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Astrological News Flash—The Royal Wedding

by Alex Miller on May 1, 2011

Astrology of the royal wedding

With the pronouncement of their union by the Archbishop of Canterbury at 11:20 AM BST (British Summer Time) in Westminster Abbey, Prince William and Kate Middleton officially became man and wife. The newly styled Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received the full astrological work-up in the February 2011 issue of Daykeeper Journal, but the chart for the time of the marriage deserves mention.

Venus, goddess of love, is elevated at 10 Aries, conjunct the Midheaven at 12 Aries, also conjunct Mercury at 14 Aries, a symbol of the importance of the media to this event, with an estimated 2 billion viewers globally. Venus opposes Saturn on the IC at 12 Aries, appropriate for a state wedding of this type, but she also forms a T-Square with asteroid Diana at 10 Cancer, representing William’s mother, present in spirit and also in the sapphire and diamond engagement ring worn by her new daughter-in-law, which had been her own.

Of course any wedding is really the bride’s day, and this is reflected by asteroid Ekaterina (Russian for Catherine, Kate’s given name) at 1 Leo, conjunct the 5 Leo Ascendant and indicating the focus on her. Leo is the Royal Sign, and the symbolism continues with asteroid Ekaterina at an early degree, showing Kate as the newest Royal, and asteroid Wil, for William, heir to the world’s oldest monarchy, at Leo’s final degree, conjunct Royal Star Regulus. Wil is also opposed to asteroid Kate at 0 Pisces, itself exactly conjunct Neptune, making Kate the idealized image of a royal spouse and the object of fantasy projection across the globe.

The Duke and Duchess of Canterbury in the royal carriage

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

And speaking of spouses, asteroid Juno, Roman goddess of marriage, at 10 Taurus conjoins the 8 Taurus Sun, while asteroid Hera, her Greek counterpart, at 14 Virgo opposes asteroid Kathryn, another celestial stand-in for Kate, at 18 Pisces, with asteroid Aphrodite at 15 Leo tying to this pattern by semisextile and inconjunct, showing this as a love match. The groom, clad in a bright red uniform, is shown in the exact conjunction of Jupiter, the planet ruling royalty, with Mars, whose color is red, at 21 Aries in the Tenth House of worldly status.

Much happiness to the new couple!

royal wedding astrological chart

Royal wedding chart (click on image for larger view)

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