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Election Preview II: The Case for Romney

by Alex Miller on October 1, 2012

Romney astrological election preview

[Author’s note: The purpose of prediction is not to promote a political agenda or determine a likely outcome based on the facts on the ground, and then find an astrological marker to support this.  The following analysis certainly does not reflect my personal desire for an outcome, but rather an attempt to formulate an unbiased portrait of the day.  As of this writing (late September), the idea that Mitt Romney might win the election seems somewhat preposterous, with gaffes galore and the campaign seemingly imploding.  But none of these circumstances changes the astrological facts, and therefore I have not changed my presentation of them.]

As we discussed in Part I of this series, determining the winner of any presidential election is a complicated matter, mixing natal potential, transit impetus, solar return flavorings and progressed dynamics. Making sense of it all can be of the hair-tearing variety, but in the final analysis, one thing seems clear—Mitt Romney has an easier time of it astrologically on Election Day 2012 than Barack Obama does, though whether that automatically means a win, is less certain.

We’ll go through the point-by-point for Romney just as we did for Obama, beginning with the major players on Election Day itself.

Mercury is undeniably the lead factor of the day. Its retrograde station exactly conjunct a Black Hole at 4 Sagittarius is indicative of the potential for major problems with the voting process, just as it was in 2000 when the debacle in Florida forced the outcome of the election to the Supreme Court. A Black Hole’s primary function is to alter the existing status quo, and with Mercury ruling virtually every aspect of the voting process, and Mercury not just conjunct but stationing on a Black Hole on Election Day, some major shift seems inevitable.

Black Holes like things besides change, of course. They’re awfully fond of energy, sucking in whatever they can lay their grubby gravitational paws on, and if there’s one thing this election will not lack, it’s energy and resources. Black holes like to do things in a Big Way, and ditto for US presidential contests. And they like things to be record-setting, unexpected, unprecedented, even bizarre. Again, with Mercury in such a strong position, the particular Black Hole effect is likely to cluster about its bailiwick, and to color the day.

Obama and Romney share a number of chart degrees activated by this Mercury, which thus is strongly aspecting both men’s natal charts. What’s the difference? The points being activated.

With Obama, Mercury’s predominant aspects were a square to Chiron in Pisces, evoking a wounding; a trine to Mercury in Leo, granting greater communication skills; and an opposition to the Moon in Gemini, suggesting an emotionally stressful period, and an outcome potentially affecting his residence.

For Romney, Mercury’s picture is far different. He also has a square to a Pisces planet, but now we’re looking at Mars at 6 Pisces, ruler of contests and competitions, battles and campaigns, and an energizing influence, one calculated to perhaps provide a last-minute burst over the finish line for the Republican nominee. Mars also governs leadership qualities generally, and Romney’s Mars is firmly planted atop a Quasar, a deep space anomaly of a class among the furthest and brightest in the universe. Quasars promote high visibility, success and accomplishment, and points conjunct them are spotlighted for all to see.

No one can dispute that achievement has been a hallmark of Romney’s career. From the creation of Bain Capital, which allowed him to amass a quarter-billion-dollar fortune, to his successful steerage of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics out of the morass in which he found it, to a reasonably effective tenure as a Republican governor of a notoriously liberal state, Romney has always conquered any challenge he has taken on.

With Obama, Romney also shares a trine to a Leo planet from stationing Mercury, this time Saturn at 2 Leo. Saturn governs career, accomplishment and recognition, and our place in the world, our social standing. The square aspect denotes challenge and brings energy, but the trine is supportive, where we reap reward. It has to be entered into consciously to be completely effective, but it can also drop an honor or benefit into our laps without much effort. In a mundane chart, Saturn represents the chief executive; in the case of the US, its president. So Mercury (the vote) will be offering support (the trine) for Romney’s presidential bid (Saturn), and its station atop a reality-warping Black Hole says that all bets are off. Whatever the polling says in advance, whatever the exit polls seem to imply, this race has a mind of its own, and Black Hole Mercury will not be hampered in its decision-making process by polls or pundits.

Romney Mercury-Saturn

Romney—Election day Mercury and Saturn (click image to enlarge)

Take note also of how the candidates’ various points interact with each other. In Pisces, we have an aggressive planet indicative of struggle and competition—Romney’s Mars—bumping up against one noted for passive receptivity and the opening of wounds (and yes, often healing them in the long run)—Obama’s Chiron. Mars trumps Chiron every time.

