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Daily Success Guide, Free Astrological Forecast, April 2011

by Terry Lamb on April 1, 2011

Free Daily Astrological Forecast, Aries, April 2011

Humans are eternal optimists, but the planet is talking back to us about some of the ways we have been cavalier in our sanguinity. One of these is in thinking that earthquakes can always be finessed when it comes to nuclear power plants. With Pluto in Capricorn, now being squared by Uranus, the reality check begins as to how humanity needs to adjust its ways of living on Planet Earth.

April may bring us just this kind of wake-up call, as the planets reach maximum interaction in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). Mercury is retrograde in Aries until April 23; Mars spends the entire month there; and the Sun leaves Aries just as Venus enters. With Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter to dance with, there’s quite a lot of mixing and mingling, facing and challenging going on. The Moon magnetizes these energies into our daily moods and experiences on the weekends.

This means we have a cluster of planets that extends over 1°–23° Aries at the New Moon on April 3, with Saturn exactly opposite the New Moon point. By month’s end, the planets involved have shifted, but the degree range is much the same! Aries especially, but all of the cardinal signs, are in for a wild ride!

The cardinal signs are about action, and with Uranus in Aries, we may be frantic to move forward—and yet blocked. This is because our direction, speed, timing, or readiness are not in synch with the universal flow that Uranus helps us tap.

Three planetary cycles shift stages in April: Sun opposes Saturn to bring the culmination of the yearly cycle of life/relationship restructuring begun last September 30; Sun conjoins Jupiter on April 6 to start a new cycle of enterprise and expansion; and Pluto stations retrograde on April 9 to sink us into our transformative process begun in late December.

All three of these planets have interacted, so that they may represent one complex situation or three intertwining situations that play out in a cascade of change and renewal. In cardinal signs, they may proceed in fits and starts: with long periods of no apparent progress followed by sudden leaps forward. Given cardinal’s penchant for spreading itself too thin, there may be more promising initiatives that we can follow up on.

One more phenomenon of significance occurs in April. Neptune enters Pisces temporarily, on April 4 until August 4. Its subtle shift may be lost in all the hoopla with the cardinal planets, but it’s worth paying attention to, especially if you have planets in early degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). This shifts our spiritual focus from the mental realm of Aquarius to the watery etheric realm of Pisces. Although some call this Neptune’s rulership, in traditional astrology Neptune does not rule a sign; one Egyptian model (expressed by June Wakefield in Cosmic Astrology) names Neptune as a secondary sun, the ruler of the mental plane, thereby ruling Mercury and Jupiter plus the four signs they rule (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). In this model, Neptune rules Pisces indirectly.

We should consider our experiences in April to be the growth spurt that precedes any of life’s great developments. It may be a seed-planting, or sprouts may appear. As we encounter obstacles and challenges, let them be preparations for our next adventure, knowing that the universe in its infinite wisdom is guiding us.

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Maya’s rule of thumb was, “In making a close call, I look at the moon’s final aspect, just before it goes void of course. This shows how the situation will end up.”

Daily Astrological Forecast, April 2011

Friday April 1

The Pisces Moon’s long void period, extending since yesterday morning and throughout today, still allows for active engagement with the world (because of the sign’s rulership by Jupiter). At 9:51 pm, Mars powers up our process when it enters Aries. Not only is this a sign of its rulership, but it enters the cardinal “room” of our consciousness, activating Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter. We’re feeling it all now, but as the Moon traverses the heavens and ticks off each of these bodies, we’ll feel an influx of energy that boosts us into the future.

Saturday April 2

At 4:16 am, the Moon enters Aries, giving us that first hit of cardinality up close and personal. This infuses our dreams with action and restless energy with conjunctions to Mars and Uranus by dawn. A square to Pluto builds by evening to bring out the deeper issues underpinning our life circumstances. The day’s events are softened by Venus’s sextile to Pluto, giving us the opportunity to make subtle transformations and open doorways of connectivity with others.

