until the Mexica New Year on March 12. (Stay tuned for our special ceremony for Premium subscribers at that time.)

References and resources

Rob Tillet on Fixed Stars, from his wonderful website,

Terry Lamb, Daily Success Guide

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john February 26, 2011 at 3:18 pm

these articles are a great service to humanity. the words, ideas, and feelings presented are like seeds of truth and beauty gently settling upon the planet’s inhabitants, destined to make a better world and helping all the people, even those who never read the words. thank you.

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