In Leo, we have a planet representing career, success and accomplishment, but also the power to restrict, deny or limit—Romney’s Saturn—exactly atop one ruling communication skills and messaging, as well as the vote itself—Obama’s Mercury. Again, Saturn always trumps Mercury.

The third point in Romney’s chart which the Election Day Mercury station activates is his natal South Node, via conjunction at 6 Sagittarius, and this may well be the fly in the ointment for the GOP nominee. The South Node is a point where we feel comfortable, familiar, at home; but it also represents those things which hold us back, things which by their very familiarity tend to inhibit our growth or future development, since they do not pose a challenge. Yet it can also indicate a point of karmic benefit, reaping rewards earned prior, and seemingly unrelated to the current effort or circumstance.

The second factor of note is the Election Day Sun, denoting the focus of the day. Again we see a very close match in activated placements for the candidates. At 14 Scorpio, the transit Sun squares Obama’s natal Sun at 12 Leo, and also Romney’s natal Pluto at 11 Leo. Sun square Sun indicates that it’s an important day for the President, but doesn’t really suggest an outcome; he’s a featured player, for sure, but does he come out on top? That’s not at all definite. But Sun square Pluto? That’s power, personal power, illumined and highlighted, and made visible to all. It’s a moment of transformation, a transition from one level to another. And again, in the contest between the candidates’ rival points, Pluto absolutely squashes the Sun.

Finally for the day itself, we can look to Saturn, ruler of the presidency and career matters generally. On Election Day Saturn in the sky appears at 3 Scorpio, and makes dramatic contacts to both candidates’ charts. For Obama, Saturn falls on natal Neptune at 8 Scorpio, a planet ruling disappointment, confusion and abdication, or loss of position. It squares Mercury at 2 Leo, perhaps suppressing Obama’s vote, and is inconjunct his natal Moon at 3 Gemini, possibly bringing on a depressive emotional state and forcing adjustments in domestic arrangements, such as a move from the White House. And it forms a T-Square from Obama’s natal opposition of Mercury to Jupiter at 0 Aquarius, potentially signifying a restriction or limitation on Obama’s personal ambition and his political standing (both Jupiter).

But it also forms a Grand Trine with natal Venus at 1 Cancer, the “beauty contest” aspect of popularity, and with Chiron at 5 Pisces, which as we said above, can be wounds but also the healing of them. Grand Trines are generally very benefic patterns, but as with singular trines, they require a jolt to get them moving. This can come in the form of a fourth planet opposed to one of the Grand Trine’s three, forming a “string” which drives and directs the pattern, now transformed into a Kite.

And in this case, we have two planets forming strings, one from Obama’s natal chart and one from the day’s sky. Or rather, we have just one, for in both instances, the planet in question is Pluto—Pluto at 6 Virgo in Obama’s natal chart, opposing his natal Chiron, and Pluto at 7 Capricorn in the Election Day sky, opposing his natal Venus. This puts transit Pluto trined natal Pluto, a period which often defines coming into one’s personal power.

The problem with that is, power is what Obama already has; there is nowhere to go from sitting US president but down, as regards personal power. And the other areas Pluto potentially rules—transformation, death and regeneration—are largely negative indicators or similarly do not apply. Regeneration is most hopeful, like the phoenix reborn from his ashes, but that means there has to be a death first, a devastating defeat from which to recover. You can’t regenerate from top-of-the-world success unless you lose it; it’s not about maintaining the status quo, it’s about coming back from the grave.

So for Obama, Saturn’s contacts run from damaging or limiting to ineffectual. But for Romney, the picture is very different.

Saturn also makes a conjunction in Romney’s chart, with natal Chiron, at 8 Scorpio like Obama’s Neptune. This is not a fabulous combination, by any means. It could well show a wounding for Romney in his bid for the presidency, but also potentially offers a healing, a vindication of his single-minded pursuit of the office for five years.

More impressive is the T-Square Saturn forms, which overlays the one it creates for Obama, by squares to Romney’s natal Saturn at 2 Leo and natal Venus at 8 Aquarius. Saturn square Saturn, in this case the waxing square, is a period of beginning to manifest solidity from the renewal represented by the Saturn return seven years previously. What was an inchoate longing when Saturn conjoined its natal degree is now formed, and coming to a crisis of action, where it achieves maturity or dies on the vine. Seven years ago Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts and just beginning to set his sights on the presidency; now he is at the threshold of his ambition. Saturn’s waxing square with itself is exact in the last week of October, just before the election, and this is its only exact pass—it’s now or never for Romney, he doesn’t get a second chance.