Sunday April 3

Could it get any more exciting?! Just as we reach the New Moon at 7:32 am/13°30 Aries, the Sun and Saturn reach their yearly opposition, a culmination (a “Full Saturn”) of the yearly Sun-Saturn cycle of restructuring our lives. Not only does the Moon augment the experience, its occurrence on the New Moon seeds this as part of a powerful process on this lunar cycle. It is decision time, a parting of the ways for some especially in relationship. With Mars hard on the conjunction to Uranus, fireworks may make the path clear to reluctant decisions. Although there is always sadness in parting, there is also relief in the underlying harmony that is allowed to emerge once the parting is complete.

The Moon plays out the rest of the cardinal dynamics in total today and tomorrow. Today’s piece is contacts with Saturn and Jupiter, which are fresh off their opposition (March 28). Surprising events are in store as we experience the download of their interaction in the coming month(s).

In the chart cast for Washington DC, the schism between our two legislative bodies is highlighted. The battle over the budget is significant, as the progressive element finds its boundaries and stands its ground. While fear-generating machinations behind the scenes may still win the day, the people have found their voice and are not about to shut up to prevent a government shut down when American ideals are at stake. Obama will do little to affect the situation up front, but he is very active in the hidden hallways of power.

The Sabian Symbol for 14 Aries is, “A serpent is circling around a man and woman who are very engrossed in each other.” (ME Jones version) This symbol suggests that attachments open us to danger because we are distracted by illusion. We may not see “what’s really going on” under the surface of a situation. The truth of what’s happening will be revealed in the coming lunar cycle.

Monday April 4

The Moon finishes its activating sojourn in Aries with a conjunction to Mercury at 3:04 am, leading into a void-of-course period that lasts until 4:46 pm when our lunar companion enters reliable Taurus. At 6:37 am, Neptune enters Pisces for the first time in 171 years. Because it will return to Aquarius later this year, we get a gentle glimpse of the feel for us in its new location followed by a chance to complete our Aquarian tasks before it goes into Pisces for good next year. The Moon supports our experience of the new Neptune with a sextile at tea time, followed by an opportunity to heal through a sextile to Chiron just before midnight.

Tuesday April 5

A day of harmonies allows us to catch our breath, or at least look at what we’re dealing with. Moon in Taurus trines Pluto and sextiles Venus to create a minor grand trine over the day. At 4:02 pm, the Moon enters its void period lasting until Thursday morning, but Moon in its exaltation sign of Taurus allows us to take productive action even when void.

Wednesday April 6

The void but productive Moon remains in Taurus, overshadowed by the Sun’s conjunction to Jupiter at 7:40 am. This commences a new year of expansion and enterprise. Plant your seeds now!

Thursday April 7

At 4:21 am, the Moon hits the refresh button when it enters socially adept Gemini. A pre-dawn square to Neptune infuses our dreams with restless new awareness, aided and abetted by Chiron to show us what needs healing. Sextiles to Uranus and Mars help us assimilate the sparky energy we’ve been feeling all week and take action.

Friday April 8

The Gemini Moon connects with Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury (Rx) over the day, all by trine or sextile. We gain significant new perspectives, if not solutions, to our current dilemmas. At 7:24 pm, The Moon gives us time to reconnoiter when it goes void of course, until tomorrow afternoon. We feel the intensity of tomorrow’s Pluto station to retrograde.

Saturday April 9

At 1:49 am/7°30 Capricorn, Pluto commences its retrograde period, which lasts until September 16. For these five months, we transform our lives in ways that bring us into better alignment with the emerging world and the consciousness it takes to live sustainably on the planet. Mercury reaches the halfway point of its retrograde today when it conjoins the Sun. Now we can see the future a little more clearly, moving ahead as it suits us (although there is still much to complete from the past). The Moon enters nurturing Cancer at 2:02 pm, immediately harmonizing with Neptune and Chiron to assist our healing process, then giving us a little jolt when it conjoins Uranus in the late afternoon.

