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March: Recognizing the Value of Our Existence

by Boots Hart, CAP on March 1, 2011

Astrological Influences and Transit Overview, March 2011

Whatever March brings, its cumulative effect will likely be to evoke enough of a reaction to get us to recognize the value of our existence. We may learn this through personal experiences or through witnessing what life can be or become. What will we do with what we realize now?

The process starts with Venus and Uranus at 29 critically intense degrees of Capricorn and Pisces, respectively. Given that these positions form a natural transiting sextile, it’s a picture of an opportunity to change things that’s being felt in all of our lives—and in life in general.

By March 2—as Venus moves into Aquarius at 2:40am (UT/+0)—attention focuses more on where we do or don’t fit in, and not just what we make of life, but how we make our way in life. Aquarius being a sign of the marketplace and systems social, societal, economic, power or infrastructural, the natural first question becomes is this working? If it is, we’re likely to feel a bit protective. Why? Well, there’s an opposition of Icarus at 4 Aquarius to Photographica at 5 Leo perfecting on the afternoon of March 6 (UT/+0) where Icarus is direct but Photographica is retrograde. So everything (Aquarius) is going at such a clip (Icarus)…what do things “look like” (Photographica) for us personally (Leo)? Some will “say how does this help me?” while others will feel things are turning “against” them. Most of us will just be a bit wary.

Then the Lunar Nodes change sign, sliding from 0 Capricorn/0 Cancer into 29 Sagittarius (North Node) and 29 Gemini (South Node) as March 2 becomes March 3. The Lunar Nodes are about where we interact with/connect to our society (purposefully or in general). With the South Node moving towards fixed star Betelgeuse, as Gemini’s ruler (Mercury) is either weakly or philosophically placed in Pisces (it does depend, right?), wishes, hopes and justifications are likely…but in the end, won’t get the job done.

With Pisces being the most global and universal of the water/emotional signs, feelings get evoked and provoked, and optimally, we realize that such feelings are universal. So we’re not weird for feeling our feelings—but neither do they make us “special.” Classically, the easy thing to do now is think or talk about things. The hard thing is to do anything productive to fix whatever problems are now being (emotionally) pointed out. It’s to be expected that a lot of people will want to ignore things, not listen and not get involved, but that’s not the high road of the moment.

It’s also worth remembering that the water signs (and houses associated with them in your natal chart) are karmic in nature.

So on March 3, we all “feel it.” Then on March 4, as Mercury moves into Pisces’ third decan, a New Moon occurs at 13 Pisces at 8:47 in the evening (UT/+0) and matters begin setting like  Jello in the refrigerator. It sounds trite, but being grateful for what we have would be good in this moment. Other good uses for this New Moon: having a good talk with ourselves about getting past things we’re reluctant to face (and) getting realistic about real life versus our internal “wish list”—all coming from the idea that 13 Pisces is known to denote “nebulous feelings” and the kind of insecurities which cause us to look to others…which at this point could be unfortunate, considering they’re in a nebulous space too!

There’s part of this New Moon “lesson” which suggests it may be about exactly this issue—otherwise known as being able to (learning to) tolerate living with our feelings until we understand them. But in a world rife with tweeting and various kinds of condoned co-dependency, how likely is that?

Since we’re talking Pisces, it seems apt to check out ruler Jupiter, which is in Aries, conjunct Pelion. So there may be a “mountain” (Pelion) of things we don’t know how to do, or deal with yet. Then again, that may be an illusion. If Pisces is a “test of faith” we all experience from within, then maybe we shouldn’t panic or drive ourselves crazy trying to glue things down. Acceptance is the Pisces challenge. Considering how Pisces’ secondary (outcome) ruler, Neptune, is conjunct universalist Sappho at 28 Aquarius at the moment, accepting that we don’t know and that it’s okay not to know (yet) and that we should just try and do what we do know is best to do in any given situation seems apt. After all, this is all about a New Moon—a cycle lasting 29.5 days. Learning about each month’s “theme” and (often separately) those issues that “theme” may apply to in your life is the monthly lunation process.

Do we like it? Heck no! Not every time—that’s for sure. But it is only a month…which is otherwise known as “it’s only a month.” Those who purposefully dawdle and delay for emotional reasons are likely to get the short end of their own stick; those who do or hold off doing because that’s what the situation merits end up getting through things fine.

You remember that old saying “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!” mayhap? Yes, well…moms do have their ways! We can learn our cosmic lessons or humor ourselves. Mother Nature will always have the last word!

The next shift occurs on March 9 when Mercury enters Aries at 5:46pm (UT/+0). In the days just prior (when Mercury was in Pisces’ third decan), promptings were external. That run ended as Mercury conjuncts Scheat (late on March 8 or early on March 9, depending on where you are), signaling bad times/reception of our ideas.

Upon entering Aries Mercury faces off in opposition to TNO Typhon (retrograde), Nemesis (retrograde) and super-giant Black Hole M87. This asks: how far are you from where you want to be? There’s a very (Typhon) primal note of warning (Nemesis) here which should not be avoided and not be exaggerated, this being one of those moments which tests our ability to size up realities, possibilities, challenges and opportunities, deal with each courageously but rationally. Projection and haste, living in/on expectations or….

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