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Daily Astrological Forecast, April 1-30, 2012

by Terry Lamb on April 1, 2012

Astrological Forecast, April 2012

Astrological Forecast Overview

Release is the key word for April. After the bottling-up of our physical energy and our connections by grace of the Mercury and Mars retrogrades, we feel the wind at our back again. The “time out” has been worth it: We have had almost three months of preparing, repairing, reconsidering, and retrying. Now we’re ready to roll forward again.

There is value in the build-up of force. When something we are trying to create doesn’t flow out into our world right away, if we persevere with our intention, energy collects and creates force. This is the force that is used in anger and exertion, as obvious as the way we respond to the diurnal cycle by collecting energy while we sleep to be used the next day. But it also applies in manifesting longer-term goals. Both Mercury and Mars have been inducing us to collect force in areas where “nothing is happening”, but we will find as these planets release from their apparent backward travel that the inner tension surrounding these situations relaxes. Events that spring the door open will greet us, or we will be able to use our creative force effectively to generate what we have wanted.

If these were all the balls we had to juggle right now, we’d be home free—except they’re not. We have three other planets that are particularly active and activated in April. The first of these is Uranus, which was conjoined in March by Mercury twice and the Sun once. It is reactivated by Mercury one more time (April 22). Pluto has moved into active mode as well, as the Sun reached its square to Pluto on March 29. This is the juncture that opens the time window for rapid change, the ramp-up prior to any planet’s station to retrograde. Pluto begins its 4-½ months of retrogradation on April 10, crossing energies with Mercury and Mars, whose stations direct (forward) bracket Pluto’s.

This suggests that whatever is “up” for us in the opening days of April will be more complicated than we think. Events won’t unfold quite as we expect (but we’re used to that by now). There will be a five-month loop of time that will move things along in a different direction or rate of development than we thought, but it will work out in its own perfection in the long run.

This doesn’t mean we won’t make progress or that all things are blocked. It means that we have to look for the signs of life, the places where something is growing and cultivate them even if something else is falling apart. Pluto brings cleansing and transformation. When our number is up, we have to learn the business of change—how to do it rapidly and effectively. We have to shovel out the old thoughts and patterns that Pluto is pushing to the surface, allowing them to be replaced with new thoughts and patterns that fit the new person we are becoming. It is like molting an old skin, with all the attendant issues—pain of letting go of what’s familiar; the need for something new to replace the old before it has developed; confusion, uncertainty, and the desire to give up until the new is in place. The more we are transforming, the longer it usually takes for a change to complete itself, because we have to match the new vibration before it is attracted into our life.

The third activating energy of the month comes from Saturn. Its retrograde started February 7 and gives us one more round of getting our relationship life set to meet the needs of the future. On April 15, we reach the halfway “how’s it going” point, the Saturn peak. It gives us a sharper image of what we’re creating, often manifesting as events that we can respond for the rest of its retrograde, which lasts until June 25. Whatever restructuring process is underway now—whatever we thought was over in early February—we now get a clear picture of what is alive and kicking, an encouragement that allows us to refocus and renew our will to continue.

In the energy lulls that occur in April, Venus fills in. She moves into Gemini on April 3, and into her retrograde shadow on April 11. Her 44-day retrograde commences on May 15, and she’ll be dropping hints for us to use during the retrograde until then. During Venus’s retrograde, we renegotiate our relationships with others—with everyone, not just our partner. New relationships are born; troubled ones may end, unless they are healed. Venus’s focus during this retrograde is healing, with her contacts to Chiron. The energy field of healing starts to collect force from April 7. It ties into something very deep and karmic, so expect to dig out the very deepest of obstacles to healed, if you have the will to engage at this level.

The Earth Grand Trine rides again! I’m sure you enjoyed the energies of the Earth Grand Trine in mid-March. We get a powerful revisitations when the Sun enters Taurus on April 19, opening its trine Mars (April 23), and its trine Pluto (April 29). It completes the pattern for us with a bang when it conjoins Jupiter on May 13. This is the energy that brings fruition through steady effort that cultivates something enduring. Let its radiance fill you, and use it to further your dreams.


(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Daylight Time (UTC–7).

“Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrological Forecast, April 2012

Sunday April 1

At 1:35 am PT, Moon enters generous Leo, activating our playful spontaneity as it connects with Uranus. It’s great to be an April Fool!

Monday April 2

Moon carries on in Leo, whose overnight trine to the Sun enhances our focus. This helps us through our Monday, because there are a few hurdles to leap as we take aim at our goals through a connection to Jupiter.

Tuesday April 3

Moon completes its useful stage of travel through Leo by 6:47 am, when it goes void of course on a momentary note of disquiet. It is fleeting, as she enters Virgo, sign of harvesting, a mere six minutes later, at 6:52 am. Mutables awake! As the Moon reminds us of situations that remain incompletely harvested via contacts to Neptune, Mars retrograde, and Pluto, Venus enters adaptable Gemini at 8:18 am to activate a higher level of connectivity in our social life. There’ll be more talk and more action now, part of a developing story as Venus heads toward its retrograde zone in the mid-degrees of Gemini.

Wednesday April 4

There is life: Mercury is stationary direct (SD) today, at 3:11 am/23°51′ Pisces. The whispers in our ear become quieter, and we can reduce our focus on logistics and communication if we so desire. There’s a feeling of refreshing freedom as we decompress from the past three weeks of change and integration of those changes, through the magic carpet ride of Mercury’s retrograde. What has changed for you, and what have you accomplished? The Moon inclines us toward the fulfillment of duties, as she continues through Virgo. She gives us the night off with a void period that starts pensively at 10:37 pm. This lasts until tomorrow morning.

Thursday April 5

Get some of those niggling small clean-up jobs done first thing. Until the Moon enters Libra’s zone of diplomacy at 8:32 am, we’re better off tying up loose ends than starting something new. A Venus square to Neptune brings out lurking feelings of wanting to give up on something that has resisted visible progress, but this is not the time for that. Wait until you have the whole picture. The Moon in Libra gives us lots to chew on, as it encounters the dynamic duo, Uranus and Pluto, to show us where the next challenges are and what we can do with them on tomorrow’s Full Moon.

Friday April 6

On this Good Friday at 12:19 pm/17°23′ Libra, the Moon receives Full illumination from the Sun to bring us the peak of the lunar month, the sole planetary event of the day. This is enough, as its power provides the force to open a few doors if we will direct it in our favor. This Full Moon begins our Venus story of love, value, and connectivity, as she sits with the South Node at the earliest degree of her upcoming retrograde and in orb of her square to Mars (exact tomorrow). Events now are harbingers of what’s to come and implies that current developments will lead to even bigger things by the end of July.

In the chart cast for the US, distorted communications from media cave before the insuperable strength of the truth. In this election season, hyperbole is more outrageous and therefore more easily refuted. People are tired of facing economic issues, though they lurk in the background. A healing of the world financial system is required, particularly the enmeshment between the US and China, with hidden interactions that are slowly being wikileaked into our awareness.

“Two men placed under arrest give an accounting for their acts before the tribunal of society.” is the Sabian Symbol for 18 Libra, the degree of the Full Moon. This symbol suggests treason, but society’s verdict may differ from that of government. As civil liberties come under duress, the name of traitor may fall upon the ones doing the loudest name-calling. In our own lives, apparent betrayals may cover good intentions and provide the grist for the mill of healing.

Saturday April 7

It’s all about healing relationship wounds as Venus, Mars, Chiron, Neptune, and the Nodes interact in the early degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) from April 3–4. This is a microcosm of what is happening in one time bubble through the end of July and another that lasts through June 2013. Today, Wounded Healer Chiron squares the karmic Nodes to bring out what needs to be soothed away with love. The Moon completes its active period in Libra at 3:15 am PT, until its entry into mysterious Scorpio at 8:18 am. This augments our confidence to do what needs to be done in our healing process. Venus’s square to Mars colors our steps unsure, but an attitude of reverence nullifies harmful effects.

Sunday April 8

The Scorpio Moon takes us into deep waters as we ruminate over what has and hasn’t been said. Today presents harmonies for a smooth transition into clear mutual understanding. The Moon’s void period commences at 11:56 pm, lasting until 8:12 am tomorrow.