Sunday April 10

Once again, the Moon takes us into the thick of the cardinal energies with stimulating contacts to Mars, Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter over the day. We’ll be more aware of what motivates us and will benefit by clearing emotional patterns today. It all ends well when Moon trines Venus in the late night.

Monday April 11

The Moon in Cancer reconnects Mercury and the Sun to wed head, heart, and intention while we dream, going void of course at 5:05 am. The void period lasts until 8:37 pm with the Moon’s entry into sunny Leo, although we can use this time actively. The Sun-Moon contact marks the First Quarter square at 21°18′ Cancer and packs a boost of extra energy with two significant contacts: Mars squares Pluto to bring another step in the process by which we learn how to live more gently on our planet. Personally, we may experience a fertile shock in our own lives, leading to great growth. In addition, Mercury retrograde makes its second of three conjunctions to Jupiter, bringing benefit in spite of the apparent disruption. It’s all good. Moon in Leo trines Uranus at the end of the day to bring a feeling of freedom as a result of our endeavors, however difficult they have been.

In the First Quarter chart cast for the US, the budget battle appears to be over, with a deal being struck behind closed doors. The legislative bodies give over the process to the real powers that be. Against the backdrop of continued challenges in Japan and the Middle East, domestic matters pale in comparison. Obama emerges as a strong leader who has acted in subtle ways.

The First Quarter Moon at 22 Cancer has the Sabian Symbol, “A young woman, neatly attired in outing clothes, with eyes softened by dreaming, awaits a sailboat headed toward her.” (ME Jones version) Even in the midst of challenge, we need to find moments of enjoyment and respite. It is possible to take pleasure in the simplest of things—a sunny day, a clear sky, or a purging thunderstorm—these can allow us to sail away on our dreams, restoring health and strength.

Tuesday April 12

The Moon in Leo finds radiant resonance with Mars and Saturn today. Productivity couples with enjoyment and takes the pressure off the Mars-Saturn opposition early next week.

Wednesday April 13

This is a good day for a siesta. The Moon goes void of course at 12:58 pm and does not foster fruitful activations until it enters intelligent Virgo at 11:40 pm. Before its void, it’s all trines! First we can unite mind and feeling as we continue to see what Mercury retrograde’s unfolding story is for us. We get to reconnect optimistic intellect to expansive intention with contacts to Jupiter and Sun to finish the morning. Make it a good one!

Thursday April 14

Moon in Virgo drops its role of efficiency expert when it opposes Neptune. Boundaries dissolve and we see how everything is connected. An opposition to Chiron reveals the obstructions we need to clear in order to heal. A trine to Pluto at midday gives us the strength to make contemplated changes easily.

Friday April 15

With Moon opposing Venus, we get a new perspective on love today—or, it being tax day, is it money? The Moon is void from 1:49 pm until 11:59 pm, when it enters peace-centered Libra. Enjoy a half day of re-organizing, playing, sleeping, or otherwise slacking off.

Saturday April 16

Life is chock full of insights as the Moon in Libra opposes the planets clustered in Aries today and tomorrow. We start today with ‘awakenings” and intuitive flashes from our dream state (Uranus), then our fears get a new airing and release with a square to Pluto at midday. Moon opposes Mars and Mercury in the evening, with a conjunction to Saturn to top it off. This can make all efforts feel futile, but if we take the larger view, we know this is just tiredness and ego talking. Take things one step at a time.

Sunday April 17

As the Moon continues in Libra, it opposes Jupiter to give a “what’s next” understanding to our plans for expansion. Next comes the Full Moon, which magnifies our insights at 7:44 pm/27°44′ Libra, bringing the culmination of two weeks’ processing and activation of big changes. This is the void-of-course event of the Moon’s stay in Libra, so it represents an endpoint in our activities. We will need to take action in the coming week based on shifting conditions—something we’ve gotten used to over the past few months. The Full Moon captures and carries the energy of tomorrow’s Mars opposition to Saturn. We’ll feel an urge to take action, but there may be limits to what we can do—or undesirable results—unless we temper our need for speed with a view of the long-term. Whatever your story is now, it isn’t over even if someone told you it is. Moon enters secretly sensitive Scorpio at 11:19 pm PT to end the evening’s void period.

