Edge-Walking with Pluto, Saturn and the Nodes of Fate—the Next Step

by Lorna Bevan on October 1, 2012

Saturn, Pluto and the Nodes - Edgwalking

By early October, all the players on 2012’s cosmic game of giant chess will have moved into place. The key pieces are the slow moving outer planets which have all changed signs in the last two years. It’s impossible to underscore how historically unusual this pattern is. Nothing less than the zeitgeist is shaped by their sign and aspects.

Outer Planet Positions

  • Pluto in Cardinal Earth sign Capricorn until 2023
  • Neptune in Mutable Water sign Pisces until 2026
  • Uranus in Cardinal fire sign Aries until 2019
  • Chiron in Mutable Water sign Pisces until 2018
  • Saturn in Scorpio October 5 2012 until 2014
  • The North Node of Fate in Scorpio August 30 2012 until 2014

This astrology chart shows the position of the outer planets and their aspects to each other:

Astrology Chart, Saturn enters Scorpio

Saturn enters Scorpio (click chart to enlarge)

As with much of our current astrology, it’s very unusual to have so many long-lasting aspects between the outer planets. The two most significant will be:

  • Uranus square Pluto until 2015
  • Saturn trine Neptune and Chiron until November 2013


The sign of Scorpio is energised with the arrival of the North Node, then Saturn. It’s worth remembering that since the Nodes move clockwise and planets counter-clockwise, Saturn will hit the early degrees at the same time as the North Node awakens the last degree. It’s double whammy.

Scorpio is the eighth sign on the world chart and is ruled by Pluto and Mars—a powerful combination! It’s a Fixed Water sign expressing itself through deep feeling and truth-seeking. Planets in Scorpio operate behind the scenes, under the radar, waiting to make their move.

The Eighth House is about survival, security, life and death—all the big existential questions. It’s the sign of sex, regenerative healing, hardcore soul drive and metamorphosis. The Scorpio mantra is: I Will, my Will, your Will.

Any planetary transit through Scorpio invites us to consciously walk the edges of what is dying and what is being birthed with opportunities for purposely creating a new paradigm out of the ashes of the old. The trick to this fear-arousing shift is to embrace what is unfolding whilst letting go of attachment to any specific results. Easier said than done, as I know through my own experience. It’s normal to feel varying degrees of fear around the edges of what is changing in your own life. Edges are the dividing lines between where one thing leaves off and another begins. There are edges between races, cultures, belief systems and people; between our communities, our homes, our differences and our choices. So why not choose to explore these edges with curiosity, openness, passion and awareness?

Pema Chodron, nothing ever goes away

"Nothing ever goes away..."

North Node in Scorpio

What can we expect from the North Node of Fate in Scorpio opposite the South Node in Taurus from August 30, 2012? The Nodes are the intersection between the Sun and the Moon. This Nodal axis is of immense significance in our individual lives. It’s as if life constantly returns you to this axis to remind you of your bigger purpose. It is an axis of tension and compulsion around which ideas of fate and destiny seem to hover.

Your natal North Node degree and sign reveal your path in this life. Every 18 months, the Nodal axis moves from one pair of signs to another. The main thing to look at is the sign and the modes. From 7 February 2011 to 30 August 2012 the Nodes were in mutable Sagittarius/Gemini, bringing big shifts in technology, communication and consciousness. In Fixed Scorpio/Taurus, anticipate a much more emotional, feeling tone to life.

People will be feeling extremely deeply and will be expressing strong opinions about what matters to them. Expect the revolutions in the Middle East to continue, along with escalating demands for major change in other countries. This is a fight for life, for security, for democracy and for justice. The opposite end of the polarity is the South Node in Taurus. This is where self-sabotage manifests; in Taurus it will be the urge to deny self-evident truths, to take the easy option and settle for a material life.

Nodal axis

North and South Nodes, Nodal axis, and eclipse points


Wherever the Nodal axis falls, there are two pairs of eclipses each year when the light of the Sun darkens or the Moon is eclipsed by the Earth’s shadow. Eclipses are the wild cards of the cosmos which bring change from the outside in the form of events out of our control. These occur in the same sign every 18.65 years so look back to February 1994 to August 1995 to understand which parts of your life will change or be changed. Mark these dates in your diary and watch for events in your own life especially if you have planets between 30-23 degrees Scorpio or Taurus. Watch out for them to manifest up to a month before and a month afterwards:

  • Solar eclipse 13 November 2012 at 21 Scorpio
  • Lunar eclipse 25 April 2013 at 6 Scorpio
  • Solar eclipse 10 May 2013 at 5 Taurus

Saturn in Scorpio

On October 5, Saturn changes sign into Scorpio for a two-year stay. Saturn, variously known as the Old Devil, the Ringmaster, or the Dweller on the Threshold, reveals where we must pare back, cut down and retrench. He rules the dour Earth sign of Capricorn, archetype of winter, skeletons and reality. Put Saturn into Pluto, Lord of the Underworld’s own sign and the words “unvarnished truth” spring to mind. Saturn in Scorpio will need:

  • energetic responsibility
  • masterful restraint
  • a new level of care and caution with emotions, psyche and psychic experience
  • decision-making based on intuition tested in reality
  • a much lower tolerance for baggage, unfinished business, emotional/sexual entanglements.
  • a more considered timing of the merging of resources, especially financial and sexual
  • a deepened respect for our power and influence on others, for what we’re connected to, for ancestral context and how it streams through us
  • the understanding of our position as change agents facilitating structural metamorphosis (Saturnian+Plutonic descriptors)

If we need to get ourselves out of wrong partnerships, the extrication process won’t be easy. More like turbulent, protracted and devastating. Look ahead during the next two months before October 5 and make firm decisions about people you have in your life now. Being a social butterfly operating at a superficial level isn’t going to mean much during Saturn in Scorpio. Only the relationships that are soul-deep are going to be worth the energy.

It’s the start of a new 28-year cycle for all of us from October 5. Look back to November 30, 1982 through November 18, 1985 to identify your own issues. This is an opportunity to permanently heal festering wounds and resentments.

Saturn and Pluto in Mutual Reception, October 5 2012–December 24, 2014

This is another historic 2012 astrological event. The last time this happened was from January 1776–January 1778! Mutual reception means that each of the two outer planets is occupying the sign ruled by the other (Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Capricorn by Saturn). Not only that, but they’ll be aspecting each other by a sextile (60 degrees) until October 2013, which will allow an overlay of their respective drives and energies to create something entirely new. Creative alchemy is the apt description here.

Pluto is charisma, power and obsession. Saturn is responsibility, duty and denial. When bound together it’s either “pay” or “play”; expect either the best or the worst.

Large-scale disasters, earthquakes, strange weather patterns, poisons, chemical weapons, aid relief, chickens coming home to roost, subversive groups, warnings unheeded, scandals and corruption uncovered are all to be anticipated. Pluto rules financial dealings; in 2008 when the Lord of the Underworld entered Capricorn, the sign of government, the global financial crisis began and is nearing crisis point.

As if this is not enough, in another clear message from the cosmos, Saturn will also trine Neptune and Chiron both in watery Pisces. The shadow side of both Pluto and Neptune is associated with poisons and addictive drugs. The higher side is that this triumvirate of Saturn/Pluto/Neptune has the power to bring healing from constant re-wounding. When the pain becomes overwhelming, the search for a permanent cure is not far behind. Together Neptune and Saturn will lead us to unimaginable ways to ameliorate the harshness of the 6 Uranus /Pluto squares. The coming two years are all about purification before resurrection, rather like the eternal phoenix rising from the flames. Your own chart degrees directly influenced by Saturn, the Nodes, Pluto and Neptune are:

  • 1-3 Scorpio/Taurus
  • 30-27 Scorpio /Taurus
  • 1-10 Pisces
  • 6-10 Capricorn

If you have a birthday between:

  • 21-23 October/May
  • 18-21 November
  • 21-31 March
  • 27-31 December

Your sense of identity will undergo great changes. Remember, you make the choices; the astrology just poses the big questions.

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Anne Chadwick October 5, 2012 at 8:04 pm

Thank you for your guidance, helping us make it through the challenging times!

Astrology October 18, 2012 at 4:37 am

Thanks for your advice and suggestions.. Nice to read this..@

James Page June 17, 2013 at 9:31 pm

I am leaving this comment without first reading the blog (except the very beginning) because I am tired and want to say what I think important before I forget it. This is the first blog I’ve read so far which has attempted to lay things out on the table so to speak so we might get a more comprehensive look at what it is we are facing for the next several years astrologically. I have taken the position of looking at things from the point of ingress of Pluto into Capricorn in 2008 – 2024 when it will enter Aquarius. Apparently Neptune will figure prominently in this as well since it will be in Pisces until 2026.
One thing brought to my attention several days ago I think extremely significant is Pluto was in Capricorn when the United States was founded, Neptune in Virgo opposite where it is now and Saturn was in Libra. The last time we had the Saturn/Pluto mutual reception was during the American revolution and what happened on planet at that time was as they say history. One of the things I have been cautioning is not to be too gung-oh on the destruction of those institutions, corporations and organization which have been
screwing the people. Remember the “Reign of Terror” during the French Revolution and the fact that the children of Pluto the Plutocrats (rule by power) are running things and have been for a while. At least 200 years. Look at our banking system and closed economic systems and the House of Rothchild, So don’t be so quick to think change for the better is coming through these configurations. Change in forms sufficient to benefit masses of people will have to come from people who are aware, enlightened and organized otherwise whatever happens will be mindless, ignorant emotional reactions to things which have been in place for years. Although I do believe the presence of Neptune and the sextiles will make a potentially bad situation a lot less worse, at least in the beginning, or as long as the mutual reception is in effect, until December of 2014.. Anyway as K would say, “think on these things”! Any thoughts or insights?

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