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Astrological Overview, March 2012

by Boots Hart, CAP on March 1, 2012

Astrology Overview - Astrological Forecast March 2012

March is all about reconciliations which begin as internal reflections.

Looking at a bigger picture of our solar system (and universe, yes) there’s a scattering of celestial objects (asteroids, comets, etc.) moving in or out of retrograde in Scorpio and Cancer. They tell us that these periods of reflecting are emotional—or they’re driven by emotional situations, values or encounters.

But maybe more importantly, there’s a notable gaggle of astrological objects which will be retrograde in Virgo all month, telling us that questions of functionality, feasibility—the very effort it takes to get from here to there—and morality…they’re all in the mix. And maybe at stake.

Virgo is an earth sign. And to have a bundle of “metaphysical considerations” poised in this particular earth(y) sign points to the “health” of the matter. Or your health. Duty, the job, employees, and where (or if, or how) we should or shouldn’t subjugate our will to the greater good. When is that a good idea or not such a good idea?

This is the backdrop against which all else happens during March. In other words, we’re going to be thinking about things—and things will occur because this is the time to be thinking over what’s worth what, where duty meets desire, where our actions meet up with the boundaries of others—all that.

So keep that in mind. Like as not you’ll find that one idea helps tie things together so you don’t feel quite so “pulled in one direction or another” all month!

March starts with Mercury entering Aries on March 2 (at 11:42am, UT/+0). Considering that astrologically, Mercury in Aries expresses as anything from feistiness to bravado, enthusiasm to courage, determination to assertiveness or bloodshed, impulsivity, self-awareness or selfishness…well! Let’s just say we’re starting the month feeling our ego…and maybe our oats! And since a mere day later Edisonia (ideas) goes direct at 14 Cancer, we’re “getting the idea” of what’s at stake. Do we know how to proceed yet? Maybe yes, maybe no. Safe money is on temporizing, but the better return comes from figuring out what works long term, what truly expresses who you are and (very importantly!) what will garner the results you really want.

A vaguely raw, somewhat “disconnected” feeling melts away as on March 5, Venus enters Taurus at 10:26 in the morning (UT/+0). That it does so with Circe (casting or being under a spell) just ahead speaks volumes. Venus is a sign or symbol of our willingness/ability to “be” effective (and get what we’re after given to us in return). This begins about a month’s worth of opportunities to improve our abilities, means, methods and results. People tend to think Venus is “magic beauty” but it’s more about presenting the right quality to get the job done. So think earning…not posing. Venus in Taurus is good for developing projects, getting our point across and creating/building alliances which ultimately prove satisfying. Just don’t be greedy. And count on today’s selfishness becoming tomorrow’s karmic debt.

However! (Yes, there’s always a “howeve”‘!) Considering that Mars is still in retrograde and how Mercury is about to go retrograde…? The simple suggestion is this: don’t think you have all the answers—and plan on some changes to your plans. The trick here is to be who you are and to take the courageous stance while slowly persuading others as to WHY that’s important…in other words, a good idea which ultimately will be to their benefit.

With March 8 comes a Virgo Full Moon—yet another in a long string of Full Moons at 18 degrees of successive signs. It’s likely to be a time of emotional growth and “growth of feelings” or “feeling qualities”—the ability to understand, perhaps? Since this Full Moon occurs at 9:41am (UT/+0) this Virgo Full Moon brings all the many considerations and “life quantities being tested” represented by all those retrograde asteroids and such into Full Moon high focus. With the Virgo Sun of this figure conjunct Kassandra (disbelief of truth) and Lachesis (duration) there may be a whole “how long can this last?” quality to events and feelings of the moment.

Also important: this is happening in the days preceding Mercury’s station/retrograde. And since the days prior to any Mercury station/retrograde tend to be rushed and feel pressured, add a Full Moon and the symbolism comes to be all about “release.” Or perhaps “overflow” or “overwhelming” circumstances—good or bad.

Given how the Moon part of a Full Moon figure is always in the sign opposite that of the Sun, this gives us the lunar version of Pisces: intuition, the experience of our own feelings, issues of conscience and such—all of which have to do either with things we’re now confronting…or which we long for. Maybe what we wish for…or maybe what we wish wasn’t true.

With asteroid Medusa going retrograde at 11 Scorpio (in exact conjunction with TNO Deucalion) at the time of this Full Moon, there’s a “destined” quality to things of the moment. Life is trying to teach us something—what is it?

So maybe things are lovely…maybe you feel unsure. Whatever is up, that Venus (now in Taurus) connects to Jupiter over the next…. The rest of Boots’ amazing monthly astrological overview is available with a Premium Forecast Package, only pennies per day, check it out now!

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