In Washington DC, the challenges show up in the struggle between the House and Senate (which are split by political party factions). Challenges from foreign places are minimized, and the economy struggles on, still crippled by so much uncertainty. The inimitable human spirit finds outlet through sports and games as spring brings warmth, growth, and renewal to the northern hemisphere.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon (28 Libra) is, “A man alone in deep gloom. Unnoticed, angels are coming to his aid.” Cosmic harmony is available to us at all times, often borne on the wings of angels and other beings, both seen and unseen. When we are lost in gloom, we feel most separated from these sources, yet need to remember that they exist. Help is always here, the universe and all beings of light are waiting, ready to speak and guide us.

Monday April 18

Don’t let frustration overwhelm you as Mars opposes Saturn—instead tug gently at the obstacles you face to discover their roots. They may be protecting you from a mad dash down the “wrong” road. Moon in Scorpio trines Chiron to move energy through blocked areas, then encounters Pluto at midday, symbolically bringing light and openness into the dark fertile ground of our unconscious mind.

Tuesday April 19

Mercury retrograde backs into Mars—make sure you don’t do the same while driving today! This gives voice to our urge to act, a good thing since speaking it out gives us a chance to try it on before committing. Moon proceeds through Scorpio making a set of quincunxes to the Aries cluster of planets over the day to produce an overload of ambiguity. A time of confusion is not a time to act. A trine to Venus in late Pisces brings happy endings however, as this opens the Moon’s void period at 9:53 pm. We are activated once again when the Moon enters expansive Sagittarius at 11:50 pm.

Wednesday April 20

In the heart of darkness just past midnight, we’ll find out how much the goal posts have been moved on the inner plane when the Moon squares Neptune in its new sign and Chiron, absorbing insights and clearing obstacles from our dream state. At 3:19 am, the Sun enters dependable Taurus. The rest of the day is a cascade of harmonies as the Sun and Moon make mellifluous contacts with Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Mercury. At 9:06 pm, Venus enters Aries to add a dose of derring-do to our style of loving, still bringing up the rear in the personal-planet brigade. She’s catching up with Mercury and Mars, but not until next month.

Thursday April 21

Moon in Sagittarius encounters nothing but net with trines to Mars and Jupiter early on. Show’s over by 9:57 am when the Moon goes void of course for the rest of the day. It’s a good thing we can use Moon in Sagittarius to launch plans, even in its void period. Carry on!

Friday April 22

At 3:24 am, the Moon enters savvy Capricorn. This carries the energy of awakening with it, since it makes contact to the plethora of planets in the cardinal signs. The doors open to release fears and feel the newness that we are being propelled into at the speed of light. Early sextiles to Neptune and Chiron bring healing tranquility to our dream state, while a trine to the Sun gives us the ability to hold space for the integrative process.

The action on the main stage is a quadruple connection of Moon, Venus, Uranus, and Pluto. Venus makes its conjunction with Uranus at 7:29 pm PT and squares Pluto next week. Moon contacts them all today with its magnetic glue, showing us what needs to come to the surface. Is it a monster from the deep or just a frightened gnome who’s spent too much time underground, starved for light? We’re likely to see the former when it’s really the latter, and project it onto our partner, thinking it’s him/her.

Saturday April 23

Mercury stations direct today at 12°56′ Aries/3:04 pm PT, bringing us to a point of stillness. We can move forward again, putting the past behind us. The Capricorn Moon stirs us to activity as it squares the planets in Aries: Saturn, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter. We’re eager to launch, as there’s so much to accomplish! The Moon enters its void period at 5:13 pm, lasting until tomorrow morning’s entry into Aquarius.

