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Release Obsolete Attachments with the Aquarius Full Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy on August 1, 2011

Aquarius full moon ceremony

The New Moon that began this cycle gave us a boost to sweep away blocks to creative consolidation. As she becomes full in Aquarius, she moves the release to a deeper level, going after those limiting patterns that we may still unconsciously cling to.

The Sabian symbol for the pertinent degree of Aquarius speaks to the forces of truth and courage that empower this process: A DISSAPPOINTED AND DISILLUSIONED WOMAN COURAGEOUSLY FACES A SEEMINGLY EMPTY LIFE.  The Full Moon’s close conjunction to centaur planet Nessus suggests that obsolete attachments may relate to abuse, either past or present, while Neptune’s proximity suggests healing, intuition and angels can be key to our release.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • A candle or candles, preferably purple and yellow gold
  • Incense, preferably patchouli
  • Dry grass or wheat bran
  • One or more feathers
  • A picture of Archangel Rafael—Angel of Truth
  • A picture of Archangel Michael—for courage


1. Light the incense, saying,

This is an offering for the Angels of Truth and Courage, whose assistance I request in discerning and releasing patterns in my mind, situation and relationships of the past and present that do not coincide with the greatest good for all concerned.

1. Light the candle, saying something like:  

As this light shines in my space, Infinite Intelligence shines in my awareness, bringing to light attitudes and behaviors that need to be released.

3. Repeat the following during 7 minutes or more:

I commit to acknowledging, releasing and being released from conditions within or around me that do not coincide with the divine design for my life. This commitment opens me to receive the assistance of the Divine Helper, who is guiding my discernment, and fortifying me to follow its directives now.

As above, so below. On his wonderful webpage, astrologer Eric Francis posits that the US is traversing a Nessus crisis, including sex scandals and the multiple abuses that riddle and rattle the political and financial systems. Actually, such issues are coming to an increasingly heated boil on an international scale. What, might you ask, does this have to do your Full Moon meditation? World leaders—however crazy they sometimes seem—reflect tendencies in the collective psyche. The process of facing and releasing our own distorted attachments reverberates healing throughout the pyramid of society from the ground up.

Will the shared intention of a courageous few be enough to free the planet at this crucial time?  Collective outcomes involve a critical mass in which we just might play a part. In the meantime, the law of creative intent can allow each of us to select the kind of world we will personally inhabit, as we choose to take the best this portal has to offer and continue to affirm, discern and heal from now until the next New Moon or longer as needed, one day at a time.


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