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Ceremony for the Virgo New Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy on September 16, 2012

Virgo New Moon Ceremony

At the doorstep of Fall Equinox, the Virgo New Moon shares a surge of productive energies that can help you leave the mark you would like to on the passing year. The Chaste Mother helps you discern your true work, and strengthens you to overcome the tendency to postpone the practical steps for its manifestation.

The following ceremony and affirmations are designed to connect you with this portal, that whose intensity is greater the weekend of September 15 and 16, but whose effect will still be potent on Monday and favorable until the next Full Moon.

The following materials will attune your altar or sacred space with the current energies:

  • A candle in an earthy shade of yellow or green
  • Incense–pine or green tea
  • Jade, carnelian or moss agate
  • Images such as Archangel Michael, Jophiel and/or a sword
  • A journal or 2 sheets of paper and pen for each participant

The Ceremony

1. Take a moment to clarify what you feel to be your true work at this point in your life, the thing or things that mean most to you, but which you have more or less been dragging your feet on. They should be no more than four, because you will be cultivating focus. Derive them from your highest priorities in any areas: spiritual life, relationships, family, creativity, profession, finances, service and so on.

2. Write the words, This is my true work now, on a page of your journal or piece of paper, and under them write the intentions you clarified in the previous step.

3. Say words like:

This is an offering for archangels Michael and Jophiel and their hosts of divine freedom and focus, whose help I request to fortify my will and ability to focus.

 4. Light the candle, saying,

These rays shine like swords of divine authority, cutting me free from all tendencies to postpone my true work.

5. Repeat words like those that follow during several minutes:

I am not alone or without effective assistance to use each moment well. The Divine Assistant is with me, present in all and working through all: The Divine Assistant works in my understanding and surroundings, fortifying, guiding and keeping me centered in each present moment according to the design for my path of power now.

One success author has said that the first thing you need to manifest your dreams is an assistant, someone whose job is exclusively to keep your time free to do those things that only you can do. It’s true, an assistant can be a decisive help to keep us focused, organized and effective. And you do have one, the most effective of all.

Spend a few minutes each morning from now until the next Full Moon reminding your deep mind with the help of affirmations like those above—which you may of course adapt and enrich to best suit your particular needs. Keep the notes about your true work on hand to connect the power of your intent. Receive the support of the Chaste Mother from Her highest wavelength by the dark of this New Moon in Virgo.

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