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Letting Go, Reformulating, and Finding Possibilities—Boots Hart’s Astrological Overview

by Boots Hart, CAP on July 1, 2011

Astrological forecast July 2011

Letting go, reformulating and finding possibilities in what lies ahead is July’s underlying theme—one which begins with a Solar Eclipse on July 1 at 9 Cancer. Occurring at 8:55am (UT/+0), this eclipse is modified by Agamemnon and fixed star Alhena, a combination which most of us will tend to “feel” like fate being strongly “thrust” upon us.

Against this, there’s a strong sense of (Alhena) purpose. Even “fated purpose” which has to do not with today’s specifics, but with the whole of your life in greater perspective. Humans being the egocentric critters that we are, we tend to think our lives are all about what we want. But if we accept the great metaphysical statement “unbeknownst to us, the universe is unfolding as it should” as part of the time-space-mass-energy which is the Universe Manifest(ing), even that which is painful, even those we consider “evil” are serving some purpose. We may not like it. We may not understand its ultimate benefit. But can we accept that it may have one?

Neptune retrograde at 0 Pisces would certainly seem to be asking whether we can accept that life holds not only that which we like, but that which we don’t like one little bit! Do we understand how that provides us with motivations and something to “react against”? Do we see how confusion and problems which may feel like defeats can also gift us with internal perspective? Are we willing to accept that life isn’t personal—that it doesn’t happen “to” us and how energy isn’t positive or negative bias, that most (if not all) such judgments  come from our preconceptions, ego and expectations?

As last month’s solar eclipse in Gemini (sign of limbs and “transporting” of things from one place to another) signaled new thoughts, a breakdown in/because of old patterns of communication and various gaps in our thinking, July’s Cancer eclipse highlights those kinds of “basics” which we tend to take for granted. Physically, Cancer is the sign of the stomach and digestion along with the generalized ability (not merely bodily) to “absorb” things in life. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer reflects our instinct to be “protective of our own” as well as the foundation upon which we build. Family, real estate (homes, housing), culture/heritage, “old tapes,” nationality, citizenship and our relationship to the rules by which we are made to live—all such things are Cancerian.

Mercury enters Leo on July 2 at 5:39am (UT/+0) and signals a…bit of “spark.” Will this be a headstrong spark or the spark and sparkle of lightheartedness? That pretty much depends on what else is going on—how responsibly and realistically (as opposed to simply emotionally) you’re dealing with greater concerns. But your thoughts…they are likely to be personal. And preferential. You know what you want…and to some extent, happiness and frustration are simply all about whether your “wants” are being delivered on, silver tray or no silver tray.

Against this…there is that Leo question of what we have as yet earned the right to enjoy.

Achilles at 4 Cancer as Venus ingresses Cancer on July 4 at 4:18am (UT/+0) is an interesting “other side of the coin” against Agamemnon’s association with the eclipse. Why? Well, let’s remember our Homeric tale of Troy. There’s Achilles, warrior of great talent—and yes a bit vain and certainly bull-headed about his own sense of destiny. Technically one of the CEOs (on the Greek side) in that war, (King) Agamemnon was more of what we might call a voracious pragmatist, what with the whole war having been caused by his brother Menelaus’ wife (Helen) having been stolen away. Agamemnon wasn’t one to pass up using someone else’s conflict (or loss) as a tool for personal gain and power. To him, Achilles was a tool. To Achilles, Agamemnon was an irritating dullard prone to using blunt-force power-of-position rather than skill.

Venus being the point representing (and timing) our ability to attract or create…. The rest of Boots’ fantastic monthly astrological overview is available with a Premium Forecast Package, only pennies per day, check it out now!

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