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New Moon in Aquarius: Build Your Divine Network

by Crystal Pomeroy on February 1, 2011

Aquarius New Moon Astrological Ritual

The sign of the Water Bearer promotes platonic love, the unselfish goodwill that holds true friendships together. These relationships are the spirit of the Age of Aquarius. To quote astrologer Laurie Baum, “Finding a group of mutually supportive, like-minded others is… [a ] key to unlocking the gateway… of the New Millennium.”  She reminds us that first we have to discover our own individuality to be able to connect with people who accept and support our purpose.

This Aquarian ability is brought into relief by the Chinese Rabbit, whose year begins at this same portal. Rabbit avoids confrontation and seeks community. Mars combust (closely conjunct the Sun) in the New Moon chart helps soften aggressive impulses. Uranus, the ruler, is in Pisces, the cosmic harmonizer.

The Sabian symbol for 14 Aquarius describes a train making sudden headway through a tunnel in the mountains, reminding us that friendship is not only fun and comforting, but necessary for the spiritual and material breakthroughs required to successfully complete our divine work. Work of all kinds, and especially for new ways of relating, is facilitated at this New Moon, whose only other major aspect is a trine to Saturn—Lord of Effort—in Libra, sign of love.

When we work on ourselves with a spiritual focus, our other work is usually blessed. The following ceremony and affirmations are directed at optimizing the results of a higher kind of networking.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • Candles: one each pink and bright or electric blue
  • An amethyst crystal
  • Rose incense
  • A pink rose or roses, preferably Dutch or wild


1) Light the incense, consecrating it as an offering to Chamuel, Archangel of Love, and to the Angels of True Friendship. Ask that they work with your guardian angel (if done with others, of the guardian angels of all present) to connect from within and without with your divine social network.

2) Light the blue candle, saying,

“This is the light of Archangel Michael, who I (we) ask to wield the sword of the Higher Authority and dissolve any ties within or without that might keep me from connecting with my divine network. I release obsolete ties and they release me.

(Repeat this last sentence slowly for several minutes. If you have doubts about a relationship or relational behavior, direct the thought particularly towards it.)

3) Light the pink candle, saying,

“Love is at work in my mind and life (our minds and lives), bringing my true connections to light.”

4) Write a sentence that describes the divine network you would like to have, both what you give to it and what you receive.

5) Write down behaviors you can change in order to do your part in building those connections.

6) Write three concrete steps you can take in the course of the next 2 weeks that promote this network.

7)  Repeat the following affirmation during 6 minutes:

I give thanks because Sublime Love is working to move out of my life situations in relationship that are no longer the highest and the best, and to activate, attract and manifest my divine network quickly and in peace.

8) Follow up by reading your intentions, repeating affirmations like these during 6 minutes daily until the next New Moon.

We tend to think that friends and dear ones sort of happen onto our paths, or at least show up before we choose to cultivate them. To apply creative intent at this lunar portal and the cycle it triggers can jump-start the experience Baum has predicted for our present era, in language so on target for this lunation that it’s worth quoting at length:

Once you begin finding people with whom you share a common bond… Suddenly patterns in your life, experiences, relationships, choices, ad paths will converge. Things will suddenly make sense… That you are part of the great weave of humanity will become readily apparent. You will experience a sense of meaning, connectedness, and joy that you have never felt before.

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Jude Cowell February 6, 2011 at 6:51 pm

Very good advice, Crystal, thanks!

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