August 2012

Astrology of Galactic Alignment of 2012

Why 2012 marks a major shift in Earth’s evolution.

Astrology of Citizens United decision

Can democracy survive the 2010 Citizens United decision?

Chick-fil-A astrological controversy

What’s behind this tempest in a crockpot?

Astrology of James Holmes and the Aurora Shootings

Astrology reveals significant indicators of violent death in both killer’s and victims’ charts.

Thumbnail image for At the Crossroads, An Astrologer Looks at These Turbulent Times

Astrologer Jessica Murray publishes a stunning new collection of essays.

Astrology of Olympic Swimmers

Can asteroids predict Olympic champions?

Astrology Forecast August Daily Free

What are you loosening, easing, or trying to release this month?

Astrology Overview - Astrological Forecast July 2012

Forward. With effort, but forward… if we have the right mindset.