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October Begins with a Bumpy Ride

by Boots Hart, CAP on October 1, 2011

Astrologica Forecast October 2011

In the broadest of terms, we’re still in the middle of a very tempestuous cycle. If I say, think about how primal Japan’s earthquake and tsunami were, you will just about have it. Those events, metaphysically translated, are our upwelling  emotions, the washing away of things we have known and how so many things we have thought of as “the ground beneath our feet” have been really, truly shaken.

This process didn’t end with getting past the eclipses of June and July. In some senses, those events were merely tripwires for our recognition of what’s at stake and how serious the stakes really are.

Bearing this in mind, October is a month which begins somewhat in the ilk of what the inestimable Bette Davis might have referred to as a “bumpy ride.” And that jarring starts promptly on October 1, as Ixion and the Moon’s North Node come into conjunction at 16 Sagittarius, directly across the zodiac from fixed star Rigel, a symbol of teaching, lessons and learning better.

With the North Node being what we “should do” and Ixion being incidents/situations which stem from, typify or evoke feelings of entitlement, we either deal with those who feel entitled, or with the results of our own entitlement. Either way, this is unlikely to be any picnic. With the Moon in Sagittarius on October 1, it’s likely that  some ideal or idealized notion is getting tested. And unbeknownst to us (also known as “whether we like it or not”), it should get tested!

Those who are repeating “you should know better” infractions will suffer the most now. And in most cases the “victim” will be some naïve belief or ego stance. If you’re brave enough to learn from today (resigning yourself to the power of a greater process), tomorrow can be better. But fail in that, and tomorrow (the real one or proverbial one) will nail you to a wall.

As transiting Venus meets up with Juno at 21 Libra on October 2, a desire or willingness to stand against disruptive impulses (yours or those of others) arises. Is this good? Is it foolhardy?

To understand that, we look for “modifying players” in this astro-picture. And in this case, there are a lot of them! We’ll start with Black Moon Lilith (societal denial) at 21 Aries. It’s sitting side-by-celestial-side with Eris (discord) at 22 Aries, putting both these symbols in a challenging opposition to that Libra Juno/Venus. Plainly with Juno/Venus in Libra there is something to be presented or negotiated with others. In order to do that…or to do that effectively, requires some degree of Eris disruption or discomfort to the (Aries) self.

The big trick here is the….  

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