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Awaken the Leader Within at the Equinox New Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy on March 23, 2012

New Moon in Aries, March 2012

This portal comes on the heels of the equinox, with the full charge of spring. Positioned in a restless embrace between Uranus, Lord of Genius, and Mercury, ruler of mental activity, it intensifies the excitement of Aries’ life urge.

The Sabian symbol describes: The Cameo Profile Of A Man, Suggesting The Shape Of His Country. As Terry Lamb points out, this symbol speaks to our potential for leadership.

The following ceremony and affirmations connect this potential with the divine impulse of the Equinox New Moon.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • A candle, preferably red or pink
  • Incense, preferably myrrh, carnation, or green tea
  • Geraniums, cactus or aloe
  • White quartz or ruby

New Moon Portal Awakening Leadership Ceremony

1. Light your incense, as you say something like,

This is an offering for the angels of leadership, whose assistance I request to recognize and activate my innate capacity for divine leadership in accordance with my highest purpose now.

2. Light your candle, saying,

Divine power now brings to light the hero, the heroine within me, who rises to the occasion of this lifetime.

3. Make a written list of occasions in which you have taken the lead effectively in the past, over yourself, your projects, your situation or your life.

4. Spend a few minutes reflecting on the wellness, satisfaction and inspiration these memories arouse.  (If done in a group, take turns sharing examples from this list.)

5. In the light of this reflection, scan your current life situation, and write down three or more areas that require leadership on your behalf, situations you have put on stand-by, whether because you are waiting for people or circumstances which don’t seem to respond, or simply due to your own doubts or inertia.

6. Establish, in writing, one clear goal for each situation.

7. Repeat words like those that follow during at least 7 minutes, slowly and with attention.

Today, I stop waiting for people or circumstances to lead my actions. I consider my own criterion, and do what I can to act on it. The Universe responds to this clarity; circumstances, resources and connections naturally flow in support of my determination now.

8. Conclude your ceremony by giving thanks to the divine helpers for this intent and share your leadership empowerment with others by repeating words like these three times:

My thoughts and actions affirm my leadership, and support the leadership within all others now.

From now until the next New Moon, start each day by connecting with your purpose and writing down concrete steps –large or small– you can take to further it. Before moving on these, repeat affirmations as suggested in the last two steps above.

In these sensitive times, the world needs new leadership.  The square between Uranus, the Liberator, and Pluto, Prince of Control, moves us to ask what exactly can this mean, to search for new paradigms of power.

As we heed and cultivate our own leadership potential, we support the birth of a higher path for the collective, in which each of us, like the man in the symbol whose face “suggests his country”, can make a mark.

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John March 26, 2012 at 8:03 pm

Intensities and synchronicities, both subtle and overt seem to abound. This month’s new moon meditation is like a candle in a cave where the light at the end isn’t quite in sight. A brilliant Aries once said: “I have to go out and do something even if it turns out to be wrong.” The motive and intention are seemingly more important than the action itself. That has been what I have observed and experienced. I am finding it to be more and more difficult to deal with some individuals and it seems that the universe takes a hand in some necessary relevant dispensations in an expeditious manner in such cases. At this same juncture, many individuals, often newly met, are wonderfully harmonious to interact with. This month’s meditation motivates me, makes the impression of the importance of perseverance when one is gifted with the universe’s approval of one’s efforts and goals in regards to anything that entails a measure of leadership to accomplish, and most importantly, gives the indication of the supreme importance of the universe’s approval of one’s intent. This is timely and relevant, as usual. Thanks.

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