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Astrological Overview, January 2012

by Boots Hart, CAP on January 1, 2012

Astrological Forecast January 2012

Continuing to unseat non-viable means, methods and assumptions… our calendric New Year’s Day is marked with Vesta conjunct Fomalhaut.

Fomalhaut is one of the four “axis” stars dating from astrology’s most ancient days. Over thousands of years it has been connected to promises of “success” in any given endeavor, hope, effort, situation or relationship—but ONLY when and where our aims are not corrupt, corruptive or corrupted.

Currently positioned at 4 Pisces (yes, fixed stars do move, if very slowly) Fomalhaut’s current focus is on:

  • Our willingness to feel reality and to really feel our feelings—and
  • Our philosophical willingness not merely to confront truths, but to stand for them.

So! With that now in mind, on New Year’s day Fomalhaut will be conjuncted by Vesta—an astrological symbol of “sacred service.” This underscores the need for responsibility and for some degree of “sober” thought. Not exactly a New Year’s Day forté…but then, whoever said astrology was there to just underscore the stuff we like?

(Not me. I so don’t do that “candy coated” thing!)

Fortunately, this is just a one day “in passing” sort of thing. However….for those with important placements between 29 Aquarius and 9 Pisces—positions which are conjunct 4 Pisces—for you, as for those who are currently (for other reasons) under the cosmic gun, this would be a pretty darn good time to be minding the p’s and q’s!

Moving on to January 3, we have the double feature of Venus catching up with Pallas and Hybris at 15 Aquarius—and I’m afraid you’ll have to bring your own popcorn.

Hybris is an asteroid which tends to indicate “emotional entitlement.” So when we have Hybris in conjunction with Pallas (a symbol of unemotional, intellectual “knowing”), best bets and positive uses would center on recognizing where and how we are emotionally entitled or where we are trying to “get away with it”—whatever “it” is, in whatever way we are trying to escape the reality of the emotional facts involved. We may be trying not to feel (we’re entitled to ignore it?) …we may be trying not to face how our actions impact others (who, me, feel guilty?). And since Hybris is at 15 Aquarius, there is a wee bit of the “balance point” quality thrown into the mix, so think interactive.

More likely than not, the “Hybris issue of the moment” concerns not just you. It could be about some group you belong to, or some social function you serve or how you function in the course of “earning” your rewards in life, whether that’s monetary or calculated as respect, regard, acceptance—any of that stuff.

Into this comes Venus, the “effect” side of life’s “cause/effect” equation. The Venus premise tells us that results are opposite and equal reactions (if you will pardon the science class quote!) to that which we do, or present ourselves as. In this case, the “presentation” is Pallas/Hybris—meaning we are adding “a knowing” (Pallas) to the Hybris “emotional entitlement” issue.

Put it all together and this spells “a moment” or “a learning” about something. Whether you’re therefore on the receiving end or the recognizing and saying “think again…” to someone else, that’s the theme de jour here.

Interestingly, the very next day (January 5) has Pluto exiting the shadow of its 2011 retrograde—that having been a tidy little period which began around mid-April 2011 and which ended in mid-September 2011. If you are able to recognize any “theme” which seemed pervasive during that time, particularly one where life’s “structural” qualities were under the gun, being transformed or otherwise beginning to shift (inclusive of the feelings you felt in connection with those shifts or issues)…you’ll be maybe happy to know that particular part of your life process is now over and done with.

Or maybe not so happy, depending.

Be that as it may, over the next week to ten days you may well notice something akin to a weight or shadow which is lifting…or for those who felt free during that time, which is now settling in yet again. Planets exiting their shadows are mostly “big picture” timers, but some do like to know when they occur, hence these notes. So if you’re into it, there ya go…from here forward, Pluto’s movement through “new” (un-retrograded) degrees will time out new “evolutionary” questions….some relational, some financial, some sexual, some concerning your power or lack of same.

And in every case, the question will be….

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