Monday April 9

At 8:12 am PT, the Moon enters sprightly Sagittarius, and we make our way down the winding mutable road again, one week wiser. Some healing has occurred since last week’s Moon in Virgo, and opportunity exists for sweeping the table clean of all our old wrongs. However, something deeper is bubbling up from the depths as Pluto brings the full force of its transformative energies to us in the form of its retrograde, commencing tomorrow. We are eager to dive in, as Mars’s station to forward motion is so close we can taste it. Have patience, allow yourself to be led through the next few days.

Tuesday April 10

Pluto makes its retrograde station (SRx) at 9°34′ Capricorn, establishing the arena in which we will transform and grow through September 17. It’s a good time to take notes on what’s going on. The story threads we are spinning now form the fabric of our experiences for the rest of the year, where Pluto is concerned. The Moon in Sagittarius carries us into the truth zone, and we immediately see the applications in our life through its trine to the Sun.

Wednesday April 11

Goddess of Love and Self-Worth Venus enters her retrograde shadow at 7°29′ Gemini, where she will return to direct motion on June 27. This is concurrent with a conjunction to the South Node, which gives our experiences the definite cast of predestination. The Moon enters its void period in Sagittarius at 4:05 am and lasts until 10:02 am, but actions taken will be unusually beneficial. At 10:02, Moon makes her way into worldly Capricorn. We look at the big picture and see much to improve, and with Mars-nearly-direct dedication we plunge in to make it better.

Thursday April 12

Mercury has been moving forward for a week, but the possibilities of gaining further benefit from its retrograde continue as the Messenger Planet quincunxes Saturn for the third of three times. This has influenced us to take care of a very awkward situation that has haunted our relationship life, an obstacle to creating what we want. Now we can complete the process with the resolve to make sure such a situation does not arise again. Venus makes its first of three connections to Chiron today, stimulating our awareness of remains to be healed in our loving of self and others.

Friday April 13

What a great Friday the 13th, Day of the Goddess: Mars finally returns to forward motion (SD) at 3°41′ Virgo/8:53 pm PT, after giving us three months to retrieve what we almost missed and prepare the way for building on that situation. Our story started when Mars entered Virgo in mid-November; Mars remains in Virgo until July 2, giving us till then to lay our foundations. We have two years to build on them. We feel at a crossroad as the Moon highlights the coming Sun-Saturn opposition. Whatever we feel needs fulfilling on our path, we feel compelled to take action on those situations now. We want to engage in sweeping reforms that change everything. We feel clearer about it, but an honest assessment reveals that taking the first step in that direction is what is possible, and that is enough. We are relieved to be on the right path and making progress. Where before we were conflicted, now we are at peace with it. The Moon enters its void period at 10:05 am on a note of head-heart harmony, segueing into idealistic Aquarius at 2:48 pm.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, it shows the American people bursting forth in a wave of confidence against a perceived enemy, a warlike pattern that is held in abeyance by those who prefer peace and diplomacy, including the President. This could be diverted into play, drama, or sport. The wave of fervor for war in the Middle East is successfully redirected into familiarizing activities, such as team sports and diplomatic visits. President Obama looks wise but beleaguered by the dynamics of global politics, a steadying force among hotter heads. “Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?” (Abraham Lincoln)

The Sabian Symbol for the Last Quarter Moon at 24 Capricorn is “a woman entering a convent”. It might be necessary to withdraw now to seek that beautiful peace within that can be found when we are protected and not distracted by outer life. As we go into the dark of the Moon and resolve the station of Mars, it is time to find the rich life inside us, an integration of the past five months’ experiences and a preparation for the next wave of action.

Saturday April 14

Venus begins to activate the dynamics that we’ll experience during her upcoming retrograde when she quincunxes Pluto, the first of three times. The ways we are changing have created some incompatibilities with old habits of interacting, and these need to be understood by both parties and a new dynamic developed. The awareness of what is out of balance and needs changing is at least emerging today. The Moon lightens the mood in Aquarius, lending an objective “it’s all going to be fine” cast to the day. Toward evening we are reminded that there’s work to be done.

