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Astrology Overview, April 2011—An “Aries Quartet” in the Key of Me

by Boots Hart, CAP on April 1, 2011

Astrology Overview April 2011

Where March was a month of irritations and all-too-clear truths we might not have wanted to be confronted with, April is going to be a month which starts out with a few days of “what, more of this?”. But after that comes a whole new mode of experience where fires of spirit and/or antagonism are dampened…or exalted, depending on your ability to deal with your own feeling consciousness and life’s most real realities.

But first, a big note-to-Self needs to get stuck on the old mental bulletin board. What’s it going to say? It says “most of April has Mercury in retrograde.” In fact, as April starts, Mercury has actually just gone retrograde, making this a bit of a sticky time.

This Mercury retrograde is in Aries, which underscores the basics: our person-hood, our life, what we do (or don’t do) with our days and what “I Am” really means to each and every one of us.

Apart from that, we can expect to see and hear of a lot of selfishness, preoccupation and covering of one’s tracks (or derriere, depending). We may even be suddenly reflecting on what we too should double back on and take care of. Consequences will not seem as immediately fractious as last month’s events and eventualities, but they may well be more important in a “long run” changing sort of way.

Remember, if Mercury is retrograde in Aries, that “triples down” (if you will!) on the Sun already being in Aries and Uranus having just tromped on in the Aries door. Our world is changing—and will keep changing. We are in for a whole bevy changes over the next few years to come. Our approach—and maybe our goals, aims and priorities are in flux…or will soon be in flux.

Mars is at 29 Pisces on April 1 (signifying a tough day, if nothing else). Mars enters Aries on April 2 at 4:52am (UT/+0). (Anyone for an “Aries Quartet” in the key of me?)

With Uranus and societal Black Moon Lilith already sitting there on the Aries doorstep and primal Typhon retrograde at 29 Virgo in opposition…?

Someone is (or has just been) in denial. Primal denial. But once Mars gets done wafting through Pisces and hits Aries, we can count on revelations of repercussions not merely due, but in motion. Uranus/Black Moon Lilith here is a “breaking through” of things which have been ignored or denied. The only question is whether you’ve been ignoring something around you or whether you have been ignored…up until now, that is! Curiously, this can also simply be a time when both sides of the world/personal jigsaw may fit into each other’s exacerbations. (Holy mortal calamine lotion, Batman!)

TNO Typhon tells us that matters are very basic—capable of challenging us at a deep, core level. Something isn’t working—what is it?

Yet even when issues get identified, the Aries Mercury retrograde suggests defensiveness. Somehow blame and responsibility override functionality. And from those who are merely brutally blithe will come “What? Why change? This works for me!’

Considering how explosive Mars/Uranus can be, one would expect a will to fight. And for those who “hate to fight,” you can expect any combative energy you refuse to own to be owned by others and brought home against you. This is pure mega/meta physics: energy is never lost, and energy we refuse to own and utilize is picked up by others who use it generally against us because we refuse to own our own strength.

Another sign that things are changing (as if we needed more?) comes on April 3 with a New Moon at 13 Aries (at 2:33pm UT/+0). This is a vital New Moon and one you should take note of; events and news of the day reflects on through the month.

Thirteen degrees of any sign being second decanate and therefore emotional/evocative, expect feelings to be running high. And yet with this being a NEW Moon, those willing to tackle their ghouls can really get somewhere sorting out the problem. With Saturn poised at 13 Libra (in exact opposition), the question becomes this: are you willing to change what you do and “give” in this life? If you are, this can be a really significant moment of change. If you aren’t, with Eurydike at 12 Aries (and Neptune still at 29 Aquarius), the suggestion is you prepare to pay some price.

With Mercury in retrograde, this is a good time to look for and find new ways. It’s a fine time for interim steps in a greater process. It’s a good time to clear things out and for sorting through any mess. And that’s what’s on the plate as Neptune enters its “home sign” of Pisces on April 4 at 1:37pm (UT/+0).

With this Neptune/Pisces ingress happening with Hel ahead and Orcus (consequences) in opposition to Hel tells us there are difficulties aplenty in the works. Maybe even more to focus on is that the whole Neptune cavalcade and the dichotomy of extremes between them become both wider and more likely now that Planet Big Blue is in its home sign.

Don’t know the Neptune list? It’s a very long one, part of which reads thusly: confusion versus ideation versus inspiration versus faith versus loss versus disappointment versus abandonment versus emotional unity versus ecstasy real, imagined or momentary.

And with royal fixed star Fomalhaut just ahead at 4 Pisces and royal fixed star Regulus in opposition? Well, let’s just say that when Neptune entered 29 Aquarius back on March 5, by standard astrological orb it “activated” the Fomalhaut/Regulus opposition. A couple of days later the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. This fluctuation of dreams (Fomalhaut) and aims (Regulus) both of which hinge on clarity and reality will continue until Neptune moves beyond 4 Pisces—a feat which will not be accomplished until mid-December 2014.

But the point here is really interesting—especially when we consider that Pisces isn’t the sign of the dreamer, but rather the sign of….

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