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November 2011: We’ll Need to Go the Extra Mile

by Boots Hart, CAP on November 1, 2011

Astrological Forecast November 2011

If Aesop were telling the Tale of November, the moral would probably go something like this: life is a cause/effect tale, based on how you go about having, structuring and living that life.

And considering how the tale leading to said moral includes a Sagittarius solar eclipse (its lunar eclipse partner occurs in December), we can assume that areas in life where we think we “know” how things work are where the pluses and minuses will be revealed.

As always, November starts with the Sun entering Scorpio’s emotional degrees. This marks November 1 through 12 as a period when we do best to think in terms of what works—not just for us, but for everybody. By making sure everyone gets that measure of what they need/want, we earn the good will and support which get us where we want to go.

But with Venus and Mercury entering Sagittarius on November 2 (Venus at 8:52am and Mercury at 4:55pm, both UT/+0), tests will occur. The question is this: are you able to think things through? Can you act with clarity? Do you know what the heck you’re doing?

Being that Venus and Mercury are never very far apart zodiac-wise, they end up running in tandem on a not-infrequent basis. And when this happens, we’re thinking of how to get what we want going or accomplished. Here the Sagittarius touch adds the idea of “growth” or expanding our playing field—and the challenges associated with that effort. We may be looking to get more results, better results or to start something entirely new. So the “trick” (and yes, there is one) is how you use each component. Venus in Sagittarius is a wanting/motivational force which creates a flexibility option: those who can make themselves look “valuable” profit now.

But Mercury in Sagittarius? That’s Mercury in not its finest moment. Mercury in Sagittarius tends to represent that which has not been thought through. Or, a bad assumption. Sometimes, the grandiose or dogmatic. There’s a strong desire to “know” and to “be right” with Mercury in Sagittarius. We also often “say too much” or “make pronouncements” under this influence. But the upside here is that this is a great time for opening new doors providing you start with a well mannered opening. Proficiency is a plus now. Pandering is a minus.

Considering where the Sun is, remembering not to expose too much of what you are doing too fast (lest you get taken advantage of) is important, too. So if you need an “expert” of some kind, try to find one who either has nothing to gain from you, who is supremely ethica—or who is so secure in their own right that they have no reason to steal your thunder.

Let’s just say “good enough” isn’t “good enough” right now, okay? When in doubt, go the extra mile. Fill out all the forms. Do all the “legal” and “disclamatory” things. If you will ignore the impatience (yours or theirs), valuable ethical standards can be established—and these will stand you in good stead as November 5 arrives Mercury enters the shadow of its upcoming November 20-December 14 retrograde, the whole of which takes place in Sagittarius.

Once Mercury crosses into retrograde shadow territory in square to Chiron, fixed star Fomalhaut and asteroid Hel (all in early Pisces) we all get a little more “introverted-feeling” and yet we’re busier than bees trying to work things out with others. Understanding our own motivations is a big, inconvenient deal now. You may be tempted to laugh something off, but you shouldn’t. Hurts hidden deep in everyone now just ache to be acknowledged…but no one wants to be first to blink. We’re all afraid of being seen as “weak.” Or guilty. Or disingenuous. Or not what or who they thought we were.

Most of all, we’re afraid of not being who we thought we were.

As Juno in Scorpio perfects an opposition to Jupiter (retrograde) in Taurus on November 6. Damocles just going direct at 17 Aquarius adds a note of caution. Situational information just being unveiled causes some things to take shape and others to….The rest of Boots’ amazing monthly astrological overview is available with a Premium Forecast Package, only pennies per day, check it out now!

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