Sunday April 24

It’s a great time for a lazy morning, with the Moon void of course in Capricorn. Allow yourself to gain perspective over a cuppa. We’ll reactivate at 10:59 am, when our lunar companion enters activist Aquarius. Sextiles to Uranus and Venus bring softening insights to our relationship scenario, bracketing the Moon’s Last Quarter square to the Sun at 4°34′ Aquarius/7:47 pm PT. Some great change is pending that will be resolved in the coming week as Venus heads into a square to Pluto. This contact carries extra oomph because she is carrying Uranus’s energy to Pluto to integrate the fragments of a new awareness about where we’re headed and what we need to do, both personally and globally.

This is a crossroads for the US as well, as the houses of health and labor are populated. This suggests labor disturbances and police action as workers stand up for their rights and meet with resistance. Public opinion moves toward the side of human (and workers’) rights, continuing a populist movement that supersedes attempts at manipulation through media. This involves not just workers’ rights but the right of all humans to live on the planet without the threat of suffering that radiation poisoning brings.

The Last Quarter Moon at 5 Aquarius is symbolized by, “In the land of shades, a council of ancestors of a man of world importance has been called to guide him.” (ME Jones version) Although we can all tap this energy, it is particularly interesting that this lunar event triggers President Obama’s chart so as to suggest just this type of inner experience. Look for a change in direction in his policies to emerge in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Monday April 25

The Moon makes a harmonious sweep through Aquarius, finding its compadres in Air and Fire signs today: Saturn, Mercury, and Mars. This makes for a productive day full of insights leading to success.

Monday April 25

The Moon makes a harmonious sweep through Aquarius, finding its compadres in Air and Fire signs today: Saturn, Mercury, and Mars. This makes for a productive day full of insights leading to success.

Tuesday April 26

At 4:28 am PT, the Moon enters its void period on a sextile to Jupiter. With its entry into psychic Pisces coming at 9:57 pm, it’s a great time to catch up on those stacks of unfinished business we have laying around our space. This frees up energy and restores our balance, readying us for a new round of activity where we can make our visions real. This is reinforced as Moon conjoins Neptune before day’s end. We’ll be feeling tomorrow’s Venus square to Pluto more today than tomorrow, as its applying energies accumulate just before the release. We want to know what’s wrong so we can resolve it. What started as a vague feeling last week now becomes clear.

Wednesday April 27

It’s a good thing that the Moon is productive throughout its sojourn in Pisces, because it goes void of course at 12:52 pm today, until Friday morning. A conjunction to Chiron and harmonious sextiles to the Sun and Pluto are sandwiched between bigger events. The Venus square to Pluto releases today, and we feel an urge to take action. A trine from the Sun to Pluto lends wisdom and a vision of the long-term possibilities to whatever we decide to do.

Thursday April 28

The void-of-course Moon continues in Pisces, and we’re more than usually sensitive to unseen energies as it moves through this sign that connects us directly to the etheric wireless network. Even though the Moon is void, we can launch successful endeavors now, since others will not be able to intervene. Just make sure that what you launch is what you really want, because you’ll get it!

Friday April 29

At 10:33 am, Moon enters activating Aries to take us up close and personal with the planetary cluster in this pioneering sign. We’ll feel like leaping into something head first as Moon moves toward a conjunction to Uranus. Uranus has its own ideas and will guide us with startling insights if we listen within.

Saturday April 30

Moon makes contact with the cardinal cluster today, underscoring Venus’s opposition to Saturn. Feelings of distance and separation could be interpreted as abandonment, rejection, or neglect. This is probably more about our childhood experiences than what’s happening in the now, but we have to sort it out. Mars conjoins Jupiter today as well, throwing a devil-may-care courage into the mix, creating a kaleidoscope of divergent emotions. These will need some time to cook down into a smooth and balanced perspective.

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