The square to Venus, as with Obama, represents an activation of the “beauty contest” aspect of popularity. Though the trine to Obama’s Venus is more supportive of his popularity, the square to Romney’s Venus is by far the more energetic and active aspect of the two. He may not actually be popular, certainly not as popular as Obama, and he may feel the lack of love, even from his own party, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into not being the popular choice, just as the winner of a beauty contest may not be technically the most beautiful, just the one chosen to represent her region. Saturn squared Venus can as easily indicate a solid base of popular support in this instance, even if his opponent wins Miss Congeniality.

One other point of note about these Saturn/Venus combinations, and that’s as it relates to fiscal policy, certainly something of importance in voter’s minds this cycle. Obama’s Saturn trine Venus may translate as an attitude of fiscal laissez-faire in the public mindset, a less than scrupulous attention to the details, whereas Romney’s Saturn squared Venus is redolent of getting serious about the nation’s financial situation, a mature, adult approach to cost-cutting and fiscal solvency. Voters may not like the solutions Romney devises, but they may find him more capable of making them.

Perhaps more significant is a pair of aspects to chart points which Obama doesn’t share with Romney, but which tie the GOP nominee very personally to Saturn on Election Day. The angles of the chart are the most personalized points, in that they are determined by the exact moment of birth. The Sun is in the same degree for an entire day, and Pluto can be there for over four months, but the angles shift a degree roughly every four minutes, making for precise, ultra-personalized markers.

From its 3 Scorpio position, transit Saturn will be both inconjunct Romney’s Ascendant at 1 Gemini, affecting how others see him (and in this case, providing a shot of that oh-so-presidential gloss), and also squared his 6 Aquarius Midheaven, the apex of the chart, representing career, worldly position and prestige. This is a point ruled by Saturn’s sign, Capricorn, in the natural zodiacal wheel, and thus always has a Saturnine aura of authority and accomplishment, and both these contacts are powerful indicators of Romney’s chances for success. Saturn can deny or limit, but it also conveys reward when we have done our work and applied ourselves. It’s hard to know in advance which way the Saturn cat will jump, but Romney has certainly put in the hours and the effort on this presidential bid, and Saturn may be ready to green light his candidacy.

Another transit-type factor to be considered is the Solar Eclipse which falls at 21 Scorpio on November 13, just a week after the election. Eclipses have a window of roughly two weeks before they occur during which symbolic or significant events may unfold that define the upcoming eclipse’s effects in the life. As noted in Part I, this eclipse makes no conjunctions in either chart, being tantalizing just out of orb of both Obama’s Midheaven at 28 Scorpio, and Romney’s Moon/Jupiter pairing at 27 Scorpio, and thus offering no support to either candidate on that limited basis.

But the eclipse does make an exact trine to Romney’s natal Sun at 21 Pisces, and is very closely conjoined his natal asteroid America at 22 Scorpio, uniting Romney personally with the nation he is attempting to lead, and energizing that connection. More, it falls tightly on Romney’s progressed Jupiter, ruling politics and reputation, at 22 Scorpio, which is now exactly conjoined natal America. And the coup de gras is a Grand Trine formed by progressed Jupiter, natal America and the Solar Eclipse, in tandem with the natal Sun, all in trine to Romney’s progressed Ascendant at 22 Cancer. The eclipse is also within Romney’s natal Sixth House, altering his daily routine (certainly an effect of winning the presidency), and in the Tenth House of his Solar Return chart, ruling career and worldly status.

Romney election kite

Romney election kite (click image to enlarge)

And speaking of Solar Returns—what does Romney’s 2012 Solar Return say about his chances? Romney was on the campaign trail for his 65th birthday, in Biloxi, Mississippi, and the chart is cast for 3:59 AM CDT on March 11, 2012.

Romney, a "numbers and ideas" guy

Romney, seen as a "numbers and ideas" guy

Let’s begin with that 20 Capricorn Ascendant mentioned above. This inclines others to see Romney in a position of authority, as competent, managerial, successful and accomplished, but also as the quintessential adult, the daddy who will step in and fix things. In combination with the natal Gemini Ascendant, which establishes Romney as a “numbers and ideas” guy, this could form a persuasive image of a problem-solver. The SR Ascendant’s opposition to the 22 Cancer progressed Ascendant noted above creates a Kite pattern from the Grand Trine, energizing and driving its potential. Close beside that Ascendant is asteroid Washingtonia at 16 Capricorn, representing the nation’s capitol, a point which in the natal chart conjoins Romney’s 2 Leo Saturn (representing his career and the presidency) from 3 Leo, both points on a Black Hole, fomenting change and the substitution of an alternate reality for the one currently pertaining.