Sunday April 15

The Saturn Peak occurs today—the Sun’s opposition to Saturn at 26°11′ Aries/Libra. This brings a big shift in awareness, and today carries the potential for deep awareness, within the frame of generally expanding clarity that has been in the atmosphere since the Full Moon. There is something we simply must do to bring ourselves into alignment with the dream we have to bring a more perfect love and trust into our life. The Moon in Aquarius supports action and communication today with a trine to Saturn/sextile to the Sun to smooth the way. The Moon commences its void period at 3:42 pm, giving us a time to feel the inner world, until we are brought back to life at 10:38 pm with her entry into healing Pisces.

Monday April 16

The sparks fly again as Mercury re-enters Aries at 3:42 pm, reinvigorating its dance with Uranus, which was played out during the retrograde especially on March 5 and March18. Time for the drop of the third shoe. Moon in Pisces supports our inner awareness of what needs to be externalized through Mercury, bringing the realization that much of what we thought was incomplete has actually been resolved over the course of time, with small, imperceptible adjustments. It’s not enough to apologize, but we may discover that we’ve already atoned by changing our behavior to match, and now we can prove it.

Tuesday April 17

The Moon’s sojourn in Pisces carries the day. Even though it goes void of course on an expansionary note, we can still take beneficial actions.

Wednesday April 18

At 8:59 am, the Moon enters Aries to accelerate the sparkiness and unpredictability of this moment. It glues Mercury and Uranus together with an added attractant over the second half of the day to lend excitement and resolution to our experience. There’s more to come between now and Sunday.

Thursday April 19

The Sun enters placid Taurus at 9:12 am to slow us down long enough to smell the flowers. The Moon in Aries makes us want to act, but action is not called for in this dark of the lunar cycle, just before the New Moon. We can use this time and energy to peer into the future and set our intention for what we want to create on this “wishing moon”.

Friday April 20

The Moon gives us the afternoon off, going void of course at 12:35 pm PT, until 9:05 pm, when she enters Taurus. We’ll feel more secure and be able to act from the sense that there is a foundation under us, and our moods stabilize in this sign of her exaltation. Mercury quincunxes Mars to underscore the challenges of getting our communications conveyed clearly to others. It’s harder when we have a vested interest, so removing any attachment we have to outcomes right now is the way to go.

Saturday April 21

The New Moon at 1°35′ Taurus/0:18 am PT renews us once again, to move forward on this “wealth” lunar cycle. The emphasis is on “straightening out” after all the twists, turns, and convolutions we’ve experienced through the planetary interconnections of the past five months. This is the preparatory lunar cycle before the eclipses that commence at the next New Moon, on May 20, a time when we complete what remains undone from our last eclipse list. Some of this involves streamlining and simplifying our life so that we are lighter, more mobile, and able to respond to what comes in the moment. Solidifying our foundation to secure our future is also a theme for this month of working with Taurus energy.

In the chart cast for Washington/the US, a critical choice is being made that will determine the future of the country, particularly the presidency. The nation will have the chance to see its future through the expression of character of the individuals that are running for office. The understanding that comes from this will not be realized until the eclipses in May-June. The wound that oil creates in the American economy will become more evident.

The New Moon at 2 Taurus is symbolized by “A brilliant electrical display illuminates the heavens and the forests beneath.” (ME Jones version) We have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of how the universe works, the grand interplay of the forces of Heaven and Earth. This illumination, however brief, is uplifting and humbling, elevating our lives to the sublime as we see our purpose in the midst of the cosmic order.

Sunday April 22

Mercury makes its third and last conjunction to Uranus at 3°25′ Aries, completing the cycle of awakening to the new that began March 2. What have you uncovered? The Moon continues through Taurus, void of course from 10:10 am on an expansionary note as it conjoins Jupiter. This can be the very best of void periods, because the Moon will still produce beneficial results during its void period in Taurus while it carries over the energy of Jupiter to make it even more fertile in fulfilling our desires. Cultivate well! The Sun’s sextile to Neptune today gives us an opening to see into the invisible realms, to see where we are drawn to gain further spiritual understanding over the coming 10 months.

Monday April 23

In a moment of clarity and connection to the truth, we feel inspired to take steps to make something important to us a bigger part of our life, as Mercury (and Uranus) trine North Node. Chances are things won’t be completely resolved today, but having the right direction is all we need right now. This doorway is open through April 30. Finally, the Sun reaches its trine to Mars, and internalized energy overflows into smooth action that everyone involved is ready for. What a relief! The Moon completes its productive void period in Taurus at 10:05 am with its entry into talkative Gemini. This reactivates the planets in the early mutable signs: Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, and Mars in Virgo. You’ll want to mix it up, break with routine, as Moon connects with Uranus at day’s end.

