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Eliminate Obsolete Alliances by the Dark of the New Moon in Scorpio

by Crystal Pomeroy on October 26, 2011

Scorpio New Moon ceremony

Autumn evokes the transforming power of release. As leaves change color and the blue of summer skies fades to gray, we are reminded that Nature knows how to let go.

At the center of the season, Scorpio holds a secret: the act of elimination can be more vitalizing than that of creation. Ancestral traditions honored this wisdom: Samhain and the Mexican Day of the Dead were the most important portals for their respective, native cultures.

Each year, a Scorpio New Moon comes along, inviting us to shed obsolete conditions—inner and outer—and clearing a path to renewal.

The influences of the present lunation are particularly right for releasing obsolete or undesirable alliances. Saturn—the builder—has been helping us restructure our relationships since it moved into Libra almost exactly three years ago, when the Sun was in the sign of Scorpio, as it is now. Libra’s a clear thinker, but it often needs a push to get out of its comfort zone, and the current conjunction of its ruler, Venus, with Mercury, the communicator, in Scorpio, the reigning sign of transformation, can get it down in the mud to move things. A trine to the healing duo of Chiron and Neptune offers a healing outlet for the impulse to change. Also, there is a close opposition to Jupiter, an aspect that Stephen Arroyo associates with the future. When this planet appears prominently it also signifies an angel portal.

Scorpio New Moon chart

Scorpio New Moon chart (click image to zoom in )

As for the Sabian symbol for 4 Scorpio, it speaks to those alliances formed in ritual, describing a youth, who:

CARRIES A LIGHTED CANDLE IN A DEVOTIONAL RITUAL. ..  Rituals and social ceremonies, [form] the minds and feelings of young people, [who eventually] choose to assert their individuality… scorning the traditional rituals, to search for new ones….

The rituals we have participated in—whether religious, esoteric, with full awareness or by reflex—have created or reinforced connections with certain people and vibrational fields, which may or may not coincide with our present good. Yes, in an absolute sense we are all connected, and enmity is ultimately a projection of our own shadow. However, unity does not require acquiescence or collusion.

The following Moon magic is designed to capture the impetus offered at this portal, to dissolve accumulated, obsolete contracts of any kind, unconscious or voluntary, making way for a new, more fulfilling kind of connectedness.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • Candle or candles in shades of red, scarlet, purple and/or orange.
  • A ten-inch (approximately) piece of ribbon or yarn, preferably purple, tied on your left ring finger. (If you are doing this ceremony alone, you can make a loose bow, before slipping it over your finger for tightening.)
  • Incense, preferably sage smudge or cinnamon.
  • Purple flowers.
  • Autumn leaves, dried corn, pumpkins or squash.
  • An autobiographic symbol of alchemy (a journal or book that helped you, or some memento of personal triumph).
  • Cranberry, grape juice or red wine.

The Ceremony

Light your incense (if using smudge, then make your circle), as you say,

This is an offering to the Angels of Elimination, whose help I request to dissolve any past or present ties to or from beings or vibrational fields that are not in the best interest of all concerned. As this incense becomes smoke and fades away, so such alliances are now dissolved.

Light your candle or candles as you repeat:

With this flame, I turn on the light of conscious intent, and accept divine guidance and assistance to do away with attachments that drain or hold me back.

Repeat words like those that follow 15 times, as you slowly untie the ribbon on your finger.

In the Name of My Sacred Power of Choice, I now declare null and void any inappropriate, limiting or obsolete alliances I may have established in the past. Through the One Mind,  I ask forgiveness for whatever pain or inconvenience my past involvements may have caused. I forgive myself and others for any limitation or pain I have caused or experienced in them. Omnipresent Good blesses all concerned, and works on my behalf in response to this intent. Just as I untie this ribbon, the angels of divine freedom are untying and dissolving inappropriate or obsolete attachments I have formed in any dimension.

 Seal your ceremony by saying:

This spiritual magic has been done for the healthiest, highest outcome for myself and all that form part of the One Mind. This intention culminates my freedom from all past alliances and rituals and opens me to a new phase of true connection.

During the next two to four weeks, continue to light your candle and/or candles during 10 minutes each day, while you repeat affirmations like those above.

Many people fear the power of Scorpio. When directed on the level of lower ego, it can be terrible indeed. However, to transcend that level and find the diamonds that lay hidden in the coal of our deepest essence, we must brave the shadows of dissolution. At this Halloween New Moon, the angels of elimination are working to release you from your chains, and free you move from obsolete attachments to true, rewarding connection, as you open the inner door of Your Sacred Power of Choice.


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Janice Kalec October 28, 2011 at 5:02 pm

When Daykeeper Journal was sent through USPS mail I was a subscriber and when it stopped Maya turned the subscribers over to Mt. Astrologer. I continue to subscribe there as I prefer a “hardcopy” to hold in my hands and read. However, I love your format and your interpretations and especially your New and Full moon meditations.
Thank you for continuing to offer these online.
Blessings, Janice Kalec

Susan Pomeroy October 28, 2011 at 5:56 pm

Thank you, Janice!

John October 28, 2011 at 11:20 pm

As a November born, (17th), this time of year is always special in a deeply personal way for me. This new moon meditation is like, so very appropriate and even feels like I knew what it would be about even before reading it. Not quite a deja vu, but eerily synchronistic with the private musings in my mind’s own depths. I want you to know that you have one loyal reader, at least, who gains benefit and recognizes the very real wisdom and more even than mere wisdom, the genuine spirituality present in all of these postings, and especially, at least for me, this one. My salutations, encouragement, recognition, and gratitude for your gifts…

Linda Jade October 29, 2011 at 7:35 pm

I am a loyal reader and student of your moon meditations every month and this one was especially “right on” for me at what feels like a turning point in my life. I have always liked Autumn and now I have a new reverence for the turning of the leaves. Thank you Crystal; your meditations are not only spriitual but very enlightening.

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