Washingtonia is also present in a prominent role in two other charts which may be significant. Mitt Romney became the GOP’s official nominee at the moment during the Republican National Convention’s delegation roll call when his vote tally reached 1144. This occurred at 5:40 PM EDT in Tampa on August 28, at which moment asteroid Washingtonia appears at 20 Capricorn on the 26 Capricorn Ascendant. And when Romney actually accepted the nomination two days later, at 10:41 PM EDT, Washingtonia still at 20 Capricorn conjoins the Midheaven at 25 Capricorn, both indicators that those moments form a pivotal role in the nation’s destiny. Please note also that both these angular degrees are conjoined the USA’s natal Pluto, its power center, at 27 Capricorn. Finally, on Election Day, transit Washingtonia at 3 Aquarius is exactly squared transit Saturn at 3 Scorpio, and exactly opposed Romney’s natal Washingtonia at 3 Leo, with natal Saturn at 2 Leo, illuminating (via the Full-Moon-type phase of the opposition aspect) the natal potential for Romney’s career to be bound up with the nation’s capitol.

But back to the Solar Return. This shows the Moon at 2 Scorpio, conjunct Saturn at 28 Libra, and with the Moon also conjoined the 7 Scorpio Midheaven, which is exactly on a Black Hole. This SR Moon will be even more closely conjoined by Saturn at 3 Scorpio on Election Day, and in exact square to natal Saturn, and this combination could spell a popular acceptance (Moon) of Romney as chief executive (Saturn). In any event, the Moon/MC pairing suggests a very visible public role affecting career, and with that MC on a Black Hole, the potential for a major shift in status is present.

Romney’s Sun falls in the Second House of the Solar Return, an indicator of the pervasive role of money this year, with Romney outpacing Obama’s fundraising efforts every month so far but one, and with a huge monetary advantage in the financing of outside groups supporting his candidacy. But also here are two primary indicators of Romney’s weakness as a candidate—conjunctions with the 21 Pisces SR Sun of asteroids Kassandra and Sphinx, at 19 and 20 Pisces. Kassandra represents the believability factor—do voters trust Romney and what he says or promises? Sphinx is the stoic, inscrutable aspect of the sometimes robotic Romney, who like its Giza namesake, is recognizably human but also strangely alien.

Another prescient factor is asteroid Achilles’ close conjunction from 19 Cancer with the 20 Cancer Descendant. How he relates to others (Descendant) is undoubtedly the Achilles heel of the Romney candidacy, and this is symbolized perfectly by this combination.

But smooth political sailing this year is implied by a conjunction of SR Venus and Jupiter at 6 and 8 Taurus, clustering on the foundational IC at 7 Taurus and thus in a very strong angular placement, and a point upon which to build. This pairing could also indicate strong political support from women for Romney’s candidacy, something so far not in evidence. These are in trine to the SR Pluto at 9 Capricorn, suggesting augmented personal power stemming from the political sphere, and reinforcing the sense that Romney is Big Money’s candidate, the choice of the plutocracy.

In Romney’s progressions for Election Day, in addition to the 22 Cancer Ascendant noted above, we see Saturn progressed to 3 Leo, perfecting its conjunction with asteroid Washingtonia and in exact square to transit Saturn, heightening the importance of the nation’s capitol to Romney’s career. The progressed Sun at 25 Taurus is exactly squared a success-oriented Quasar at 25 Aquarius, also opposing the natal Moon/Jupiter conjunction at 27 Scorpio which says so much about popular political support. This also puts the progressed Sun in opposition to that Solar Eclipse at 21 Scorpio, thus creating a second Kite pattern from the Grand Trine it forms with progressed Jupiter, natal America, the natal Sun and progressed Ascendant.

The winning ticket?

All in all, comparing the two charts, we see quite a few roadblocks for Obama, and many green lights for Romney. And that’s probably as it should be, minus the personalities involved, given the political climate. With an economy still in tatters, this election was the Republicans’ to lose, and Romney seems to be doing his level best to lose it. But if the heavens have anything to say about it, he may just pull it off.

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