Crystal's Moon Meditations

Release the Blocks to Right Productivity by the Light of the Full Moon in Libra

by Crystal Pomeroy on April 18, 2011

Libra Full Moon Ceremony, April 2011

Luna in April becomes full as the Hare or Pink Moon: the feminine life that fulfills the promise of spring fertility by joining with the virile force of Aries. The ram’s urge to move forward has become almost irrepressible with more than half the planets of the zodiac traversing his sign. Passion fills the air and mobilizes us to new levels of creative expression and productivity.

However, we are held champing at the bit: Aries’ ruler, Mars, opposes Saturn, Lord of Barriers, obliging us to stop in our tracks and keep our feet on the ground as we restructure strategies, methods and time frames. The tension is increased by retrograde Mercury in Aries, who reminds us that in order to go forward, this time we must first go back, to review our situations and revise our approaches. As for the Sabian symbol (“A man alone in deep gloom. Unnoticed, angels are coming to his aid”), it describes dejection, but also an angel who comes to help us move forward.

What is the gift of this contradictory portal? By its light, we can face and release inner and outer conditions that would keep us from manifesting what can be called right productivity: expressing our personal potential from a place of authenticity and emotional wellness, for the higher good of all concerned.

The following suggestions are designed to empower that process as they connect us with the unique grace of the present lunar moment.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • Candles: spring green, peach, or yellow
  • Fruit incense
  • Wild flowers
  • Easter eggs
  • White or rose quartz
  • Bach flower essence: Scleranthus
  • Page (or journal) and pen for each participant

The Ceremony

1) Light your incense as you say,

This is an offering for the Angel of Right Productivity, whose assistance I request to release and be released by attitudes, relationships and situations that limit my efficacy.

2) Light your candle, saying,

The radiant clarity of spring fills my mind, and I discern what I need to release in order to produce in accordance with my highest potential.

3) Repeat the preceding affirmation during another several minutes.

4) Take written note of situations, behaviors or attitudes which seem to block you.

5) Repeat the following affirmation during 6 minutes or more:

I am not alone or without effective support. The Divine Helper and Its myriad angels are with me, helping in whatever way is necessary to unchain me from inner or outer blocks to fulfilling productivity. I give thanks for the effective assistance that now flows to me through unlimited channels.

This portal’s energy is about magic, but also about action and responsibility. As we continue to apply affirmations like those above from now until the next New Moon, it seems timely to remember that, though often the results of prayer come spontaneously, at times we are called on to act as instruments of the miracles we desire. The clarity of spring guides our way, while the Divine Helper lifts the fruits of our efforts to a realm of transpersonal efficacy.


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John April 22, 2011 at 5:19 pm

Good words, thank you.

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Brilliant article on the Full Moon in Libra, i actually liked the way you put it all over here amongst us. Thanks for passing an informative article here. Nice share..!!

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