Tuesday April 24

Head, heart, and body are united in harmony today as the Gemini Moon connects the dots between Mercury and Venus. It’s a good day to write, to think clearly, and to express yourself to others, especially because there’s something important to be said.

Wednesday April 25

What’s most important to us stands out as Mercury squares Pluto. We have a clearer image of the challenges that lie ahead of us, although we still don’t know how they are going to be worked out. The Moon makes it to Saturn today, assuring us that there is a source of stability there— our connections with those we hold most dear. The Moon goes void of course at 1:31 pm, until 10:42 pm, when she enters caring Cancer.

Thursday April 26

The Sun’s quincunx North Node today signals that we are in the closing month of eclipse period that began last November 24. If you’re feeling in a rush to complete some long-range goals that came up back then, you’re in tune with this process. The Moon in Cancer reaches the Cardinal pattern, activating Uranus, Pluto, and Mercury to reconnect us to the deeper truths we must incorporate into our life to create meaning and find purpose. The Moon in Cancer helps us feel what’s real. Harmonies to Mars and the Sun reassure us there is a way through, and show us an outlet for all that emotion. Work, exercise, helping someone other than yourself—that’s the ticket.

Friday April 27

We get a break today, and after the past few days and weeks, we need it! Moon in Cancer makes a harmonious sextile to Jupiter today, amplifying feelings of warmth, security, and love. Make the most of it!

Saturday April 28

At 0:05 am PT, the Moon enters its void period, which lasts until 9:10 am upon entry into lively Leo. We wake up with much to ponder from deep within the unconscious; an active approach wins the day! Sun sextiles Chiron, reinvigorating our focus on a healing process that began in late February.

Sunday April 29

We recover more gems from the deep, the truth that lies within, as Sun trines Pluto, another doorway to the transformative process we’ve taken on for this year’s Pluto cycle. This is not just a door to peer into and see what’s there, but to boldly fling open and cross the threshold. Step by step, the transformation is fulfilled.

The Moon in Leo reaches its opening square to the Sun at 2:57 am PT/9°29′ Leo, thickening the plot that we’re participating in this month. Open expression is key as Moon fills in a Minor Grand Trine with Mercury and Venus. We know the truth because we feel it, and our conviction makes it easier to express joyously. Whatever happens now, especially in relationship, is not the end of the story. Venus is slowing down to her retrograde, now just two weeks away: we can see what needs to be resolved now as we move more deeply into the shadow.

Review and adjust. This is the key impulse we feel on this lunation, as Moon connects with Jupiter in its closing phase of its current yearly cycle. The Sun comes along in two weeks to do the same, and we are focused on what we’ve accomplished this year, what still needs to be done. There’s a hurry-up urge, but our efforts are coordinated and carry the confidence of the preparations we’ve made over the past four months.

The chart relevant to the US cast for Washington DC suggests that weather extremes will remind us of our vulnerability to forces larger than ourselves. There is a moment of truth about what’s going on among the people, how much suffering exists in the heartland, the first step in changing it. Creative pursuits, play, and spontaneity have a role in diverting the public from their pain, give life meaning, and help with facing fears if they are not used to escape.

The First Quarter Moon highlights 10 Leo, the Sabian Symbol of which is “Everywhere there is a sparkle, and nature is revealed in pastel colors; the early morning dew salutes the sunlight.” The dazzling life that expresses itself through nature is an unfathomable miracle, ignored because its grandeur is simply too immense to comprehend. If we take one moment to really take it in, we are filled with awe at life, gratitude for the simple fact or our existence, and meaning as we seek to fill a responsible role in the unfolding story.

Monday April 30

The Moon in Leo goes void of course at 7:17 am PT, giving us a day of inner activity. The productive phase ends on a constructive note, and we’ll feel inclined to get that organizing done that we haven’t had the time or priority to tackle. Today is the day. We can reawaken our proactive focus at 4:02 pm, when the Moon goes into industrious Virgo. Maybe you’ll just keep working on that filing project.

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