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Discover the Teacher Within by the Dark of the New Moon in Libra

by Crystal Pomeroy on September 27, 2011

Libra new moon ceremony and chart

Learning is a joyful experience, something most of us would like to do more of. In the age of the information highway, there are times when one doesn’t know where to stop, begin or continue studying. Life as we know it is changing all the time, and expanding our abilities is not only a pleasure, but a requirement to keep up with the latest developments in many fields.

If we judge by the direction of politics, economy and climate, the entire globe may well change quite a bit in the near future. Have you ever wondered what your role might be in those shifts and whether you are equipped with the knowledge to fulfill it? Wouldn’t it be great if you could be assured of learning whatever you really need for your soul development, as well as your success, joy and purpose on the earth?

This New Moon strikes a lovely Sabian symbol, which hints at this potential: A man revealing to his students the foundation of an inner knowledge upon which a “new world” could be built. There are other influences in this portal’s chart that underscore the transmission of knowledge. It forms a T-square with and Uranus and Pluto, both related to change. This configuration echoes a Cardinal Cross that has been operating on and off for the last several years, most notably during Summer Solstice, a cross related to the initiate. The T-square is highly tense, not to say potentially explosive, but it has an outlet in a trine to Pluto from Jupiter, Lord of release, good fortune and teaching.

Who or what is the instructor? From a metaphysical standpoint, we each already have one: that part of ourselves that is in touch with Infinite Intelligence, the Divine Tutor within. The following prayers and ceremony are designed to strengthen Its voice and your ability to learn from it, opening you to a new phase of true learning.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • Jasmine or rose incense
  • Yellow candle
  • An opal, quartz or copper item
  • Jasmine or mint tea

The ceremony

1) Light your incense, as you say,

This is an offering for Archangel Jofiel, for the angels of teaching and learning, for (names of your guides, if you know them) and for any other divine guides I may have. I call on you to help me develop my conscious connection with the Teacher Within, and receive direct transmission of True Guidance to move into a new era of personal and planetary good.

2) Light your candle, as you say,

As this radiance permeates my space, the guidance of the Divine Teacher fills my mind and understanding.

3) Repeat words like those that follow during at least 10 minutes.

I have a direct connection with the Divine Teacher, who abides in me and around me and has infinite channels and means of teaching whatever I need to learn. As I recognize this connection, it becomes tangible in many ways, including intuitive knowledge and understanding as well as whatever other information or means form part of my personal and planetary new age of good.

Follow up by repeating affirmations like those in Step 3, during 10 minutes or more daily from now until the next New Moon. Use them especially before going to sleep, and keep good track of your dreams, which are a great source of guidance, especially when you direct them like this. Don’t be surprised if suddenly you get the urge to study something new, or finish a course or degree you had started. Also pay attention to books, seminars and other opportunities that call your attention. Perhaps the most interesting type of knowledge will arise as spontaneous wisdom or understanding. As you persist in these prayers, be sure to heed the Tutor Within and follow up on Its leads. Infinite Intelligence knows exactly what you need to learn for an outstanding experience in the University of Life, and loves to help you do so.

Libra New Moon

Libra New Moon chart—click image for larger view.


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